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Unlock the potential of your wealth
with the best Investment Linked Policies in Singapore

Beat inflation with the power
of dollar cost-averaging
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Unlock the potential
of your wealth with
Investment-Linked Plans

Beat inflation with the power
of dollar cost-averaging

Your Ultimate Solution for Growing your Wealth and your Future Secure.

Investment-linked products (ILP) combine life insurance with investments, managed by the insurer, and offer policyholders flexible investment options. These products aim to offer investment opportunities and life insurance coverage together in one product.
ILP products are often considered as an alternative to traditional life insurance policies and mutual funds. They involve market risk and fees that impact returns, so it's crucial to review the terms, assess goals, and seek advice before investing.

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Endowment Plan Vs Investment-Linked Plan

Endowment Plan

   Total Premium Pay : $120,000
   Premium Paying Term : 10 years
  Lock-in Period :  18 years
   Account Value : $183,072
(4.25% Investment Return)

  • Higher of 105% of Premium Paid or Guaranteed Surrender Value in Case of Death
  • 50% additional of Premium Pay till Date in Case of Accidental Death
  • Waiver of Premium on Total Permanent Disability
  • Change of Life Insured Option
  • Premium Freeze Option

Investment-Linked Plan

   Total Premium Pay : $120,000
   Premium Paying Term : 10 years
  Lock-in Period :  20 years
   Account Value : $258,891
(8.00% Investment Return)
  • Higher of 101% of Premium Paid or Guaranteed Account Value in Case of Death
  • Free Fund Switching
  • Automatic Fund Rebalancing
  • Partial Withdrawal
  • Full Surrender
  • Change of Life Insured Option
  • Dividend Payout Option

Benefits of ILPs



ILPs offer investors a wide range of investment options, allowing them to choose the level of risk and return that is appropriate for their individual needs.



By investing in an ILP, investors can spread their money across multiple assets and sectors, reducing the overall risk of their investment portfolio.


Higher Returns

ILPs have the potential to generate higher returns than traditional investments such as savings accounts or fixed deposits over a period of time.

Embark on Your ILP Journey Today!

Fill up your personal details and complete CKA
Choose your preferred fund and decide on your investment amount
Complete underwriting and complete payment
Sit back and watch it grow !

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Investment Linked Plan (ILP)?

An investment-linked product is an insurance policy that combines insurance protection with investment features. The premiums paid are used to purchase units in investment funds, and the policyholder can choose from a range of funds to invest in.

What are the benefits of an Investment Linked Plan (ILP)?

The benefits of an investment-linked product include potential investment returns, insurance protection, flexibility in choosing investment funds, and the ability to switch between funds.

How can I choose the right investment-linked product?

It is important to consider your investment goals, risk appetite, and financial situation when choosing an investment-linked product. You should also research the different funds available and the track record of the insurance company offering the product.

Can I switch between investment funds?

Yes, most investment-linked products allow policyholders to switch between investment funds at any time, although there may be fees and restrictions associated with switching.

How are investment-linked products different from traditional life insurance policies?


Investment-linked products combine insurance protection with investment features, while traditional life insurance policies provide only insurance protection. With investment-linked products, a portion of the premiums paid goes towards insurance coverage, while the remainder is invested in funds of the policyholder's choice.

What types of investment-linked products are available in Singapore?


There are a variety of investment-linked products available in Singapore, including regular premium policies, single premium policies, and policies with optional riders for additional coverage.

Can I make additional investments into my investment-linked policy?


Yes, some investment-linked products allow for additional investments to be made, either as a lump sum or through regular payments. These additional investments can help to increase the value of the investment funds and potentially provide higher returns.

What fees and charges are associated with investment-linked products?


Investment-linked products may have various fees and charges, such as management fees, surrender charges, switching fees, and policy fees. These fees and charges can affect the overall value of the policy, so it is important to carefully review the terms and conditions before purchasing.

How are investment-linked products regulated in Singapore?


Investment-linked products in Singapore are regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Insurance companies offering investment-linked products must comply with MAS regulations, which are designed to protect policyholders and ensure transparency and fairness in the market.

How can I monitor the performance of my investment-linked policy?


Insurance companies typically provide regular statements that show the performance of the investment funds and the value of the policy. Policyholders can also monitor the performance of their investment funds through the company's online portal or mobile app.