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A credit line, or a personal line of credit, is a pool of funds you can tap when the need arises. Just like having a credit card, you have a maximum credit limit on your credit line and you may be charged an annual fee.

A line of credit is different from a regular personal loan because the latter gives you the cash right after getting approval. With a credit line, you can get cash via an ATM or complimentary chequebook whenever you need it, although you can also start using it upon the moment of approval.

Another major benefit of a credit line is that it can be flexible, many of the personal line of credit offers from banks here in Singapore set a minimum payment (for example 3% of outstanding balance) so payments can be light.

Some banks have promotions that offer credit lines with low interest rates. These teaser rates can be very competitive if you compare with other types of credits. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of your chosen loan to know when these teaser rates will expire.

Annual fees are another cost you may have to incur, but there are lines of credit that give annual fee waivers. It pays to shop around for these offers to save money and prioritise credit lines that offer lower interest rates.

Don't let life catch you by surprise. Whether it's for sudden medical expenses or a business opportunity that's too good to pass up, you have to be ready with your finances. Having a line of credit may be the personal finance solution for this.

Ready to apply for a credit line? Just pick from your options on this page and click on the Apply button to start the process. That will take you to a form that you will have to fill out and submit online. It can't get any simpler than that.

To be eligible for a credit line, get documents, such as payslip or CPF contribution, that prove your income level ready. Self-employed individuals can also use their income tax notices of assessment as a proof of income.

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