Best Maybank Credit Cards in Singapore (2024)

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 01 January, 2024

Every spending situation is unique. SingSaver assembles the 'Best For' list, so you can decide what’s best for you.

There’s a miles workhorse, a couple of sports-centric cards, and an award-winning cashback-er in the midst.

When you think of Malaysia, you probably think about cheap shopping, cheap massages, cheap petrol – cheap everything. Or, you might think about its reputation for being one of the best places to eat out on a budget. But what you might not realise is Malaysian banks, like Maybank, also offer some good deals on credit cards right here in Singapore. 

The great thing about these cards is, with Maybank MasterPass, you can also shop, click, and check out faster online. You can choose between cash rebates, miles or TREAT points, and there’s cards for high spenders and low spenders, students and even golfers! 

No matter which card you choose, you get complimentary travel insurance when you charge your full travel package to your Maybank card. Here is a summary list of the best Maybank credit cards in Singapore.

Best for miles: Maybank Horizon Visa Signature [Update!]
Best for cashback: Maybank Family & Friends
Best for high spenders: Maybank FC Barcelona
Best for low spenders: Maybank Platinum Visa
Best for golfers: Maybank World Mastercard
Best for students: Maybank eVibes

Best Maybank credit cards in Singapore
Best For Credit Cards Benefits 
Miles Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Up to 2.8 miles per S$1 spend on overseas and all air ticket expenses with min. S$800 spend
Cashback Maybank Family & Friends Up to 8% cash back with min. S$800 spend
High spenders Maybank FC Barcelona 1.6% unlimited rebate on all spend
Low spenders Maybank Platinum Visa Up to 3.33% rebate with min. S$300 spend
Golfers Maybank World Mastercard Complimentary green fees at 120 courses
Students Maybank eVibes 1% rebate on all spend for students


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[UPDATE!] Best for miles: Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Credit Card

If you prefer to skip the causeway queues and fly to Malaysia (or anywhere else for the matter), the Maybank Horizon Visa card is best for your miles-gaining pleasures. 

This card has just undergone a major revamp, altering its miles earn rates for air tickets, overseas, and local retail spend. Here's what you need to know about the changes:

New-to-Maybank cardholders
Existing Maybank cardholders
Up to 2.8 air miles (7X TREATS Points) per S$1 spend on overseas and air tickets (from all airlines)
No cap on bonus miles/TP earned on overseas spend
Up to 2.8 air miles (7X TREATS Points) per S$1 spend on overseas and air tickets (from all airlines)
No cap on bonus miles/TP earned on overseas spend

With the Maybank Horizon Visa card, earn up to 2.8 air miles per S$1 (mpd) / 7X TREATS Points (TP) on foreign transactions (online and overseas) and air ticket purchases (all airlines) with a minimum of S$800 spend per calendar month, with no bonus miles/TP cap on foreign spend.

This 2.8 mpd outperforms that of many travel credit cards in terms of overseas expenditure as seen below:

Miles credit card
Overseas spend
Air tickets / Travel bookings
Maybank Horizon Visa Signature
2.8 mpd with min. S$800 monthly spend
Bonus TP capped at 40,000 per calendar month for air tickets, no cap for overseas spend
Citi PremierMiles
2 mpd
10 mpd on Kaligo bookings
7 mpd on Agoda bookings
DBS Altitude
2.2 mpd
10 mpd on Kaligo bookings
6 mpd on Expedia bookings
2.1 mpd
7 mpd on Agoda bookings in foreign currency
6 mpd on Agoda bookings in local currency
HSBC TravelOne
2.4 mpd
Standard Chartered Journey
2 mpd
KrisFlyer UOB
1.2 mpd
3 mpd
AMEX Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
2 mpd during Jun & Dec
2 mpd on flights under Singapore Airlines Group
AMEX Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend

Moreover, the fact that this boosted miles earn rate applies to all air tickets bought from any airline is a huge plus point. 

Not to mention, cardholders are entitled to complimentary access to selected VIP airport lounges and complimentary travel insurance coverage up to S$1,000,000.

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The only caveats would be the increased minimum monthly spend from S$300 to S$800 and the monthly cap of 40,000 bonus TP on air ticket purchases. Although, it's worth noting that this cap used to be lesser at 30,000 TP, so that's some reprieve.

If you spend less than S$800 for any particular month, you'd earn 1.2 mpd / 3X TP on all your overseas and air tickets – the same earn rate as for its local retail spend. This is a significant drop from its previous offered rate of 3.2 mpd on local spend.

No matter, it's still a decent rate considering that it still applies to many categories like shopping, groceries, dining, public transport, petrol, taxi fares (ride-hailing is also counted), travel bookings, cruises, and the list goes on. 

💡 Pro-tip: This card also rewards 0.25 mpd / 0.6X TP on all utilities, education fees, insurance premiums, and medical expenses! Most cards often exclude these categories from earning any rebates entirely.

⭐ You can read more in our full Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card review here.

*1 TREATS Points = 0.4 miles

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Best for cashback: Maybank Family & Friends Credit Card

If you’re someone who’s on Team Cashback, Maybank Family & Friends card is the one true pick for you.

Enjoy a high 8% cash rebate over a large range of categories such as groceries, dining & food delivery, transport, data communication & online TV screening, retail & pets, online fashion, entertainment, pharmacy & wellness. The annual fee is also waived for the first three years so that's a savings of S$545.40 in annual fees: that is enough to sponsor you (and your family and friends) a buffet feast or two!

A minimum monthly spend of S$800 per calendar month does apply, and so does a S$125 cashback cap each month — split into S$25 per category.

Best for high spenders: Maybank FC Barcelona Card

The Maybank FC Barcelona Card might just be your passport into Nou Camp, on top of it being a passport to unlimited cashback.

It offers 1.6% unlimited cash rebates on all local spends. That number might seem infinitesimal, but unlike most cashback cards, it has no minimum spend and no cashback cap. You can spend as much as you like and continue to earn rebates – the sky's the limit. 

If you’re a La Liga football fan, you stand to enjoy 5% discount in FCBotiga official store in Camp Nou. Fans also stand the chance to win a trip for 2 to watch FC Barcelona live every football season. You can earn 5 chances with every S$50 on local spend, and double that for the equivalent foreign spend. 

While there’s no cashback on foreign currency transactions, you will earn 2X TREATS points for every foreign dollar spent. Lest you think this is exclusive only to Barcelona fans, you could be a Real Madrid fan for all we know and you’d still enjoy these benefits. 

This card also comes with complimentary travel insurance when you charge your air tickets or travel packages in full to your card.

Best for low spenders: Maybank Platinum Visa Card

If you prefer to pay in cash most of the time, but still don’t want to miss out on any rewards, the Maybank Platinum Visa card may be a good booster for you. 

You only need to spend a minimum of S$300 per month (or equivalent in foreign currencies) to qualify for cashback. That’s much less than the typical S$600 to S$800 minimum spend for other cards. In return, you will receive 3.33% cashback, travel insurance coverage of up to S$500,000 and the convenience of Samsung Pay. There are two kinds of waivers you’ll enjoy: one being the three-year annual fee waiver, the other being the S$20 quarterly service fee waiver as long as you charge to the card once every three months. 

Keep in mind, the cashback cap is set at S$100 per quarter and only local spend qualifies for the 3.33%.

Best for golfers: Maybank World Mastercard

Maybank World Mastercard Credit Card: Best for Golfers

If your ideal getaway is more about golf than food, the Maybank World Mastercard is one to live it up with.

With this card, enjoy complimentary green fees at all year round at 98 participating golf clubs in 19 countries, and complimentary access to Plaza Premium airport lounges. At specially selected retail, dining restaurants and all petrol stations, you will also earn 10X TREATS points per $1 spent (4 miles per dollar), which is double that of the Maybank Horizon’s by comparison. Your TREATS points will never expire as you’re automatically enrolled in the Rewards Infinite program, where you get to exchange your points for a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment gifts. 

Pump petrol? Great. Receive a 15% discount with the Corporate Fuel Card, plus 10X TREATS Points on your Maybank World Mastercard. 10X TREATS Points can be redeemed for a further 4.85% savings with cash credits on your Corporate Fuel Card.

Also, fees are waived when converting TREATS Points to air miles.

The annual fee is slightly higher than most (S$242.50), and the minimum annual income requirement is higher than others at $S80,000.

Best for students: Maybank e-Vibes card

Maybank eVibes Card

If you’re a student and you just need a simple, no-fuss-no-muss card, then the Maybank e-Vibes card is for you.  

You’ll earn 1% cash rebates on all purchases with no minimum monthly spend required. There’s no minimum annual income either so it’s a great card for students to have on hand for emergencies. You’ll also get deals and discounts on all the best parts of a student’s life: travel, dining, entertainment and online shopping. 

If you’re a student with a higher monthly spending budget, this card isn’t for you. Other cards may be able to offer you higher rebates, but you will need to weigh that up against the extra conditions that come with it, such as minimum spending requirements and annual fees. 


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