Super Savers Interview: Ryan (Founder of Happiness Makers)


Q1. Could you do a short introduction about yourself and what you do?

Since 2005, I am responsible for being part of a design team in an MNC company. Recognised with patent and design awards, my work has been featured in various magazines, and my portfolio of works include industrial design, product design, user interface and soft goods design.

I am the content designer and founder of Happiness Makers. I conduct Creative Workshop to help kids use curiosity, empathy and play to solve difficult problems. Cultivating kids’ creative problem-solving skills using the techniques that designers used to solve complex issues.

Q2. What are some of the money saving tips that you live by?

I will set aside at least 30% of my pay into my savings account at the beginning of the month. I will look out for various credit card promotions to earn rebates and cash rebates etc.

Q3.  Being an entrepreneur, what is the toughest part in managing your finance in your job?

Keeping track of the account and the costs. Finding a steady stream of revenue, that can be used to fund the business. Decision-making – Believe it or not is probably the most stressful challenge on my list.

Q4. Any tips for the aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Entrepreneurs tend to jump in their solution, but the fact cultivating empathy into the culture of the business is more important than anything else. Empathy can help build enduring relationships and defuse conflicts. It understands your stakeholder’s situations, engaging them in a manner that approaches customer issues with a heartfelt and optimistic angle. The greatest value is not found in providing new solutions to known problems; it is in finding more valuable problems to solve.