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Best Home Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore 2019 | SingSaver

With many of us working from home this circuit breaker, having a steady and fast Wi-Fi signal can make or break your entire day.

Singapore boasts one of the world’s highest Internet penetration rates and the Internet services market is hugely competitive. The early Internet days were dominated by the Big 3 telcos (Singtel, StarHub and M1) but now we’ve seen a number of virtual operators who’ve managed to carve out a foothold in the market, offering similar services at comparable rate. Virtual operators, such as WhizComms, do not actually own their own fibre optic network infrastructure but buys network access wholesale from the likes of Singtel and offers bandwidth at a lower price to end consumers.

While this benefits consumers — credible competition helps keep prices in check — it can also mean dealing with a deluge of plans with different prices and marketing messages. Sorting through all these can be overwhelming if you’re trying to look for the best Internet home fibre broadband package. 

We’re here to help with an in-depth guide to choosing the best Home Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore for 2020. 

Let’s start with an overview of the home fibre broadband plans available in Singapore today. We’ve summarised the key features and information in the following table.

Home Fibre Broadband Plans in Singapore 2020

Broadband Provider No Contract 12-Months 24-Months Router & Modem Sign-Up & Installation Fees
Per Service Address
M1 N.A 500 Mbps: $39.90
1 Gbps: $49.90
500 Mbps: $29.90
1 Gbps: $39.90
1 Gbps (Gamer): $52
Included, varies according to plan – $58.85 Registration
– $90 ONT activation
– $160.50/$288.90 Fibre termination point installation (hi-rise/landed)
– From $68.48 on-site charge
– From $32.10 for manpower and transport
StarHub N.A 1 Gbps: $49.90 1 Gbps: $39.90
2 Gbps: $62.90
2 Gbps Gamer: $62.90
Included, varies according to plan – Free registration
– Free installation and delivery
– $160.50/$288.90 Fibre termination point installation (hi-rise/landed)
Singtel N.A N.A – 1 Gbps: $49.90
– 1 Gbps with Wifi Mesh: $54.90
– 2 Gbps with Wifi Mesh: $69.90
– 2 Gbps Gamer: $69.90 (includes wtfast Gamers Private Network service)
– 10 Gbps with WiFi Mesh: $189.00
Included, varies according to plan Fee waived for registration, installation and fibre termination point installation
MyRepublic 1 Gbps: $59.99 N.A – 1Gbps (without router/modem): $38.99
– 1Gbps: from $41.99
– 1Gbps with Wifi Mesh: from $50.99
– 1Gbps Gamer (without router/modem): $52.99
– 1Gbps Gamer: from $59.99
Only included in some plans – $53.50 service installation fee
– $56.71 NLT service activation fee
– $160.50/$288.90 Fibre termination point installation (hi-rise/landed)
ViewQwest 1 Gbps: $62.50 N.A – 1 Gbps: $42.50
– 1 Gbps Gamer: $59.90
– 1 Gbps with Wifi Mesh: from $49.90
– 2 Gbps with Wifi Mesh: from $59.90
Included, varies according to plan – Free registration
– Free installation and delivery on weekdays (9am – 6pm) or an $80 charge applies
– $160.50/$288.90 fibre termination point installation (hi-rise/landed)
WhizComms N.A 500 Mbps: $32.00
1Gpbs (without router/modem): $38.00
1Gpbs: $47.00
500 Mbps: $28.00
1Gpbs (without router/modem): $34.00
1Gpbs: $39.00
1Gbps with Wifi Mesh: $49.00
Only included in some plans 12-Months – Free registration
– Delivery and installation at $18
– $160.50/$288.90 Fibre termination point installation (hi-rise/landed)

24-Months – Free registration
– Free delivery and installation
– $160.50/$288.90 Fibre termination point installation (hi-rise/landed)

*Prices listed are regular prices and correct at time of writing.

Whoa, that’s a lot of information! But don’t worry, we’ll break it all down for you in this article. 

But first, some general observations…

The table is based on the following general observations:

  1. The most common packages offered are 1 Gbps plans, indicating that the majority of Singapore home broadband consumers are satisfied with the speed offered by such connections. Hence, if you’re not sure which plan to get, starting with a 1 Gpbs plan is a good idea.
  2. 2 Gbps packages are the next most common, but are aimed towards gamers or those who need superspeed wifi connection.
  3. Although Internet connectivity has become an essential utility, there are some users who prefer not to be locked down by contracts. They pay higher prices for the freedom to cancel anytime with no hassle.
  4. All things being equal, it’s almost always more beneficial to sign up for a 24-mth plan, as doing so gives you more savings. 

In summary, the tradeoff is between cost and speed. The faster speed you desire, the more you should expect to pay.

Get the best broadband plan for your home or office

Too many options and not too sure on what you really need for your home or office needs? Use our simple-to-use comparison tool to view what’s available in the broadband market now.

Best 1 Gbps Home Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore (No Contract)

At the moment, only ViewQwest and MyRepublic are the only two to offer no contract broadband plans, at 1 Gbps speeds. Based on their regular prices, MyRepublic is slightly cheaper, at $59.99 per month

Best 1 Gbps Home Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore (12-month contract)

For 1 Gbps plans with a 12-mth contract, there are 3 choices available. WhizComms offers the lowest monthly price at $47.00 that comes with a router. However, if you have your own, that price can go down to $38.00.

Best 1 Gbps Home Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore (24-month contract)

If you’re in the market for a longer contract, you’ll find more options to choose from, as all 6 Internet Service Providers offer plans in this category. 

Another advantage to entering a 24-month contract comes in the form of savings, either through waiver of fees or lower monthly charges. 

In this category, WhizComms, StarHub and M1 offer the lowest monthly charges. M1 and StarHub are both tied at $39.90 monthly, but StarHub offers free registration and installation, which edges it ahead of M1. However, the clear winner is WhizComms, at only $39 per month, or $34 with a no-router contract. 

Best 2 Gbps/Gamer Home Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore (24-month contract)

For those who want higher bandwidth or more speed (for example, if you trade daily in stocks or are a serious online gamer) and needs low latency and uninterrupted connectivity, these 2 Gbps or gamer plans might be best for you.

In the category of 2 Gbps/gamer broadband plans, StarHub offers the most attractive bundle, at the lowest price of $62.90 per month. This price also applies to the gamer package that currently comes with a ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 gaming router and promises of lower-latency and smoother gameplay.

Things to note about 2 Gbps plans

Be aware that not all 2 Gbps plans are the same. Some ISPs offer a dual bundle, where you have two 1 Gbps connections carrying the load in your home. Other plans may include a 1Gbps dedicated gaming connection + 1 Gbps connection for general use. Be sure to discuss your needs with your ISP before signing up.

Another thing to note is this: Wifi connectivity is affected by more than just the speed of your connection. The configuration of your home, as well as the distance between the router and your devices also play a part in whether you experience Wifi  “dead zones” in your home. 

To solve this problem, more powerful routers with longer range and higher output, or a set of routers that work together (aka Mesh Wifi) are often necessary. Some ISPs do offer these solutions, usually as part of their gamer bundle. If you’re facing this issue, it might be worthwhile giving the more expensive gamer bundles a go.   

Best 500Mbps Home Fibre Broadband Plan

You may have noticed there are lower-speed broadband plans in the comparison table at the start of this article. These 500 Mbps plans are designed for light usage, and offers Internet connectivity at a lower cost. 

The two ISPs that offer 500 Mbps plans – available in 12- and 24-month options – are WhizComm and M1.

WhizComm’s service is actually a 300 Mbps one, but it comes with a free upgrade to 500 Mbps currently, putting it on par with M1’s offering. The winner here is WhizComms, with monthly fees as low as $28.

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