Singlife Travel Insurance Review (2024): Is it Good?

Last updated 22 August 2023

Best for: Loss of Frequent Flyer Points Coverage + Travel inconvenience/ Change of travelling date for any reason!

Singapore Life Holdings, or Singlife, is fully owned by Sumitomo Life Insurance Company. Known for its comprehensive coverage of a range of benefits, especially for medical expenses, Singlife Travel Insurance is great for those who worry about incurring high medical costs overseas.

When compared to other brands, the HLAS Travel Insurance review reveals that it offers great all-round travel insurance. Similarly, Ergo Travel Insurance Review highlights its extensive coverage, including sports and pet care. While Sompo is noted for having one of the best travel insurance to Japan

Singlife is definitely on the pricier end, but for a good reason. With policies available in three types: Individual, Family, and Group, all policies except for the Group Policy can be purchased as Annual Multi-Trip Policies for frequent travellers. 

Compare travel insurance plans to find the best option for your needs. 

Here’s a quick summary of Singlife Travel Insurance:

  • Provides above-average coverage at competitive prices
  • Overseas medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation offer up to unlimited coverage
  • Singlife Plus and Prestige plans cover trip cancellation for any reason
  • Loss of Frequent Flyer points is covered in the Singlife Plus and Prestige plans
  • Home Contents and Domestic Pet Care coverage are included in the base cover of the Prestige plan

Read our detailed Singlife travel insurance review to learn more about its comprehensive coverage and features.

What makes a good travel insurance plan?

When reviewing a travel insurance plan, such as those offered by Singlife, it's important to consider several criteria to ensure comprehensive coverage and maximum benefits. Some key factors to determine if a travel insurance plan is good include:

  • High medical coverage: Medical emergencies abroad can be extremely expensive. A travel insurance with high medical coverage ensures you receive the necessary treatment without worrying about overwhelming costs.
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment for any reason: Life is unpredictable, and sometimes you might need to cancel or shorten your trip for reasons not covered by standard policies. This coverage gives you a safety net, flexibility, and financial protection to adapt to changing plans.
  • Personal accident: Accidents can happen anytime, from slipping on a wet floor to a traffic accident. Having this coverage ensures that you are protected from related costs during unexpected events during your trip.
  • Rental vehicle excess cover: Renting a vehicle during travel can be convenient, but accidents or damages can lead to high excess charges. Getting travel insurance that covers these excess charges ensures you won't face significant out-of-pocket expenses if the rental car is damaged or involved in an accident. 
  • Automatic extension of coverage: A good travel insurance plan understands that travel delays and unexpected events such as accidental injury, illness, or quarantine can extend your trip beyond the planned dates. Including automatic extension of coverage ensures you are continuously protected for up to the provided extension limit. 
  • Loss or damage of baggage and personal belongings: Travellers often carry valuable and essential items in their luggage. A travel insurance plan with coverage for baggage loss or damage ensures that you can replace your items without bearing the full cost yourself. 
  • Childminder cover: A good travel insurance plan understands the importance of family. For parents travelling frequently, having childminder cover means that if you get hospitalised abroad, the insurance will pay for additional expenses for your close friend or relative to accommodate and look after your child during such emergencies. 
  • Optional add-ons: Flexibility in a travel insurance plan is a must. Optional add-ons allow you to customise your coverage to fit your needs, ensuring you have the protections most relevant to your unique travel plans. 

Ensuring your travel insurance plan includes, if not all, at least a majority of these features, will enable you to travel more confidently knowing comprehensive protection is in place for various travel-related risks.

Singlife travel insurance plans

Singlife travel insurance provides three tiers of plans with different coverage and pricing - Lite, Plus and Prestige. For more details, please review the full list of benefits and exclusions in the policy wording.
Plan Type
Medical Coverage (overseas)
Bags/Belongings Delay
Lite $5,000 $250,000 $3,000
Plus $15,000 $2,000,000 $5,000
Prestige $20,000 Unlimited $8,000


Add-Ons/ Optional Riders - (1) Oversea Wedding & Photoshoot; (2) Golf Holiday; (3) Winter Sports; (4) Extreme Water Sports.


Singlife Lite Plan

The Singlife Lite Plan is good for budget-conscious travellers who are looking for average coverage.

In terms of travel inconveniences, the Singlife Lite Plan offers a benefit limit of S$500 for baggage delay (at S$100 for every six hours of baggage delay both overseas and in Singapore). Additionally, it covers S$5,000 for trip cancellation, protecting travellers against unforeseen changes in their plans. When it comes to personal safety, the plan includes S$50,000 in personal accident coverage, offering peace of mind for unexpected incidents. 

To further ensure the traveller’s safety, the plan also provides up to S$250,000 for overseas medical coverage, guaranteeing necessary medical care without incurring high costs. 

Overall, the Singlife Lite Travel Insurance Plan is suitable for those seeking essential coverage without the burden of high premiums. It is an excellent choice for short vacations and quick business trips, providing a balance of affordability and fundamental protection.


Singlife Plus Plan

Singlife Plus Plan offers a relatively high medical coverage of S$2,000,000, which is above the industry average. This extensive medical coverage is ideal for travellers who prioritise their health and safety on international trips, ensuring comprehensive protection in case of serious health emergencies.

Additionally, the travel insurance plan includes personal accident coverage set at S$100,000. This is particularly beneficial for travellers participating in everyday activities or commuting during their trips, as it provides financial support in the event of accidents or injuries.

For baggage delay, the benefit limit is S$1,000 (capped at S$200 for every six hours of baggage delay both overseas and in Singapore), similar to the Lite Plan. This coverage ensures that travellers are promptly compensated, helping to minimise the disruption of travel plans due to delayed luggage.

As such, the Singlife Plus Plan is good for frequent travellers seeking more comprehensive coverage.


Singlife Prestige Plan

The Singlife Prestige Plan offers an Unlimited overseas medical expense, making it suitable for travellers visiting destinations where medical treatment or hospitalisation due to an accident may cost an arm and leg. This unlimited coverage ensures access to the best possible care without worrying about the costs. In addition, the plan includes personal accident coverage of S$500,000, providing significant financial support in the event of an accident. 

The Prestige plan also includes several other additional coverages that are usually considered add-ons by other insurers. These include international car insurance or Car Rental Vehicle Return (up to S$500), which is ideal for travellers who want to rent vehicles abroad to avoid the hassle of commuting. 

Furthermore, the plan offers Home Contents coverage (up to S$15,000) to protect belongings left at home, as well as Domestic Pet Care coverage (up to S$1,000) to help cover pet care costs if the traveller is delayed or unable to return home on time.

Additionally, the Singlife Prestige plan provides a baggage delay benefit limit of S$2,000 (payable at S$200 for every six hours of baggage delay both overseas and in Singapore). This substantial benefit helps to alleviate the stress and inconvenience caused by delayed luggage. 

Given these extensive features, the Singlife PrestigeTravel Insurance Plan is a good choice for discerning travellers who demand top-tier protection. It's particularly suitable for those going on long-haul trips, visiting multiple countries, or travelling with valuable items.

Singlife travel plans pricing

In this Singlife Travel Insurance review, we look at pricing comparisons across various plans (basic/ mid-tier/ top shelf) for both Single Trip and Annual Trip.


Basic Plan

  Singlife Lite Industry Basic Plan Average
1 week ASEAN S$44 S$26
1 week Asia S$54 S$32
1 week Worldwide S$81 S$46
Annual ASEAN S$295 S$149
Annual Asia S$318 S$208
Annual Worldwide S$390 S$282


The Singlife Lite Travel Insurance Plan comes at a higher price than the average of the industry basic plan. However, this higher price is justified by the plan’s significantly higher overseas medical coverage up to S$250,000, compared to the industry average of around S$200,000. 

Whether a traveller seeking extensive protection for short trips around Asia or a frequent traveller needing a good annual travel insurance plan, this increased coverage ensures that medical emergencies abroad are adequately covered.


Mid-Tier Plan

  Singlife Plus Industry Mid-Tier Plan Average
1 week ASEAN S$67 S$33
1 week Asia S$84 S$41
1 week Worldwide S$126 S$59
Annual ASEAN S$448 S$206
Annual Asia S$493 S$242
Annual Worldwide S$609 S$332


Singlife Plus offers among the best mid-tier travel insurance plans, providing extensive benefits that cater to a wide range of travellers’ needs. Though priced slightly higher than the Industry Mid-Tier Plan Average, this higher cost is for good reason.

For instance, if seeking a one-week travel coverage to an ASEAN country, Singlife Plus costs S$62 compared to the industry average of S$33. However, this additional expense is worthwhile as it ensures that travellers are covered for higher overseas medical emergencies and evacuation needs of up to S$2,000,000.


Top Shelf Plan

  Singlife Prestige Industry Top Shelf Plan Average
1 week ASEAN S$93 S$47
1 week Asia S$118 S$58
1 week Worldwide S$185 S$80
Annual ASEAN S$626 S$269
Annual Asia S$687 S$310
Annual Worldwide S$887 S$430


If you are a frequent traveller, whether within Asia or globally, Singlife Prestige provides generous one-week and annual plans despite its seemingly higher prices.

This is because Singlife Prestige provides unlimited coverage for both overseas medical costs and emergency evacuation, a feature not usually offered in the average top shelf travel insurance plans. Such extensive protection is particularly valuable for globetrotters worried about high medical expenses or those who often find themselves in regions with costly healthcare systems.

Singlife travel plans pricing

Singlife Travel Insurance Promotion:

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  • Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 

Benefits of Singlife travel insurance

Singlife Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage that protects against issues that may occur before, during, and after your trip. The level of coverage varies according to the selected plan type. Created to offer financial protection to the insured, Singlife Travel insurance reduces the impact of financial losses or additional costs brought on by unanticipated travel problems.

To understand the full extent of its benefits, review the product summary of Singlife’s Travel Insurance plan below:

Singlife Travel Insurance Product Summary
High Medical Coverage
Singlife offers up to unlimited coverage for overseas medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation (Travel Prestige Plan).
Rental Vehicle Excess Cover
Embedded in the base plan across all plans, this coverage covers the excess or deductible which You become legally liable to pay in respect of loss or damage to the rented private vehicle during Your Trip, up to a benefit limit of S$2,500.
Loss of Frequent Flyer Points
If you purchase airline ticket, entertainment ticket or book accommodation using frequent flyer points or similar reward points, and are subsequently cancelled due to the events for which you are covered, Aviva will pay back the retail price at the time it was issued, provided the loss of points cannot be recovered from any source.
24-hour Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance
Help when you’re travelling and in need. An experienced medical emergency assistance coordinator will deal with your enquiry and make sure that where necessary, hospitals are contacted, medical advisers are consulted and necessary medical fees are guaranteed.
Automatic Extension of Cover
Policy will remain in force for up to 30 days without any extra premium if return journey is prevented due to public transport delays or due to an accidental injury, illness or quarantine.
Terrorism Cover
For those seeking travel insurance for high risk countries, Singlife provides up to S$500,000 coverage against losses incurred due to acts of terrorist activities encountered abroad. This protection covers medical treatment, evacuation, and trip disruptions during such events.
Child Minder
Provide additional accommodation and travelling expenses for your close relative or friend to accompany the child covered under this policy home if you sustain death or become hospitalised overseas during your trip.
Domestic Pet Care Coverage
Under the Singlife Prestige Plan, those with fur babies can benefit from up to S$1,000 of additional accommodation expenses for pets left in boarding houses if you are unable to return home on time.
Optional Add-Ons
Singlife offers optional add-ons to enhance your coverage, including Overseas Wedding and Photoshoot (per couple), Golf Holiday, and Winter Sports. These add-ons ensure comprehensive coverage for special occasions and select sports activities, offering protection for unique travel experiences.

Exclusions under Singlife travel insurance

Review the following details below to see what is excluded from the Singlife travel insurance plan:

Medical Exclusions
Trip Inconvenience and Sports Exclusions
Pre-existing medical condition. Any sports equipment and personal mobility device (PMD) that is damaged while it is being used.
Any loss, injury or damage due to the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs or medications. Travel insurance for extreme sports activities and leisure activities with a high inherent level of risks (eg. bungee jumping, parachuting, free-flying, zip lining, flying fox, marathons, outdoor rock climbing, cliff jumping) are also not included.
Claims arising from mental problems or insanity. Travelling against the advice of regulatory authorities.
Suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self-inflicted injury, while sane or insane. Any Golfing Equipment, Water Sports Equipment and Winter Sports Equipment unless otherwise stated on your policy schedule.
Any claim that results from a medical condition planning to get medical treatment for during your trip.

Delayed departure for any claim caused by an event (including Catastrophic Event, strike, riot or civil commotion) that existed, was planned or occurred before you bought your policy or booked your trip, whichever is later.

Pros and cons of Singlife travel insurance

When reviewing the Singlife travel insurance plan, it's important to consider both the benefits and drawbacks. Below is an overview of the Singlife travel insurance pros to help you understand the advantages, as well as the Singlife travel insurance cons to be aware of potential limitations:



  • Full terrorism cover
  • Cover loss of frequent flyers points
  • Trip Cancellation for any reason and Change of travelling dates for any reason. It covers 50% of the deposits instead of 100% under typical trip cancellation based on certain insured events
  • Replacement Traveller (For Business Travel only) for Plus and Prestige Plans - additional transport and accommodation expenses incurred to replace one traveller to take over your business trip
  • No cover for any Golfing Equipment, Water Sports Equipment and Winter Sports Equipment unless otherwise stated on your policy schedule.
  • No pre-existing conditions cover
  • Excludes participation in dangerous sports and leisure activities


Detailed review of Singlife’s travel insurance coverage

Singlife Lite Plan reviews

The Singlife Lite Plan is a good choice for budget-conscious travellers who focus on basic travel protection needs, such as travel disruptions like trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and baggage delays. However, it may not be the most extensive plan, as it lacks coverage for critical issues such as pregnancy related medical expenses overseas, trip cancellation and curtailment for any reason, as well as unauthorised use of credit card

However the plan does offer sufficient protection for common travel issues, including adequate medical coverage. Overall, this basic travel insurance plan is a reliable and economical option for short vacations.


Singlife Plus Plan reviews

The Singlife Plus Plan stands out with its blend of comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing, making it a top pick for various travellers. This mid-tier plan provides higher coverage, as well as a broader range of benefits to address more diverse travel needs, including pregnancy related medical expenses overseas and overseas quarantine allowance due to infectious disease. It is also a solid choice for those seeking a flexible travel insurance for trip cancellations or curtailments.

These added benefits make the Singlife Plus Plan a good travel insurance option for travellers who require a higher level of protection.


Singlife Prestige Plan Reviews

The Singlife Prestige Plan sets the bar high in travel insurance with its extensive protection and top-tier benefits. While set at a premium price, this plan ensures travellers receive the most comprehensive coverage available.

Compared to the Singlife Lite and Plus, the Prestige Plan offers several additional benefits that cater to a wider range of needs. These include a family assistance benefit, which provides support in the event of an emergency abroad, and overseas hospital income in ICU coverage of up to S$50,000. Furthermore, the Prestige Plan includes coverage for home contents and domestic pet care.

It is ideal for families, frequent travellers, and those willing to spend more to receive superior protection.

So, is Singlife travel insurance good?

Singlife travel insurance delivers real value for money with competitive options that cater to diverse travel needs and budgets. Whether travelling solo, with family, or on business, Singlife offers different plans to ensure essential protection.

Moreover, customers have consistently praised the user-friendly online purchasing process and the prompt, efficient reimbursement for insurance claims. Plus, their 24/7 customer assistance is always ready to address any issues that arise, no matter the time or place. This comprehensive support makes Singlife a reliable choice for travellers. 

So, is Singlife Travel Insurance good? Absolutely. Don’t leave your travel plans to chance—secure them with Singlife today.

To compare the best prices and coverage options, purchase through SingSaver’s platform to find the most suitable travel insurance for your needs.

How to Claim

To file a claim, the insured should contact Singlife as soon as reasonably possible by calling their customer service hotline at +65 6827 9933 during office hours or by submitting claims online.

If you are overseas and facing an emergency situation, you can contact their 24/7 emergency claims assistance hotline at +65 6460 9391.

Other travel insurance provider reviews

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Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

Note: This is only product information provided. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before buying the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product is suitable for you. Buying an insurance product that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs.

If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from you any expense incurred by the insurer in underwriting the policy.

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