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Standard Chartered CashOne Personal Loan

Standard Chartered CashOne Personal Loan

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Standard Chartered CashOne Personal Loan
Annual Interest RateEIR 9.19% p.a.
Processing Fees
Monthly Repayment
*New* Standard Chartered 0% Interest Rate Personal Loan

*New* Standard Chartered 0% Interest Rate Personal Loan

*New* Standard Chartered 0% Interest Rate Personal Loan
Annual Interest RateEIR 8.59% p.a.
Processing Fees
Monthly Repayment
SingSaver compares the best Personal Loans in Singapore that range from 1-year to 7-year tenures. The effective interest rate (EIR) you can enjoy from the loans on our site range from 7.0% p.a. to 18.72% p.a. The EIR of your loan will depend on the annual interest rate (or bank advertised nominal interest rate) and the tenure of your loan. For example: a loan of S$10,000 over 3 years at 3.88% p.a. nominal interest would equate to monthly repayments of S$310.11, and the total cost of the loan that you pay back would be S$11,164. This is not inclusive of any administrative or processing fees that may apply.

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With so many types of Personal Loans available, it can get a little confusing. Here's all you need to know about Personal Loans in order to make smarter financial decisions.

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