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Credit Card FAQs

Every dollar spent on your air miles credit card earns you air miles. Different cards have different rates of conversion, but each transaction, small and big, counts. The more you charge, the faster you earn air miles.

Most air miles cards have partnerships that let you convert your spend into air miles. For instance, GrabRewards and Passion card let you convert your spending into KrisFlyer miles. So, increase the rate accumulation by spending with partners linked to your air miles credit card.
You can redeem your air miles with the airline or airline alliance linked to your air miles credit card rewards. Visit the website, key in your flight itinerary and the flight availability will be displayed. It will also show the air miles you have and the miles needed to redeem the flight of your choice. Once you book, the air miles will be automatically deducted from your air miles account. You can also use your miles to upgrade your seats. This is especially useful for longer flights when you would appreciate the comfort of a business class seat.

Do take note of some terms and conditions:
  • You can transfer miles to another person and vice versa. This lets you top up your miles if you are short without having to pay cash
  • You still need to pay for taxes; only the flights are free
  • Airlines only release a certain number of seats on each flight for air miles redemption. Be prepared with a few alternative dates just in case
  • There may be blackout periods during which you cannot redeem your air miles
  • On top of air tickets, you can redeem a variety of items depending on the benefits and tie ups offered by your air miles credit card rewards. Most air miles programmes allow you to redeem hotel stays, car rentals, spa and dining vouchers. KrisFlyer, for example, has a partnership with Shangri-La Golden Circle. KrisFlyer miles can, thus, be used to get free room nights, upgrades and meals at any partner hotel.

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