DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card

Last updated:Nov 2020
Min. Annual Income
1.2Miles Per Dollar
Local Spending
2Miles Per Dollar
Overseas Spending


Welcome Offers from DBS


Up to 38,000 miles or S$200 cashback

  • Must be a new cardmember applying online for a principal DBS/POSB credit card
  • Apply online by 31 January 2021
  • Enter either of the following promo codes during the online application process:
    ALTAF to opt out of first-year annual fee waiver (total of 38,000 miles)
    for waiver of first-year annual fee (total of 28,000 miles)
    NOVFLASH to receive S$200 cashback (apply by 26 November 2020)
  • Spend S$6000 within 90 days of card approval for the miles promo codes
  • Make 1 eligible transaction within 30 days of card approval for the cashback promo code
  • Terms and Conditions apply (miles promo codes)
    • Terms and Conditions apply (cashback promo code)
    Airport Lounge Access
    Airport Lounge Access
    Annual Fee Waiver
    Annual Fee Waiver
    Airport Lounge Access
    Airport Lounge Access
    Annual Fee Waiver
    Annual Fee Waiver

    Great for

    1.2 miles per S$1 spent locally, including bus and train rides
    2 miles per S$1 spent on overseas purchases in foreign currency
    3 miles per S$1 spent on online flight & hotel transactions, capped at S$5,000 per month
    Earn up to 10 miles per S$1 spent on Agoda, Expedia, and Kaligo
    Up to S$1 million travel accident insurance coverage when you charge your full travel fare to this card
    Receive 10,000 bonus miles when you pay the annual fee of S$192.60
    2 free lounge visits within each 12-month period of your membership to over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide
    Read our full review of the DBS Altitude Card

    Need to know

    Miles are awarded in the form of DBS points which are awarded for every S$5 spent
    Additional DBS points awarded for online flight and/or hotel transactions are capped at S$5,000 spend per calendar month
    Each conversion of DBS points to miles will be subjected to an administrative fee of S$25 (exclusive of GST)


    Year-round rewards

    Cash rebate
    Air miles rewards
    Cash rebate
    Air miles rewards
    All Spending
    0.5 %
    1.2 miles per dollar
    Local Spending
    0.5 %
    1.2 miles per dollar
    Overseas Spending
    0.83 %
    2 miles per dollar
    Travel Spending
    1.25 %
    3 miles per dollar

    Year-round benefits

    OFFER 1

    Earn up to 4 miles per S$1 spent

    Existing cardholders can earn 4 miles per S$1 spent online (up to the first $1,000 online spend each month).




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    What are air miles?

    Air miles, also known as just miles or frequent flyer miles, serve as a customer loyalty program for passengers of an airline. Airlines reward you with points each time you fly with them; you may eventually build up enough points to redeem for incentives, such as free or discounted tickets or seat upgrades.

    Some credit cards also offer miles as a reward for spending on the card, enabling you to get more out of your credit card spend by accumulating miles.

    What is an air miles credit card?

    A miles credit card converts your credit card spend into miles, or points that can be exchanged for miles. Every dollar you charge to your air miles credit card earns a certain number of miles or points. This works like a rewards points system and in this case, the rewards are air miles. These miles can then be used to redeem a free flight or help you to partially cover the cost of your air ticket.

    Should I get an air miles credit card?

    You can consider getting a miles card if you travel frequently, whether for business or pleasure, as miles credit cards are specially designed to reward frequent flyers. Miles credit cards make it easy to rack up miles or points with overseas spending and in some cases, spending with travel-related merchants and on specific airlines.

    If you love to travel, earning miles on your everyday spend could be a way to earn your next flight ticket, especially if you have enough miles to redeem a luxurious first-class flight.

    Who should choose miles over cashback?

    The two important questions to consider are these:

    a) how often do you travel;

    b) can your spend earn enough air miles to redeem free flights?

    If you love to travel or travel frequently, especially medium to long-haul flights, a miles credit card is a great idea. Of course, your cumulative spend should allow you to convert your air miles points into flights.

    If it doesn’t, you could be better off with a cashback card where the savings can be used to offset the cost of a flight ticket anyway. Do keep in mind that cashback cards often have a minimum monthly spend required to earn higher cashback rates.

    Read this article on cashback vs miles vs rewards to find out which type of credit card suits you best.

    How to redeem air miles?

    If the miles you earn from your credit card are directly credited into a frequent flyer programme, you can directly log into the airlines’ website to view your miles. For example, if you earn KrisFlyer miles, you can log into your KrisFlyer account to view the miles you have accumulated and subsequently redeem the miles when purchasing an air ticket on the site.

    In the case of reward points, when you've collected enough reward points on your card, you can exchange these for air miles by making the redemption online, over the phone or via other methods specified by the credit card provider. Credit card providers often allow conversion of points into miles in conversion blocks, such as blocks of 10,000 miles. This would require you to accumulate sufficient points before you can make the conversion.

    Once your points have been converted to miles, you can view and redeem your miles on the frequent flyer website.

    How should I compare the best miles credit cards?

    One way to compare miles credit cards is to compare the miles earn rate (A.K.A. miles per dollar, or mpd). It refers to the number of miles you can earn for each dollar spent. To put things into perspective, you can expect a 1.2 mpd earn rate to be the average for local spends, while a 4 mpd earn rate is considered to be high.

    You can also compare based on other factors such as the annual fee, frequent flyer programme partners or whether it can be used for public transport with SimplyGo. 

    First-time miles chasers can read this article for a comparison of the popular miles cards on the market.

    What features should I look out for when choosing a miles credit card?

    When selecting a miles credit card, you should look out for features such as:

    • Categories that earn more miles per dollar
    • Miles per dollar earn rate for overseas spend
    • Bonus welcome miles
    • Type of miles earned
    • Miles conversion fee
    • Annual fee

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