Super Savers Interviews: Josephine (Country Head of ShopBack Singapore)


Q1. Could you do a short introduction about yourself and what you do?

Hello! I’m Josephine from ShopBack. We’re the smarter way to shop. Today we help more than 1M users in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and India save by offering up to 30% Cashback when they shop at over 1,000 over online stores.

Q2. What are some of the money saving tips that you live by?

Online shopping. Honestly, I wish I knew earlier but online shopping has really saved me so much money, and time since I’ve been part of the online industry 5 years ago. I jet about quite frequently so it really helps, especially for everyday items like groceries that gets delivered straight to my doorstep, or my fashion/beauty indulgence.

The best part is, because there are many legitimate re-distributors online, you can actually get great products for a very reasonable rate without the hassle of leaving your home. Nowadays especially, tons of banks work with online stores and offer credit card deals and promo codes, plus I get Cashback from ShopBack too. So really, it’s a no-brainer.

Q3.  What is your proudest shopping loot/deal that you have ever gotten?

It’s probably the famous double-sided Happy Call pan that I got off Lazada (yes, it’s the legendary cooking essential that prevents smell, smoke and oil splattering while cooking – tried and tested). Bought it during a major sale at more than 60% off the original price plus a whopping 12% Cashback via ShopBack. Disclaimer: I’m not a great cook, but I love it.

I had to throw in one more since Pokemon Go is trending. It’s a high quality Pikachu-Bulbasaur-Charmander-Squirtle-Ditto-Eevee printed backpack I got off Aliexpress for just 10 bucks.

Q4. Being an expert in online shopping, are there any shopping hacks that you can share?

1. Keep size-related issues at bay (for Fashion buys):
Different brands have different cuttings, so make it a habit to cross-check the model’s measurements and fit with what you’re intending to purchase. Plus, sites like ASOS and ZALORA come with videos or fit visualizers. It’s really useful, and a pretty good gauge too!

2. Manage expectations – what you see VS what you get:
a) Check reviews of the product. A quick little homework won’t hurt!
b) Check ratings of the store or the seller, especially if you’re buying from Marketplaces like Taobao or Lazada. Customer reviews usually can’t go wrong.

3. Ensure that you get the best out of electronic deals:
Sometimes electronics are sold at super cheap prices for a reason (or two). Remember to check if it has everything essential to you! Additionally, subscribe to electronic newsletters to get notified every time there’s an offer. It may be annoying but there’s a filter on most email providers like gmail that is able to separate main emails from “Promotions” in tabs

4. Shipping matters (otherwise, why did you even buy?):
Some online stores may have inflexible shipping policies. Imagine this: The delivery arrives but the shipping partner didn’t bother to call and no one is at home. The parcel will then be placed in a post office that’s supposedly near your house but could be out of the way. And you’ll have to do self collection, which can be a real spoiler since convenience is what makes online shopping so desirable! So remember to check on the identity of the store’s shipping partner and consider alternative options to save time!

5. Don’t be fooled by T&Cs:
Some stores have varying T&Cs. Remember to read through thoroughly and keep an eye out for things you may not immediately consider, like a) additional shipping fees/”service fees” b) expected shipping duration c) return policies