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Credit Card FAQs

There are plenty of credit cards that award you with reward points or air miles when you charge a purchase to them. But what if you would rather get rebates that you can use to offset your next credit card payment? If so, you could be the perfect candidate for a cashback credit card.

Each cashback card has an accompanying percent rate (ex. 5% cashback on groceries). This is the amount you earn back whenever you charge something to your card for a certain spend category. The money you earn is expressed in cash rebates, which you can use to offset your next credit card bill.

Most cashback credit cards have a cap on how many rebates you can earn, but some cards allow you to earn as much as you want. Always pay attention to the fine print on your card, including its annual fees, partner merchants, and minimum spend required, to maximise your savings.

Most cashback cards give rebates on specific spend types, such as petrol, dining, or groceries. If a significant portion of your budget goes to a particular spend type, you save a lot of money when you use a cashback credit card to pay for these purchases.

Many cards require a minimum spend before you can start earning rebates. Make sure that you aren't spending beyond your budget just to meet the minimum spend - this defeats the purpose of using a cashback card!

Remember that you only earn cash back when your account is in good standing. This means you need to pay your credit card bill in full and on time at the end of each billing cycle. Otherwise, you will not earn rebates, and you'll be paying interest on top of your balance.

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