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Everything you need to know about personal loans – how they work, how to apply for one, which one you should get, and how to keep interest charges low.

Standard Chartered CashOne Personal Loan Review: Probably The Lowest Interest Personal Loan You’d Find

By SingSaver team

The appeal of its floor-grazing interest rates aside, the CashOne’s string of promotions will make it worth your while. Standard Chartered CashOne Personal Loan is a personal instalment loan with one of the lowest guaranteed… Read More

Best Personal Loans In Singapore With The Lowest Interest Rates (2020)

By SingSaver team

CIMB, OCBC and HSBC offer the lowest interest personal loans in Singapore. Find out more about these loans which you can find on SingSaver. Editor’s Note: Personal loan and bank interest rates are subject to… Read More

Best Personal Loans For Foreigners Living In Singapore (2020)

By Zann Huang

What are your options as a foreigner living in Singapore if you need to apply for a personal loan? We break it down for you. Editor’s note: Personal loan and bank rates are subject to… Read More

Best Debt Consolidation Plans in Singapore 2020

By SingSaver team

If you’re caught in a cycle of mounting interest charges and your total debt level keeps piling up, it’s time to consider a Debt Consolidation Plan (DCP). Debt Consolidation Plans are a government-approved scheme offered… Read More