5 Best Home Fibre Broadband Plan In Singapore (2022)

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Last updated May 01, 2022
Best Home Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore 2019 | SingSaver

With so many of us working from home this circuit breaker, having a steady and fast Wifi signal can make or break your entire day.

Every spending situation is unique. SingSaver assembles the ‘Best For‘ list, so you can decide what’s best for you.

Singapore boasts one of the world’s highest Internet penetration rates and the Internet services market is hugely competitive.

The early Internet days were dominated by the three telcos (Singtel, StarHub and M1), but the market has seen a number of virtual operators who’ve managed to carve out a foothold in the market, offering similar services at comparable rates.

Virtual operators do not actually own their own fibre optic network infrastructure. Instead, they buy network access wholesale from the likes of Singtel and offer bandwidth at a lower price to consumers.

While this benefits consumers (credible competition helps keep prices in check), it can also mean dealing with a deluge of plans with different prices and marketing messages. Sorting through all these can be overwhelming if you’re trying to look for the best Internet home fibre broadband package. 

We’re here to help with an in-depth guide to choosing the best Home Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore for 2022. 

Let’s start with an overview of the home fibre broadband plans available in Singapore today. We’ve summarised the key features and information in the following table.

Last updated on 9 May 2022. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Home Fibre Broadband Plans in Singapore 2022

ProviderMonthly cost*SpeedBest for
M1From S$29.90From 500Mbps to 2GbpsAdditional mobile broadband connection at no charge
StarHubFrom S$29.90From 500Mbps to 2GbpsFully connected entertainment ecosystem with StarHub’s cable TV and Disney+
SingtelFrom S$45.90From 1Gbps to 10GbpsVariety of options (and speed) for broadband connection
MyRepublicFrom S$32.99 From 1Gbps to 2GbpsGood balance between price and connectivity options
ViewQwestFrom S$28.99From 1Gbps to 2GbpsCustomisable plans with advanced features

*Listed prices based on 24-month contract and correct at time of writing.

M1 – starts from S$29.90

SpeedCost per month (24 months contract)Cost per month (12 months contract)
1Gbps (Gamer)S$52

Before virtual operators came into the picture, M1 was the underdog amongst the big three telcos. Today, the competition is getting stiffer, thus you’ll see quite a few freebies thrown into the mix when you sign up for a 24-months broadband subscription plan (1Gbps and above only) with M1.

Besides a free next-generation Wifi 6 router, you also get a 4G mobile broadband, free of charge for 24 months. This comes in useful if you need a second mobile connection for your tablet.

Best for: those who want an additional mobile broadband connection at no charge.

StarHub – starts from S$29.90

SpeedCost per month (24 months contract)Cost per month (12 months contract)

Similar to the other providers, StarHub has included a few freebies, and this includes free activation (for 2Gbps plan only) and installation (for 1Gbps & 2Gbps plans only)

Currently, new users who sign up for the 1Gbps plan will enjoy a free 5 months subscription and a free Smart WiFi worth S$199. For those interested in the 2Gbps plan, you will receive a free 43″ 4K Mi Android TV, as well as a free Smart WiFi Pro worth S$399.

On top of that, StarHub has a tie-up that throws in a free one-year Disney+ subscription with its 1Gbps and 2Gbps plan (for 24 months contract only).

A point to note is that a one-year Disney+ subscription costs S$119.98, which means you are still saving in the long run.

Best for: those who want a fully connected entertainment ecosystem with StarHub’s cable TV and Disney+.

Singtel – starts from S$45.90

SpeedCost per month (24 months contract)Cost per month (12 months contract)
1GbpsS$45.90 (usual price S$49.90)
1Gbps with WiFi MeshS$54.90
2Gbps with Mesh ExtenderS$64.90 (usual price: S$69.90)
1+1Gbps Gamer BundleS$64.90 (usual price: S$69.90)
10Gbps with Mesh ExtenderS$169 (usual price: SS$189)

While Singtel’s monthly subscriptions lean on the pricier end, it does provide the most options, not to mention the highest speed at 10Gbps. Unfortunately, the available plans are tied to a 24-month contract, so you are out of luck if you intend to switch out within a year.

However, the plans come with comprehensive options, and you can even choose to get a router and/or a WiFi mesh to connect your home (varies for different plans). What’s more, all Singtel plans come with a home line, and regardless of the plan, you’ll get a free router installation.

If you happen to be a new sign up, you will also enjoy a service activation charge waiver of S$56.71 (per port).

Best for: those who want more options (and speed) for their broadband connection.

MyRepublic – starts from S$32.99

SpeedCost per month (24 months contract)Cost per month (12 months contract)
1Gbps (Gamer)S$50.99 (usual price: S$52.99)
1Gbps with TP-Link EX221 routerS$32.99 (for the first 5 months, $42.99/month thereafter)
1Gbps with ASUS RT-AX3000 routerS$47.99 (usual price: S$49.99)
1Gbps with Google Nest S$45.99 (for the first 5 months, S$55.99/month thereafter)
1Gbps with TP-Link Deco X60 WiFi MeshS$57.99 (usual price: S$59.99)
2GbpsS$51.99 (usual price: S$59.99)
2Gbps (Gamer)S$56.99 (usual price: S$69.99)

MyRepublic builds its plans around flexibility, giving you the choice to sign up with 24-month, 12-month or even no lock-in period. Of course, the cost savings you get from a 24-month plan is significantly higher compared to a no-contract option (S$59.99/month).

Similar to Singtel, you have the option to choose between a router or WiFi mesh, with the latter being better if you prefer to strengthen your wireless connection at home.

Best for: those who want a good balance between price and connectivity options.

ViewQwest starts from S$28.99

SpeedCost per month (24 months contract)Cost per month (12 months contract)
1GbpsS$28.99 (usual price S$38.99)
2GbpsS$40.99 (usual price S$50.99)

ViewQwest is very clear in defining their plans, as the listed prices are based on the plans’ speed. That means the subscription you see is purely for the service, without any freebies or add-ons to complicate your cost calculation.

While the most commonly sought after 1Gbps might seem very affordable, it does not include the cost of a router. So you’ll have to factor some additional costs to purchase a router, either from ViewQwest or from online stores that might offer it at a cheaper price.

Another thing to consider is the various advanced features provided by ViewQwest. For example, its Freedom DNS allows you to legally access streaming content that might not be available in Singapore due to geographical restrictions.

Best for: those who want to customise their plans with advanced features.

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Other things to note before you sign up for a broadband plan

1Gbps is the middle ground

The most common packages offered are 1Gbps plans, indicating that the majority of Singapore home broadband consumers are satisfied with the speed offered by such connections. Hence, if you’re not sure which plan to get, starting with a 1Gbps plan is a good idea.

2Gbps packages are the next most common, but are aimed at gamers or those who need super-fast WiFi connection.

Not all 2Gbps plans are created equal

Not all 2 Gbps plans are the same. Some ISPs offer a dual bundle, where you have two 1 Gbps connections carrying the load in your home. Other plans may include a 1Gbps dedicated gaming connection + 1 Gbps connection for general use. Be sure to discuss your needs with your ISP before signing up.

Another thing to note is this: Wifi connectivity is affected by more than just the speed of your connection. The configuration of your home, as well as the distance between the router and your devices, also play a part in whether you experience Wifi  ‘dead zones’ in your home.

To solve this problem, more powerful routers with longer range and higher output, or a set of routers that work together (aka Mesh Wifi) are often necessary. Some ISPs do offer these solutions, usually as part of their gamer bundle. If you’re facing this issue, it might be worthwhile to give the more expensive gamer bundles a go.

Contract vs no-contract

Although Internet connectivity has become an essential utility, there are some users who prefer not to be locked down by contracts. They pay higher prices for the freedom to cancel anytime with no hassle.

All things being equal, it’s almost always more beneficial to sign up for a 24-month plan, as doing so gives you more savings.

In summary, the trade-off is between cost and speed. The faster the speed, the more you should expect to pay.

Get the best broadband plan for your home or office

Too many options and not too sure on what you really need for your home or office needs? Use our fuss-free comparison tool to view what’s available in the broadband market now.

Additional text by Tein Hee Seow

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