OCBC Personal Loan

Interest rate from 5.8% p.a (EIR 11.38% p.a) with welcome gift of $100 cash


  • Welcome offer of S$100 upon approval, ONLY at SingSaver
  • Borrow up to 6x of monthly income


  • Upfront processing fees
Summary of Product
Interest Rate: From as low as 5.8% p.a (EIR 11.38% p.a)
Loan Tenures: Choice of 1 year to 5 years
Max. Credit Limit: Up to 6x of monthly income
Min. Loan Amount: S$1,000
Turnaround Time: Cash disbursement as fast as next two working day
SingSaver Exclusive: $100 cash upon approval (equivalent to waiver of processing fee with loan amount of S$5,000). T&C apply.

Table of Content

Why should you choose OCBC Personal Loan?

Convert available credit limit to fixed monthly instalment loan

What makes this loan unique is the fact that you can convert up to 90% of your existing credit limit with OCBC into a fixed monthly instalment loan. This allows borrowers to drawdown a large sum of money without the worry of repaying all the amount by next statement or with the exorbitant fees that credit card or line of credit charges. With the choice of a fixed monthly instalment loan spread across 1 - 5 years, borrowers will be able to better manage their monthly expenses as it is more affordable.

Exclusive offer on SingSaver

Your loan just became more affordable with SingSaver as we are offering $100 cash for all approved loan applied via SingSaver. This means that you can offset your upfront processing fee i.e. if you borrow S$10,000, at 1% processing fee, you can “waive” off this processing fee with the cash reward. This promotion is valid till 31 January.

Borrow up to 6x of monthly income

Most banks offer a credit limit of up to 4x of your monthly income. But OCBC offers the flexibility to loan up 6x of your monthly income if your annual income is above S$120,000.

Who can apply?

Age Requirement 21 - 65 years old
Income Requirement Singaporeans/PRs: S$20,000 of annual income
Foreigners: S$45,000 of annual income

What charges or fees should you look out for?

Processing fee 2% of approved loan amount
Termination fee S$100
Late Payment fee S$80

How to apply?

Once you have decided to take up for this loan, click on the “Apply Now” button and complete the application form on OCBC page.

Here’s what you will need during the application process:
  • Front and back of NRIC/FIN/Passport number
  • Latest Notice of Assessment
  • Electronic Payslip for the past 3 months
  • Other Personal Loans for your consideration

    If you do not think that OCBC is suitable for you, below are some of the other recommendations for you:

  • HSBC is currently offering exclusive rate from 4% p.a (EIR from 7.5% p.a).
  • Standard Chartered offers 3.88% p.a (EIR from 7.63% p.a) for all loan amount and tenures.
  • Citibank's where you can get instant pre-approval decision only at SingSaver if you need your cash urgently.

  • Note that your eligibility for approval is at the discretion of each bank.

    Appendix: Summary of Interest Rate for all tenures

    Loan Tenure Flat Interest Rate (p.a) Effective Interest Rate (p.a) Processing Fee Monthly Instalments
    1 year 5.8% 14.33% 2% S$1,763.33
    2 years 5.8% 12.8% 2% S$833.33
    3 years 5.8% 12.11% 2% S$652.22
    4 years 5.8% 11.71% 2% S$513.33
    5 years 5.8% 11.38% 2% S$430
    *Note that the above monthly repayment is based on the calculation of S$20,000 loan amount, unless otherwise stated.

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