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Personal Loans in Singapore

A bank personal loan has an interest rate of around 4.5% - 12% per annum, depending on the provider. Assuming you can qualify for one, you can take a personal loan for S$10,000 and pay off your entire credit card debt. Then instead of paying off your card, you pay off the (much cheaper) personal loan in fixed monthly instalments. That's one of the functions a personal loan serves. We don?t suggest you make a habit of this. In effect, you?re still spending more than you should because you're paying interest. But because personal loans have lower interest rates, it won?t drive you into the ground like uncontrolled credit card debt.
A debt consolidation plan (DCP) is for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who have unsecured debt that amount to over 12 times their monthly income. However, not everyone has outstanding loans this large. We recommend getting personal loans for debt repayment if your debts are less than 12 times your monthly income.
Get the personal loan that has the lowest effective interest rate (EIR). The EIR reflects the true cost of borrowing to the consumer. It is an interest rate that is different than the advertised rate, because it includes service fees or admin charges charged upfront for processing and approving your loan application. By choosing a low-interest loan, you are actually saving money on interest repayments.

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