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Apply for any of the products below and be rewarded with up to $150 worth of Grab Gifts. Promotion ends 15 Nov 2017 – Apply now!

Gift chart

For cards with New Cardholder criteria, you will only be entitled to receive one (1) gift regardless of the number of cards you successfully apply from the same bank.
Grab Gifts comes in multiple $10 promo codes
Terms & Conditions apply*

Claim your vouchers in 3 simple steps –

In the voucher redemption form below,

1. Select the card you wish to apply for
2. Click on the Apply Button on the second page and make card application
3. (important!) Return to complete the form on the third page and click submit

Simply follow the on-screen instructions as you proceed πŸ™‚

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Voucher Redemption Form

*For HSBC, SCB and Amex cards, terms and conditions are as follows
*For Citibank cards, terms and conditions are as follows