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(NTUC) Income Drivo Car Insurance Review: Sturdy Plan with Comprehensive Benefits

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 20 February, 2024

Income Insurance (formerly known as NTUC Income Insurance) offers a comprehensive car insurance policy that provides high claim limits and useful benefits at an affordable price, making it a comprehensive motor insurance solution that goes the distance.

When it comes to car insurance, Income’s Drivo plan is among the top choices of many Singaporean drivers. 

This is because the plan provides sturdy protection and a comprehensive range of benefits, along with useful add-ons that can help you save more. 

No doubt, its affordable pricing (unless you’re deemed to be high-risk) also contributes to its popularity. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Table of contents:

Pros Cons
Par value cover for vehicle damage or loss High excess of S$600 per claim (but waiver may be purchased)
High cover against third-party claims (S$5 million for property damage, unlimited for death) Does not cover personal belongings
Includes personal accident coverage of up to S$50,000   Can be expensive for younger drivers
Unlimited windscreen cover with low excess of S$100  
Range of useful optional benefits, including excess waiver and NCD protector  

Key features of Income Drivo Car Insurance

#1: Comprehensive range of benefits 

Income Drivo Car Insurance offers a comprehensive range of benefits for vehicle, driver and third-parties - all in an affordably priced package. 

The policy covers you up to the full market value for loss or damage of your vehicle, which should allay any fears about insufficient compensation in case of accident or theft. Also included are personal accident cover, as well as third-party liability.

There are also optional benefits offered that can help you further drive down expenses in case of a claim. 

#2: High cover for third-party claims

This policy is noteworthy for its high cover against third-party claims.

Should there be death or injury caused to a third party, the policy provides unlimited cover against any claims, which should be helpful in achieving an expedient resolution. 

As for third-party property damage, the policy offers a maximum claim of S$5 million, which should be more than adequate for all but the most severe cases. 

#3: Unlimited cover for windscreen damage

You don’t need to get into a serious accident to require windshield repairs. An errant pebble speeding your way can leave you with an ugly crack that could propagate across your entire windshield. 

Should that happen, you’ll need to get a replacement, as continued driving with a compromised windshield could cause it to shatter. 

Hence, it is good that Income Drivo Car Insurance offers unlimited cover for windshield repairs, as it will help you ensure a safe drive. Do note that you’ll need to pay an excess of S$100 per claim, though.

If these key features appeal to you, find out how much it costs to insure your car under Income’s Drivo Car Insurance. 

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Important exclusions to note

Like with all insurance policies, it is important to know what they cover, as well as what they do not. 

We’ve highlighted some of the more important exclusions here. For the full list, do refer to the policy documents

The insurer will not pay for:

  • any loss or damage arising from a criminal breach of trust;
  • any transport expenses or any losses due to unavailability of parts or accessories;
  • any loss or damage to personal items in your vehicle;
  • any loss or damage to accessories not installed by the car distributor;
  • any indirect loss whatsoever

Who should consider Income Drivo Car Insurance? 

Income Drivo Car Insurance is affordably priced, especially if you don’t belong to the high-risk category

The plan is comprehensive, offering cover not just for vehicle repairs, but also for personal accident and third-party claims. Notably, it has an unlimited claims limit in case of third-party death and S$5 million cover against damage to third-party property.   

While the plan comes with a S$600 excess applicable on each claim, you can opt to pay extra to have this excess waived. 

All these add up to a car insurance plan that offers sturdy protections that should suit the needs and wallets of most Singaporean drivers

Plan tiers, premiums and latest promotions

Below, we’ve summarised Drivo Car Insurance for easy reference.

Drivo is offered in two tiers – Classic and Premium – and the only difference between the two is that the more costly Premium option allows you to choose your own preferred workshop for vehicle repairs. The Classic plan, in contrast, limits you to a workshop chosen by Income. 

If you’re driving a new car that is still under warranty, you’ll probably want to spring for the Premium plan to ensure you can use your dealer’s workshop.

Item Benefits
Vehicle repairs Premium: Choice of any workshopClassic: Workshop chosen by Income
Loss or damage to vehicle due to accident, fire or theft Up to market value at time of loss or damage
Damage to third-party property Up to S$5,000,000
Death or injury to third party Unlimited
Medical expenses Up to S$1,000
Personal accident benefits Up to S$50,000
Towing service Up to S$500
Windscreen cover Unlimited
Excess Policy excess: S$600 per claim
Windscreen excess: S$100 per claim
Unnamed driver excess: Up to S$2,500
Optional benefits NCD Protector (only applicable to policies with at least 30% NCD)
Daily transport allowance: S$50 (maximum 7 days)
Excess waiver (for policy excess only)

How much does Income Drivo Car Insurance cost?

Young, male, inexperienced drivers tend to be penalised by auto insurers, who deem them to be high-risk drivers and thus charge them higher premiums.

So we constructed a similar driver profile when fishing for a quote. Here are the yearly premiums offered for a 23-year-old male driver with less than two years behind the wheel, driving a 1.3l Suzuki Swift Sports:

  • Drivo Classic: S$5,257.26 (S$483.10 per month)
  • Drivo Premium:S$7,340.97 (S$611.75 per month)

To get a quote reflecting your own driver profile, head over to this page.


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What promotions are there for Income Drivo Car Insurance?

Receive up to 420,000^ STAR$® (worth up to $420 eCapitaVouchers) 

  • Applicable only to new Drivo™ Motor Insurance sign-ups
  • Insured vehicle is not more than 6 years old
  • Key in Promo Code "CAR24" during check-out and
  • With a total payable premium stated in the table below (inclusive of GST & after any prevailing discount)
  • Valid till 31 December 2024
Minimum premiums STAR$®
S$600 to S$899 180,000
S$900 to S$1,399 240,000
S$1,400 to S$1,799 290,000
S$1,800 - S$2,399 330,000
S$2,400 and above 420,000

Making a Claim on Your (NTUC) Income Car Insurance Plan In the event of an accident:

  • Be sure to make a report by the end of the next working day to avoid affecting your No-Claims Discount

  • Pay a visit to Income’s Motor Service Centre for assistance on your claim needs

To make a claim for theft, fire or other issues:

  • Use the online motor insurance claims form here
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to submit your claim

Other options:

  • You may also contact speak to a Customer Service Officer at +65 6788 6616
  • Alternatively, you could pay a visit to a claims servicing branch for assistance

Key Takeaways

Ntuc Income’s car insurance offers a sturdy and comprehensive plan with high coverage limits and useful benefits, making it a popular choice among Singaporean drivers. 

The affordable pricing, unless you are deemed high-risk, and the option to waive the excess makes it attractive. 

With unlimited windscreen cover, personal accident coverage, and high third-party liability cover, Income Drivo Car Insurance provides solid protection. 

While there are some exclusions to note, the plan is well-suited for most drivers seeking reliable coverage. 

To make an informed decision and find the best deal, compare car insurance quotes with SingSaver, where recommendations are tailored to your specific needs. SingSaver also offers exclusive rewards, making the quote comparison process convenient and rewarding.


Score up to S$300 cashbackS$280 petrol vouchers or up to 23% in discounts on your car insurance premiums when you purchase it via SingSaver.

Plus, stand a chance to win a year's worth of free petrol (worth S$5,200) when you successfully apply for a participating car insurance product. Valid till 31 March 2024. T&Cs apply.



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