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Best Petrol Credit Cards in Singapore 2024

Searching for a generous petrol credit card that offers cashback, discounts, or points during your fill-ups? Drive more affordably and stress less about fuel costs with these top petrol credit cards in Singapore for optimal savings!

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Best Credit Card for Caltex

The OCBC 365 credit card delivers substantial benefits as your daily cashback companion, offering attractive rewards based on eligible spending. With this card, you earn a solid 6% cashback on local fuel expenses across all petrol service stations. The standout feature, however, lies in the remarkable fuel savings of up to 22.92% at Caltex, encompassing an 18% fuel discount and 6% cashback based on your spending. Alongside Caltex, you also relish savings of up to 21.04% at Esso stations and up to 26.8% at Sinopec stations.

Best Credit Card for Esso

For the highest petrol cashback rate at Esso without the fuss, opt for the DBS Esso Card. With an 18% instant fuel discount and potential total savings of 21.6%, plus up to 2.4% Smiles savings to offset fuel costs, it's a clear winner. Card sign-up enrols you in Esso's loyalty program, offering benefits like 0% interest motor insurance and road tax instalment plans.

DBS Esso Card open_in_new

Fuel Savings: Up to 21.60 %

Best Credit Card for Shell

For fueling up at Shell, the UOB One Card is your top choice. It offers potential savings of up to 21.15% on each Shell visit — composed of a 17% instant discount and an additional 5% cashback. This 17% discount comprises a 5% Shell station discount, 5% Shell Escape discount, and 7% UOB One Card instant discount. Keep in mind, that to get the full 5% rebate (up to S$300), UOB One cardholders must spend a minimum of S$2,000 per month (across at least five transactions) for three consecutive months in a quarterly period.

UOB One Card open_in_new

Fuel Savings: Up to 21.15 %

Best Credit Card for Sinopec

OCBC credit cards excel at Sinopec, offering exceptional fuel savings of up to 23%. Despite Sinopec's limited presence in Singapore, consistent time-limited promotions and added OCBC cardholder discounts enhance the deal. All OCBC credit cards secure a baseline petrol discount of 23% (Bukit Timah) and 20% (Yishun and Woodlands). OCBC 365 cardholders enjoy a 6% cashback on contactless payments (min. S$800 monthly).

Best Credit Card for SPC

If you're seeking a versatile card that offers savings on your car's fuel expenses and everyday purchases, the POSB Everyday credit card is your year-round solution. With this card, you can enjoy impressive fuel savings of up to 20.1% at SPC, and there's no requirement for a minimum spend. This discount comprises a 10% SPC&U member discount, an additional 5% discount, and an exclusive 6% cash rebate from the POSB Everyday card (applied to the final amount). Adding to the benefits, you can still secure an extra 2% cash rebate (capped at S$15) when you maintain a minimum monthly spending of S$800.

POSB Everyday Card open_in_new

Fuel Savings: Up to 20.10 %

What are Petrol Loyalty Programmes?

Petrol loyalty programs in Singapore offer rewards and discounts to frequent fuel buyers. These programs provide benefits like fuel discounts, reward points, exclusive offers, and partnerships with other businesses. Popular examples include Shell Escape, Esso Smiles, and SPC&U. Members can enjoy instant savings, earn points, and redeem rewards through these programs.

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Why get a credit card for Petrol expenses?

Obtaining a credit card for petrol expenses comes with advantages like fuel savings through discounts, cashback, and rewards. These cards offer convenience, loyalty program perks, and budget tracking. They also provide mobile payment options and the chance to combine benefits with your primary card. Choose a card that suits your driving habits and financial goals while practicing responsible usage.


What are the things to look out for when choosing a credit card for Petrol?

When selecting a credit card specifically for petrol expenses, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you maximise your benefits. Here's what to keep in mind.


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Who should get a credit card for Petrol?

A credit card tailored for petrol expenses can be valuable for many individuals, especially those who drive regularly and want to save on fuel costs. Here are some types of people who might benefit from a credit card designed specifically for petrol.


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Frequently Asked Questions For Petrol Credit Cards

What is the average cost of petrol consumption in Singapore?


Monthly fuel costs in Singapore vary widely based on vehicle type, driving habits, and fuel prices. For a small car averaging 1,000 km monthly at around 15 km/l, costs might range from SGD $120 to $160. A mid-sized car (10 km/l) could be around SGD $180 to $240, while larger vehicles (8 km/l) might be SGD $225 to $300. These are rough estimates subject to fuel price changes.

Do all petrol credit cards come with cashback or rewards benefits?


Not all petrol credit cards have cashback or rewards benefits specifically for fuel purchases. While many do offer such benefits, it's essential to review the card's terms to understand its specific features related to petrol expenses.