Travel Insurance Promotions and Discounts (October 2021)

Travel Insurance Promotions and Discounts (October 2021)

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Best Travel Insurance Promos and Discounts 2020

Looking for travel insurance? Save more with these promo codes and discounts from insurers such as FWD, MSIG, AXA, and more! To find out if your travel insurance covers COVID-19, read this article for the latest updates.

No matter your travel itinerary, travel insurance is your best bet against unforeseen circumstances that can arise even before you embark on your trip. There’s a travel insurance plan to suit any and all needs – whether you’re travelling in a group, on a bucket list adventure, or even just across the causeway for a quick shopping weekend. That is, once the travel bubble opens again.

Here’s 6 tips on how to pick travel insurance that’s right for you:

We’ve compiled a list of the best travel insurance plans and providers depending on your coverage needs, whether your concerns are flight delays and cancellation, loss of bags and belongings, or comprehensive coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

Editor’s note: This is an unsponsored and unbiased post. Travel insurance offers are subject to change at any time.

AIG Travel Guard Best for COVID-19 Coverage

As travel restrictions have started to ease, you might find yourself wanting to get on a plane and finally have that vacation you have been dreaming of. If so then, you might want to be familiar with AIG Travel Guard Direct. It is now especially useful as it provides COVID-19 coverage. Now in the  era of vaccinated travel lanes, this insurance helps to answer questions like, “What if I get COVID-19 during my trip to Germany and am not allowed to fly back to Singapore?” and “What if I need to cancel my trip because I have been diagnosed with COVID-19?”. 

The best part of Travel Guard Direct is that it is for travellers with all ages and comes without age limit. However, you must be departing from Singapore and be a Singapore resident. 

More details on AIG Travel Guard Plans can be found here


  • Up to $250,000 in overseas COVID-19 related medical coverage
  • Coverage for possible postponement or having to fly back earlier due to COVID-19
  • Covers up to $7,500 for trip cancellation within 30 days of departure due to you or your immediate family members being diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Up to S$100 per day per person for up to 14 consecutive days, if you test positive for COVID-19, and placed into mandatory quarantine outside Singapore.


  • Exclusion of coverage if you participate in extreme sports and sporting activities.
  • Exclusion of coverage if you participate in expeditions, manual work, missionary and humanitarian travel.
  • Exclusion of any pre-existing medical conditions, except for repatriation of mortal remains or funeral expenses overseas due to existing health conditions

MSIG: Most Comprehensive Coverage

If you have exciting travel plans and have painstakingly planned your holiday, you will want to travel with peace of mind. We recommend MSIG Plans for their high baggage delay benefit (S$150-S$250 for every 6 hours of delay, depending on plan type), emergency medical evacuation/repatriation, Terrorism Cover, and high personal accident coverage of up to S$1,200,000 for the family!

MSIG Elite and Premier Plans also offer benefits like Adventurous Activities Cover, Golfer’s Cover, Unused Entertainment Ticket, Domestic Pet Care, Rental Vehicle Excess, Returning a Rental Vehicle, and Home Contents cover to suit all travellers needs.


  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Cover available (under TravelEasy Pre-Ex Plans)
  • Public Transport Double Cover, Adventurous Activities Benefit (for Elite and Premier Plans)
  • Coverage for Wedding Clothing and Accessories, Fraudulent Use of Credit Card, Credit Card Benefit Outstanding Balance (for Elite and Premier Plans)


  • No benefit claimable for losses of customer loyalty points used to pay for any part of Your Trip
  • Standard Plan (TravelEasy) does not cover certain sub-category of benefits, such as Adventurous Activities/Golfer’s Cover; please refer to the policy document for exclusions
MSIG Travel Insurance

Allied World Insurance: Best for Adventure Seekers

Got an adventure-packed vacation coming up? Then you might want to get acquainted with Allied World Insurance. A fairly new entrant to the Travel Insurance scene in Singapore, Allied World Insurance is an international general insurance provider that offers 3 comprehensive travel insurance plans. 

Although premiums are a little more expensive, they cover a wide range of outdoor sports that others do not. In addition, Allied World Insurance Travel Protector Plans also provide coverage for your home (fire and theft) and for any additional pet care charges incurred due to travel delays. 

More details on Allied World Insurance Travel Protector Plans can be found here.


  • Covers a wide range of outdoor activities (scuba diving, trekking, bungee jumping, hang gliding, tandem parachuting, skiing, etc.) .
  • Full terrorism cover across all plans (including nuclear, chemical & biological events).
  • Unlimited medical evacuation and repatriation cover.
  • Bonus coverage for home, pet care and loss of entertainment ticket.
  • Benefit payable for loss of frequent flyer points.


  • No payable if an incident takes place when an advisory has been issued (riot, strike, health threatening situations, natural disasters, etc.), unless the trip started before the advisory was announced.
  • No benefit claimable for hiking or trekking in remote areas, mountaineering requiring the use of ropes or guides, cliff or rock climbing.
  • No pre-existing medical or physical conditions cover.
  • No coverage if participation in professional sports competitions.
Allied World Travel Insurance

AXA SmartTraveller: Best for Travel Delay and Loss/Delay of Bags and Belongings

You’ve spent lots of time planning your trip, from your activities and tours, down to the packing of your luggage; sports equipment, your high-end camera to take the best pictures, laptops, gorgeous beachwear and dresses – all checked.

The last thing you would have expected is that your flight gets delayed and you have to miss your pre-booked plans, or your bags and belongings get lost or re-routed to the wrong destination. AXA SmartTraveller stands out for its high coverage of up to $10,000 for Loss of Baggage/Belongings, and up to $1,800 for Baggage Delay.

AXA’s SmartTraveller policy now includes COVID-19 coverage for everyone in Singapore travelling under permitted arrangements. You will receive this coverage no matter which airline and cabin class you’re flying in. Terms and conditions apply, so do give it a read when comparing policies.

Also, if you buy any Annual Multi Trip Plans between 1st July 2021 and 31 July 2021, you’ll enjoy 55% off the Core Cover premium, only when you opt for a comprehensive Family plan with at least 2 adults.


  • Adventurous activities cover
  • Full terrorism cover
  • Unlimited Emergency Medical Evacuation/ Emergency Repatriation
  • COVID-19 coverage for travellers under permitted arrangements


  • No benefit payable for extreme sports
  • No benefit payable for loss of frequent flyer reward points or holiday points used

SingSaver Exclusive Promotion

Single Trip: Use the promo code TSSP11 to get an additional 10% off on top of a base 30% discount. Limited to the first 200 applications till 30 September 2021.

Annual Trip: Use the promo code TASP10 to get an additional 8% off on top of a base 20% discount. Limited to the first 30 applications till 30 September 2021.

T&Cs apply.

AXA Smart Traveller Travel Insurance

AXA Wanderlust: Best for budget millennial travellers

AXA Wanderlust is the first travel insurance in Singapore to offer additional coverage for trip cancellation or curtailment due to natural disaster. Several add-ons are also available, most notably coverage for overseas wedding photoshoots and adventure cover for injuries sustained from adventure leisure activities.

For policies commencing 1 July 2021 or later, AXA’s Wanderlust now also covers claims arising from COVID-19 for everyone in Singapore travelling under permitted arrangements. This includes coverage for overseas medical expenses, trip cancellation or postponement and more, but does not cover overseas quarantine allowance. You will receive this coverage regardless of the airline and cabin class you’re flying in, though this excludes one-way trips.

Keep in mind that terms and conditions apply, so do give it a read when comparing policies.


  • Flexibility to customise coverage according to needs and budget
  • Covers injuries from adventurous activities
  • Pays up to S$6,000 if your trip is cancelled or curtailed due to a natural disaster
  • COVID-19 coverage for travellers under permitted arrangements


  • Medical exclusions for pre-existing conditions and pregnancy-related conditions
  • Excludes cover for professional, competitive and extreme sports
  • Limited coverage for expensive items

SingSaver Exclusive Promotion

Single Trip: Use the promo code WSSP11 to get an additional 30% off and a bonus 25% discount. Limited to the first 200 applications only.

Annual Trip: Use the promo code WASP11 to get an additional 20% off and a bonus 25% discount. Limited to the first 30 applications only.

Valid from 13 – 30 September 2021. T&Cs apply.

Wanderlust Travel Insurance

FWD: Cheapest Single Trip Plans

FWD’s basic travel insurance plan is perfect for the price-conscious traveller. If you’re in relatively good health (no pre-existing medical condition), travelling light on a short trip, and are looking for the lowest price deals, then FWD is the one to beat.


  • Fully covered by terrorism
  • Unlimited emergency medical evacuation cover
  • Cashless Medical Claim


  • No benefit claimable for losses of customer loyalty points used to pay for any part of Your Trip
  • No Pre-existing conditions cover

Check out FWD’s cheapest single trip plans.

SingSaver Exclusive Promotion

FWD Travel Insurance Promotion:
Single Trip: Use promo code TRAVEL30 to get 30% off your premium
Annual Trip: Use promo code TRAVEL30 to get 30% off your premium

Valid till 15 October 2021. T&Cs apply.

FWD Travel Insurance

Sompo: Best For Trips to Japan

Sompo Travel Insurance helps protect against the unexpected common mishaps such as lost passport, accidents and baggage delay that can cause anxiety on a trip.

Having reconstructive surgery, recuperation allowance, golf cover, rental vehicle excess and many more as bonus coverage instead of an add-on makes the plan more attractive. Sompo stands out for its coverage for loss of frequent flyer points and a unique Go Japan! Plan.

Sompo Superior Plan now features attractive coverage such as emergency medical evacuation or repatriation required due to pre-existing medical conditions. Baggage delay is up to S$2,000 (capped at S$200 for first six hours both overseas and in Singapore; and S$200 per six hours whilst overseas thereafter). Plans even cover amateur sports such as hot air balloon, parasailing, white-water rafting, snow-skiing, and bungee jumping.


  • Full Terrorism Cover (except for Vital Plan)
  • Covers Loss of Frequent Flyer Points
  • Wide range of Bonus Coverage included in base plan for Deluxe and Elite (usually only available as add-ons)


  • No cover for any sports in a professional capacity
  • Claims arising from skincare products, health supplements, and probiotics are excluded, whether purchased OTC or prescribed by a registered medical practitioner
  • No cover for any articles sent as freight or any baggage forwarded in advance
SOMPO Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel: Best for High Medical Coverage

For your upcoming travel plans, is maximum medical coverage benefit your main concern? If you are travelling to a country where falling sick or being hospitalised due to an accident is going to cost you an arm and leg, factor in the importance of medical coverage when purchasing travel insurance. Medical coverage benefits will cover you for medical attention, evacuation and assistance for your trip.

Allianz Travel Platinum offers up to S$5,000,000 limit for medical coverage. We particularly recommend Allianz Travel plans for their high medical coverage and top-notch internal medical team of doctors and air ambulances.


  • Unlimited emergency medical evacuation (Silver/Platinum Plans)
  • Full terrorism cover (except biological/chemical/nuclear agents)
  • Automatic Extension of Cover up to a maximum of 30 days


  • No benefit is payable relating to expenses incurred due to the fraudulent use of credit cards
  • No benefit payable for claims arising from pre-existing conditions
Allianz Travel Insurance

SingSaver Exclusive Promotion

Bronze and Silver plans: Receive a 30% discount when you apply using the promo code easylife. T&Cs apply.
Platinum plans: Receive a 40% discount when you apply using the promo code easylife. T&Cs apply.

Valid till 20 Sep 2021.

HL Assurance (Hong Leong Travel Insurance): Best Discount Deals

In addition to great seasonal promotions, HL Assurance (Hong Leong Travel Insurance) also offers perks such as hotel booking vouchers and car rental discounts when you purchase travel insurance from them. Enjoy even greater savings when you buy your travel insurance through SingSaver.


  • Unlimited emergency medical evacuation (across all Plans)
  • Unlimited repatriation of mortal remains (across all Plans)
  • Loss of home content due to burglary


  • Exclusions on a variety of adventurous activities
  • No benefit payable for preexisting conditions
  • No coverage for acts of terrorism

SingSaver Exclusive Promotion

Hong Leong Travel Insurance - HL Assurance

American Express MyVoyageGuard: Best for Loss of Frequent Flyer Points and Benefits

Love using your miles and points to pay for travel and/or accommodation? The bad news for air miles redemption fans is that not all travel insurance plans cover the loss of frequent flyer points in case of delayed or cancelled flights. Amex My VoyageGuard travel insurance is one of the few that covers this – benefits go up to S$2,000,000 in the event of illness or injury and plans start as low as S$25.


  • Benefit payable for loss of frequent flyer points
  • Winter Sports and Golf option
  • Benefit payable for alternative travel due to Infectious Disease


  • No cover for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Ski Equipment must be owned by the Insured Person to qualify for Winter Sports benefit payout
  • All Golf Equipment must belong, on loan, or entrusted to the Insured Person, and not hired or rented for payout under Golf Cover.
American Express Travel Insurance

Tokio Marine: High Coverage With Low Premiums

Tokio Marine’s TM Xplora features two tiers of travel insurance plans: Classic and Premier. Both plans offer well-rounded coverage with affordable premiums. One of the unique selling points is that they cover the Loss of Frequent Flyer Points and offer Full Terrorism Cover.


  • Full Terrorism Cover
  • Loss of Frequent Flyer Points coverage
  • Adventure sports & Activities (leisure basis)


  • Travel regions covered fall under only two buckets: Asia and Worldwide. Even trips within ASEAN are classified under “Asia” pricing
  • No Pre-existing conditions cover
  • No cover for participation in sports activities as a professional for financial reward
Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

Etiqa Tiq: Best For Pre-existing Medical Conditions and Leisure Activities Cover

Etiqa Tiq Travel Insurance offers reliable deals at budget-friendly prices to suit individual needs and budget. To cater for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions, Etiqa also recently launched its Pre-Ex Plans.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions cover available (under Pre-Ex Plans)
  • Leisure activities cover for activities such like hot air balloon ride, parachuting, sky-diving, bungee jumping, hang-gliding, paragliding, and non-competitive winter sports
  • Emergency evacuation cover/ repatriation up to S$1,800,000
  • No compensation for any air miles, holiday points, membership or credit card redemption the Insured Person(s) used to pay for all or part of the trip
  • No cover for Extreme Sports
  • Baggage delay benefit is constant at S$100 per 6 hours, capped at S$200 limit, regardless of Plan type

SingSaver Exclusive Promotion

Single Trip: Get 35% off your premium when purchasing a policy.
Annual Trip: Get 35% off your premium when purchasing a policy.
Pre-Ex Single Trip: Get 35% off your premium when purchasing a policy.

Etiqa Tiq Travel Insurance

Aviva: Best For Loss of Frequent Flyer Points and COVID-19 Cover

You diligently spend and accumulate your miles. Then you use them to redeem a flight only to be forced to cancel or postpone your flight due to unforeseen circumstances. But wait, not all travel insurance plans include loss of frequent flyer points. That’s why we recommend Aviva Travel Insurance, who will cover the value of your redemption miles at retail prices.

Better yet, as Aviva has just extended COVID-19 coverage to their travel insurance policies, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be protected against emergency medical and evacuation expenses if you were to catch COVID-19 while on your trip. Do ensure that you’re fully vaccinated before the trip to qualify for this cover.

  • Full terrorism cover
  • Coverage for trip cancellation for any reason
  • Replacement Traveller (For Business Travel only) for Plus and Prestige Plans
  • Free extension includes COVID-19 cover
  • No coverage pre-existing conditions cover
  • No coverage for any Golfing Equipment, Water Sports Equipment and Winter Sports Equipment
  • No Coverage for participation in dangerous sports and leisure activities

SingSaver Exclusive Promotion

Use promo code TRAVEL18 to get an 18% discount off single trip plans. Valid from 1 – 30 September 2021.

Aviva Travel Insurance

Ergo: Road trips

Ergo provides four tier of Plans with different coverage and pricing – Basic, Essential, Standard, Deluxe. The Basic Plan covers travel to Malaysia, Batam Island and Bintan Island ONLY (a pared down base protection for nearby and short getaways). Prices starts from S$11 for the Essential Plan! More information on Ergo’s travel insurance plans can be found here.

  • Unlimited worldwide emergency medical evacuation (except Basic Plan)
  • Covers repatriation of mortal remains or funeral expenses due to pre-existing condition
  • Offers Basic Plan – for specific nearby destinations
  • No cover for participation of ocean yachting or potholing
  • No benefit payable for loss of frequent flyer reward points or holiday points used
  • No add-on or optional riders available
ERGO Travel Insurance

Check our Best Travel Insurance for 2021 page for more information on these travel insurance plans and providers!

Alternatively, compare and apply for your travel insurance through our SingSaver comparison tool and find the best plans for your needs, based on destination, coverage, premium, and more!

Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

Note: This is only product information provided. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before buying the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product is suitable for you. Buying an insurance product that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs.

If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from you any expense incurred by the insurer in underwriting the policy.

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