Every Starbucks Promotion and 1-for-1 Deal in Singapore this 2017

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Save money on your morning coffee with our guide to every Starbucks promotion in Singapore. Updated with new deals today!

Disclaimer: While we strive to keep all published information as accurate as possible, offers featured may change at the discretion of merchants. Readers are advised to verify promotions with Starbucks. Last updated on 18 Sep 2017.

You might have heard of a personal finance idea called The Latte Factor. According to this concept, quitting Starbucks coffee for life can help you save over a thousand dollars per year, an amount that could grow into a sizable nest egg by the time you hit retirement. But you can stop beating yourself up for your Starbucks habit now. Research has shown that The Latte Factor isn’t actually true.

That doesn’t mean that there’s no room to save money on Starbucks coffee, though. If you could shave a couple of dollars off your frappuccino, wouldn’t you do it?

Starbucks Promotions in 2017

Below is a list of every Starbucks promotion in Singapore you should take advantage of in 2017. We’ll be updating this page every time we hear about a new Starbucks deal, so like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

1-for-1 Any Venti-sized Beverage (till 21 Sep 2017)

Walk into any Starbucks between 3pm to 5pm, from now till Thursday, 21 Sep and enjoy a 1-for-1 offer when you order any Venti-sized beverage.

This promo couldn’t have come at a better time. Be savvy and take advantage of this promo to try the new Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Maple Pecan Latte – just bring your darling along so you can swap drinks.

Yep, this promo was extended from a similar one last week. Sorry boss, we’re gonna continue camping out at Starbucks. It’s our only chance to be hip.

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Limited Edition 2018 Starbucks Card Plus S$10 off Moleskine 2018 Planner with Reload of S$30 or More

If you’re panicking because it’s only three more months till the end of the year, head over to your nearest Starbucks and calm yourself down with your favourite handcrafted drink.

While there, go ahead and pick up a stylish Moleskine 2018 Planner for S$28.90 (U.P S$38.90), and receive a limited edition 2018 Starbucks Card to boot! To enjoy the bundle, simply top up at least S$30 in your favourite Starbucks Card.

Let’s break it down. Coffee credit – check. High-class notebook to scribble in – check. Limited edition 2018 Starbucks Card before it was cool – check. Yep. this promo everything you need to be a bonafide coffeehouse junkie.

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Grab Your Pumpkin Spice Latte Now! (From S$7.10) 

Hold everything.

Gather up your favourite gal pals and make a beeline for your nearest Starbucks, because the legendary Pumpkin Spice Latte has finally graced our fair shores!

The official drink that marks the start of autumn in North America, the Pumpkin Spice Latte gets its name from the holiday spices – clove, cinnamon and nutmeg – that feature prominently in the drink. When combined with espresso and steamed milk, the resulting brew allegedly has a mysterious hold over white girls, turning them into dedicated imbibers who haunt the neighbourhood Starbucks. We wonder if Asian girls will be immune.

If somehow the Pumpkin Spice Latte fails to work its magic over you (heathen!), try the Maple Pecan Latte, a concoction combining espresso, milk and maple pecan sauce, topped with maple pecan drizzle and pecan praline.


Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Exclusive Mid-Autumn Accessories

Capture the warm glow of flickering lanterns and the moon at her most beautiful with Starbuck’s latest range of Mid-Autumn Festival-themed drinking cups and beverage bottles.

Available in an array of size and styles – including cups with handles, double-walled insulated glasses, and travel bottles – these limited edition accessories carry whimsical designs highlighted by metallic hues and sparkles.

Yours from S$19.90 and up.


One Free Cake Slice with Every 3 Slices (while stocks last)

Singapore’s 52nd birthday is just two weeks away! There are many ways to revel in the National Day spirit, but we can probably agree that the best way to do so is to share plates of local delights with loved ones. So if you’re in the mood for Singaporean treats over a cup of coffee, gather your friends and head to the nearest Starbucks to sample their 3 new National Day creations.

There’s the Ondeh Ondeh Gula Melaka Cake, which has a rich layer of sticky gula melaka sandwiched between soft pandan sponge cake. If chocolate is more your thing, then the decadent Ovaltine Chocolate Cake will keep you satisfied. Alternatively, indulge in the subtle, malty goodness of the Horlicks White Chocolate Cake, which comes topped with crunchy white chocolate puffs

We recommend sampling these desserts with at least two other people. For every 3 slices you purchase in a single receipt, you receive one complimentary slice. There’s no word on when this promotion will end, but it’s safe to say that these local delights will be around before National Day.

Starbucks Credit Card Promotions in Singapore

Use the right credit card at Starbucks and get rebates or discounts on your purchases!

Get a S$100 Starbucks Voucher with the Citi SMRT Card (until 31 Aug 2017)


If you’ve never owned a Citibank credit card in your life, you can now get a card that gives fantastic rebates on coffee and S$100 to spend on Starbucks!

Simply apply for the Citi SMRT Visa Platinum Card through SingSaver.com.sg, and get a choice of a S$100 Starbucks voucher or S$100 Cathay Cinema voucher when your card gets approved. All you need to do is save the URL of your application’s first page, and take a screen shot of the Thank You page at the end. Remember to do this at SingSaver.com.sg – you can’t get this promo anywhere else!

Promotion ends on 31 July 2017. Terms and conditions apply.

10% Citi Rebate with Citibank Credit Cards

Got a Citibank credit card already? You can get a 10% Citi Rebate from Starbucks with a minimum S$10 purchase. Simply use your Citi PremierMiles Visa, Citi Rewards Card, Citi Cash Back Card, or Citi SMRT Platinum Visa Card to pay for your coffee, and rack up your rebates!

Rebates work just like cash (1 Citi Rebate = S$1) and they never expire. Who says your latte habit has to eat into your finances?

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