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5 Metal Credit Cards You Can Apply In Singapore (2023)

Denise Bay

Denise Bay

Last updated 22 September, 2023
Metal credit cards offer more than just a status symbol, but with hefty annual fees are they worth it? Here, we pit them against each other to help you find the best.

Best Metal credit cards on SingSaver: DBS Vantage Card AMEX Platinum Charge Card

There's something unique about metal credit cards that sets them apart from their plastic counterparts. 

After all, the first-ever metal card was the American Express Centurion Card, issued in 1999 and held by celebrities and ultra-high net worth individuals. To own one was a statement in itself, and a symbol of the holder’s status and wealth. 

Today, though, the metal card trend has diffused downwards. It’s not quite mass market territory, but a number of high-end credit cards have switched to metal cardstock, providing a way for affluent-but-not-quite-loaded individuals to get in on the action too.

Table of contents

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5 Metal cards you can apply in Singapore

Metal Card
Annual Income Requirement
Annual Fee
Welcome Gift: Receive 80,000 miles upon card approval. T&Cs apply.
S$492.50 or S$3,240
Subject to customer's meeting regulatory minimum income requirement and internal assessment by AMEX

*Other metal cards in Singapore include the UOB Lady’s Solitaire Metal Card, Citi ULTIMA, American Express Centurion, DBS Insignia and UOB Reserve. However, since these are invite-only offerings, we won’t cover them in this article.

If you want to learn more about these cards, you can read this article

At the time of writing, the metal card with the lowest income requirement and annual fee is the OCBC VOYAGE (S$492.50 a year). Remember that, unlike regular plastic cards, it’s almost impossible to get an annual fee waiver on a metal card – the annual fee is part of the cost of entry. 

So there are more than a few options for metal cards. But how do they measure up in terms of features?

Best metal cards you can apply for 

With options comes the need to take your pick. While these metal credit cards are all fancy to look at and packed to the brim with exclusive perks befitting those who enjoy the finer things in life, they aren’t created the same. Your wallet will thank you if you take the effort to pick one that best suits your lifestyle. 

Best earn rate with no minimum spend: DBS Vantage Card


In terms of flexibility, DBS Vantage allows cardholders to switch flexibly between 2.2 mpd or 2.2% cashback (for overseas spending). 

With an S$120,000 annual income requirement, this card may not be for everyone but consider getting this lifestyle travel card if you appreciate the finer things in life. 

For instance, apart from the exclusive DiningCity perks at 50 restaurants including Michelin-awarded restaurants, there is also a complimentary Accor Plus Explorer Membership which gifts you one hotel night stay. 

Car owners can also save up to 19% off on fuel spending at Esso. 

For avid travellers who relish planning your trips online, you'll earn up to 6 miles per S$1 on Expedia bookings. 

New cardmembers will also receive 80,000 miles upon card approval and activation.


DBS Vantage Visa Infinite Credit Card Welcome Gift: Get up to 60,000 miles when you apply and make a min. spend of S$4,000 within 30 days of card approval plus annual fee payment. Valid till 31 January 2024. T&Cs apply.

Best for travellers: Citi Prestige Card

As its name may suggest, the Citi Prestige Card offers spectacular travel and lifestyle perks that could possibly pay for itself in no time. Just to highlight a few, cardmembers can enjoy benefits such as unlimited airport lounge access worldwide, unlimited complimentary 4th night free hotel or resort stay globally, complimentary golf games, annual renewal bonus of 25,000 miles and more. 

While its miles earning rate stands at 1.3 mpd for local spend and 2 mpd for overseas spend, Citi banking customers with Citigold/Citigold Private Client relationship can receive up to 30% additional ThankYou Points, depending on their spending and depth of relationship with the bank. 

Another point to note? You can earn unlimited, flexible, expiry-free ThankYou Points with the Citi Prestige Card. 


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Successful applicants of Citigold who make an S$250,000 deposit within 3 months of account opening and maintain these funds until gift fulfilment will get an Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB (worth $1,999) or S$1,500 Cash. Valid till 7 January 2024. T&Cs apply.

Applicable to New-to-bank only ie. users with no Citigold or Current and Savings Accounts. If a user has applied for Citi Credit Card or Personal Loan, they will still be eligible.

Most affordable: OCBC Voyage Card

Want to dip your feet into the world of metal cards but aren’t quite ready to splurge on it just yet? Consider the OCBC Voyage Card. All you have to do is pick the S$492.50 annual fee option, which comes with 15,000 VOYAGE miles. The S$3,240 option comes with a whopping 150,000 VOYAGE miles! 

​​Apart from being the most affordable metal card in this crowd, the OCBC Voyage Card offers the most generous miles earning rate for overseas spend: it lets you earn 2.2 mpd on foreign currency spend and 1.3 mpd locally. OCBC Premier, OCBC Premier Private Client and Bank of Singapore VOYAGE Card will earn 1.6mpd locally and 2.3 mpd on foreign currency spend. 

Best support services: UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

The UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card offers 1.4 mpd for local spends and 2.4 mpd for overseas spend.

Aside from unlimited airport lounge access for you and one guest via Dragon Pass, you also enjoy a slew of benefits, including top-notch concierge and support services anywhere, anytime, and your dedicated UOB Visa Infinite Concierge, which is available 24/7 no matter where you are to assist you from reserving seats at Michelin-starred restaurants to purchasing luxury items. 

The UOB Travel Concierge can help you with anything travel-related while the UOB Medical Concierge offers 24-hour toll-free access to premier medical concierge services supported by Parkway Hospitals Singapore. Say hello to fast-tracked appointment scheduling, finding proper medical specialists and more. 

You can even consult a doctor without leaving the comfort of your home via the WhiteCoat app whenever you are feeling under the weather. How does this work? You’ll be connected to an in-house Singapore-registered GP in no time. The convenience doesn’t stop there. Within 90 minutes, you can expect to receive your prescribed medication at your doorstep. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what else is. 


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Receive S$350 cash credit or up to 50,000 miles when you apply for select UOB credit cards and fulfil the minimum spending requirements. T&Cs apply.

Our Best Deal Guarantee promises you the best deal only with SingSaver. If you find a better offer elsewhere, submit a claim, and we'll reward you with double the difference. Valid till 7 January 2024. T&Cs apply.

Best for luxury perks: AMEX Platinum Charge Card

AMEX Platinum Card Welcome Offer: Receive up to 135,000 Membership Rewards® points (enough to redeem a return trip to Europe, USA or Canada) when you make a min. spend of S$6,000 and annual fee payment within 2 months of card approval. For new to American Express Card members only. Valid till 28 February 2024. T&Cs apply.

The AMEX Platinum Charge Card is undeniably the priciest metal card in this bunch but this charge card is one to consider if you are on the lookout for tangible, money-saving luxury perks. 

For starters, it’s hard to beat the S$1,354 statement credits you’ll receive yearly, Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits worth S$800, and complimentary elite status for Hilton Honors, Marriott Bonvoy, Radisson Rewards, and Pan Pacific DISCOVERY hotel loyalty programs. Its free airport lounge access perk is one of the most generous on the market, too. 

Apart from exclusive golf privileges and complimentary access to the elite, members-only Tower Club Singapore, the AMEX Platinum Card also lets you enjoy all-day free parking at Great World City from Friday to Sunday.

Besides 1-for-1 drinks with the Chillax programme, you can also look forward to saving up to 50% on your food bills with the Love Dining programme.

Starting from early 2023, Platinum cardholders stand to earn new benefits up to S$1,354 a year, in addition to existing privileges.

Some perks to expect in 2023 include:

  • S$200 Global Dining Credits: Access to over 1,400 restaurants in 20 countries
  • S$200 Local Dining Credits: Access to over 25 local restaurants
  • S$204 Entertainment Credits: For streaming and news subscriptions
  • S$200 Airline Credits: With Singapore Airlines or Scoot
  • S$400 Lifestyle Credits: Access to a slew of lifestyle experiences and services e.g. wine and spa services
  • S$150 Fashion Credits: Up to S$75 rebate in credits every 6-month redemption period with NET-A-PORTER and MR PORTER

Note: These statement credits require enrolment before redemption is permitted. Please head over to their Benefits page to find out how to enrol your credits.

Other card benefits

Mile earning rates

Let’s first look at how many miles each of these cards earns for local and overseas spending. The numbers are quite tight here (except for the AMEX Platinum Charge, which clearly isn’t a miles-earning powerhouse), with local earn rates between 1.2-1.4 mpd, and overseas rates between 2.0-2.2 mpd. 

Metal Card Local Miles per Dollar Overseas Miles per Dollar
Citibank Prestige 1.3 2.0
OCBC Voyage 1.3 2.2
UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card 1.4 2.0
AMEX Platinum Charge Card 0.78 1.95 (if you spend on SQ or Scoot)

Miles with annual fee

In addition to earning miles from your everyday spending, you can also receive miles by paying the annual fee on most of these cards.

Metal Card Annual Fee (Miles) Cents per Mile
Citibank Prestige S$540 (25,000) 2.14
OCBC Voyage S$492.50 or S$3,210 (15,000 or 150,000) 3.25 or 2.14
UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card S$642 (25,000) 2.57
AMEX Platinum Charge Card S$1,728 (Bonus miles amount subject to ongoing promotions) N.A

The Citi Prestige and OCBC Voyage offer the lowest cost miles at about 2.14 cents per mile. This is followed by the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card at 2.57 cents per mile. 

It’s worth mentioning that the AMEX Platinum Charge doesn’t actually offer miles with just the annual fee renewal. Instead, it typically comes hand-in-hand with a minimum spend requirement within the first 3 months of card approval too – S$15,000 for new-to-AMEX cardmembers and S$10,000 for existing cardmembers.

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Airport lounge access and limo benefits

Complimentary airport lounge access can be a great perk, especially when you’re flying economy or on a budget airline. But again, not all metal cards are made equal in this respect. Some offer extremely anaemic benefits, while others offer access to multiple lounge networks, complete with guest privileges.  

Metal Card Lounge Network Free Lounge Visit
Citibank Prestige Priority Pass Unlimited + 1 guest
OCBC Voyage Plaza Premium Unlimited
UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card DragonPass 4
AMEX Platinum Charge Card  Priority Pass (Enrolment required)

International AMEX Lounges

The Centurion®️ Lounges

Delta SkyClub®️

Plaza Premium
Unlimited + Supplementary Member + 1 guest each 

The strongest card here is undoubtedly the AMEX Platinum Charge card.

Cardmembers get to enjoy unlimited Priority Pass lounge visits as well as access to American Express and Centurion airport lounges, and Delta SkyClubs when flying on Delta Air Lines. What’s more, supplementary cardholders (the first two supplementary cards are free) enjoy the same lounge benefits. Not to mention, both you and one supplementary cardholder can bring a guest each. 

Complimentary airport transfers are another useful perk, although only two metal cards offer them at the moment – the Citi Prestige and OCBC VOYAGE.

Metal Card Free Limo Rides Spending Requirements
Citibank Prestige 2 per quarter S$12,000 per quarter
OCBC Voyage 2 per month S$5,000 per ride
UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card 0 N.A
AMEX Platinum Charge Card 0 N.A


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Dining benefits

Dining benefits can take the form of discounts on F&B or outright dining credit through vouchers. 

Metal Card
Dining Benefits
OCBC Voyage
Visa Infinite dining privileges
UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card
Visa Infinite dining privileges
Up to 50% off dining at Grand Hyatt Singapore
Clink Clink's private wine concierge service
AMEX Platinum Charge Card
American Express Selects dining offers
Up to 50% off dining with Love Dining benefits
1-for-1 drinks with Chillax

S$200 dining credits each for local and overseas restaurants

Cardmembers can enjoy up to 50% off dining at selected hotels and restaurants with Love Dining benefits. This includes A-list restaurants like Brasserie Les Saveurs, SKAI Restaurant, Lantern, The Landing Point, Basilico, Yan Ting and Wooloomooloo Steakhouse.

To cap it off, they can get complimentary drinks under the Chillax programme at Botanico, Club 5, Portman's Bar, Smoke & Mirrors, Horse’s Mouth Bar, Monti and other drinking holes. 

Plus, with AMEX's revamp of statement credits earlier this year, Platinum Charge cardmembers now have S$200 worth of annual dining allowance for local and overseas restaurants each – making it S$400 in total every year.

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Other benefits of a metal credit card

All cards offer complimentary travel insurance (although the quantum and scope of coverage can differ significantly, so be sure to read the T&Cs!), but some go beyond that by offering unique perks. 

For example, the Citi Prestige gives you the fourth night free on hotel stays, which can potentially help to pay for the annual fee. The OCBC VOYAGE allows you to redeem VOYAGE miles for any cabin on any flight at a fixed cash value. The UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card offers preferential yacht chartering packages with Valencia Yachts.

Metal Card
Other Benefits
Citibank Prestige
4th night free on hotel stays
Exclusive relationship bonus of up to 30% additional ThankYou Points
Preferential rates for luxury tours and cruises, private jet charters and chauffeured car services
OCBC Voyage
Redeem miles for any cabin on any flight
Complimentary travel insurance
eCommerce purchase protection
HealthPass health and wellness deals
Instant 19% off on Caltex fuel spend
S$25 KrisFlyer Miles redemption admin fee waiver
UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card
Priority booking and complimentary wine at global top restaurants
Clink Clink's private wine concierge service
Visa Luxury Hotel Collection privileges
Up to additional 6 bonus KrisFlyer miles with KrisFlyer UOB Account
Preferential Valencia Yachts charter rates
Complimentary travel insurance
UOB medical concierge
AMEX Platinum Charge Card
Up to S$1,354 yearly statement credits across selected airline, local and overseas dining, lifestyle, entertainment, and retail partners
Complimentary elite gold status with Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors, Radisson Rewards, and Pan Pacific DISCOVERY
Up to 50% off dining with Love Dining benefits
One complimentary drink with Chillax partners
AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts program
Tower Club access
Exclusive AMEX events
Complimentary travel insurance

But it’s hard to compete with the AMEX Platinum Charge card, which offers S$800 of airline and hotel credits, Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits worth S$750, elite status with hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott, complimentary green fees, complimentary access into the elite, members-only Tower Club and much more.

The S$1,728 annual fee is the most expensive of all the metal cards here, almost three times as expensive in some cases. But if you’re willing to shell out that money, you’ll find the benefits to be pretty substantial — especially if you're looking forward to regular leisure travel again.  

If you choose to get a metal card, always remember the hefty annual fees that it comes with. This means it’s a good idea to do an analysis of the costs and benefits of owning one. A metal card is meant to make your pocket heavier, not lighter after all. 

Thinking of applying for a Premium Credit Card? Click below to compare and learn more about them!


While Denise has a thing for travel, K-dramas, 0% sugar bbt (with boba!), Japanese cuisine and flat white, her curious nature means all sorts of random tabs are open on her phone 24/7. She doesn’t like to pay full price for anything, too.


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