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Best Integrated Shield Plan

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Ward Class

Depending on whether you want to be covered up to B1 wards, A wards or private hospitals, the premiums will differ. Private hospitals are definitely more expensive, but you’ll enjoy benefits like convenience, comfort and shorter waiting times.



While IPs help to cover a huge bulk of your hospital plans, you can choose to boost your coverage even more with IP riders that offer up to 95% coverage on your hospital bills. This can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.



IP premiums increase with age, so you should always reassess your financial situation to ensure that you are comfortable with the premiums you’re paying for. You can always choose to downgrade your plan when you get older but you cannot easily upgrade your plan as a health underwriting is required.


Compare plans on own your terms

Compare coverage, premiums, and benefits across insurers to make a more informed decision. Depending on your concerns and priority, each serves a different need as not all plans offer the same coverage and benefits.

Integrated Shield Plan coverage

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Singlife Shield Plan 1


Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus


NTUC Income Enhanced IncomeShield Preferred

1-hsbc (1)

HSBC Shield A

2-aia (1)

AIA HealthShield Gold Max A

3-prudential (1)

Prudential PruShield Premier

4-raffleshealthinsurance (1)

Raffles Health Insurance Raffles Shield Private

Policy year limit

Panel with pre-auth: S$2,000,000
Non-panel S$1,000,000
Panel: S$2,500,000
Non-panel S$1,000,000
Panel: S$2,000,000
Non-panel S$1,000,000
Panel: S$2,000,000
Non-panel S$1,200,000
Panel: S$1,600,000
Non-panel S$600,000

Deductibles (per policy year) unsubsidised Day surgery / Short stay wards


Outpatient Cancer Drug Treatment/Drugs not on Cancer drug list (CDL)

Up to S$30,000/year with Health Plus riders, otherwise S$0
Up to S$250,000/year with Totalcare riders, otherwise S$0
Up to S$15,000/month
Up to S$200,000/year with AIA Max A cancer Care Booster, otherwise S$0
Up to S$150,000/year with PruExtra rider, otherwise $0
Up to S$20,000/year with Premier rider, Up to S$5,000/year with Key rider, otherwise S$0

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MediShield Life-1-1
MediShield Life-2-1

MediShield Life is a basic medical insurance policy for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. It is designed to provide basic universal healthcare and to defray large healthcare costs.

It covers basic public hospital treatments for class B2 and C wards. But if you prefer to stay in B1 wards, A wards or private hospitals, you should consider an Integrated Shield Plan. 

MediShield Life premiums are entirely paid via MediSave.


An Integrated Shield Plan (IP) is an optional health coverage provided by private insurance companies to complement the coverage provided by CareShield Life. You can choose between coverage for B1 wards, A wards or private hospitals.

Premiums are non-guaranteed and depend on your age group, and you can pay for your premiums by MediSave up to a limit, based on your age.

IP Rider-1-1
IP Rider-2-2

IP riders are add-ons to your IP to boost your coverage. Some of these additional benefits include higher coverage of up to 95% of your hospital bills and more comprehensive coverage for cancer drugs and treatments, even those not on the Cancer Drug List (CDL). Purchasing an IP rider could significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses to just 5% of the entire medical bill, capped at $3000.


  • General
  • Claims

IPs are medical insurance plans that offer additional benefits on top of those provided by MediShield Life (MSHL).

While MSHL only covers wards of B2/C types in public hospitals, IPs can get a policyholder covered for B1/A wards, and even for wards in private hospitals. Besides better wards, IPs also cover pre- and post-hospitalization expenses. 

Many benefits under IPs are offered on the basis of “as charged”, unlike MSHL’s benefits which are mostly capped at limits. If the charges go beyond these limits, the patient with only MSHL will still have to bear the additional cost, which is far from ideal in case of severe health issues. 

The following table showcases the extent of coverage for select items under MSHL and Raffles’ Integrated Shield Plan:


MediShield Life

(Coverage up to/Capped at)

Raffles’ Shield Plan


SGD 240 – SGD 2,600

As charged

Surgical Implants & Approved Medical Consumables

SGD 7,000/Treatment

As charged

Accidental Inpatient Dental Treatment

Not covered


Kidney Dialysis

SGD 1,100 per month

As charged


SGD 3,000 per month

As charged


Source: Raffles Health Insurance

Complementing MSHL with an IP offers much better coverage and protection.

Since IPs work on a reimbursement basis, you’ll still need to pay and make a claim after. Here are some things you need to take note of:

  • Pre-authorisation

You should always get a pre-authorisation if you’re planning for a procedure or surgery in advance before you’re admitted. Pre-authorisations help to make your whole procedure cashless, so you won’t have to worry about paying upfront. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing the exact amount that is covered.

  • Letter of Guarantee (LOG)

A LOG is a letter from your insurer to the hospital so that the upfront cash deposit paid by patients can be reduced or waived during admission and surgeries. 

If the hospital bill is more than the LOG amount when you’re discharged, you may still be required by your hospital to make payment for your hospital bill. Your insurer will then make payment to the hospital, and the hospital will reimburse you when you make your claim. 

You can apply for one through “Electronic filing” during the admission process at the hospital.

  • Filing a claim

For Singapore citizens or PRs, the LOG “Electronic filing” would mean that your claim has already been filed. If you are a foreigner, you will most likely need to pay for the bill first and get reimbursed after.

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