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Retirement planning is important, but a simple plan can be all you need. Read our guides and articles for ideas to put your retirement plan in place.

Dollar-Cost-Averaging vs Lump Sum Investing In Singapore: Which Should You Choose?

By Ching Sue Mae

Are you better off spreading your investment capital over the long term, or making that lump sum investment today? Here’s a look at these two investment strategies and how they can work in sync.  Dollar-cost-averaging… Read More

Over 400,000 Singaporeans To Benefit From CPF Matched Retirement Savings Scheme – Are You Eligible?

By Alevin Chan

Here’s how eligible Singaporeans can claim $600 in retirement savings from the Government. Are you or do you know someone aged between 55 and 70, with less than $93,000 in your Central Provident Fund (CPF)… Read More