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Credit Card FAQs

Air miles cards are made with the frequent traveller in mind. These credit cards reward you with miles for every S$1 you spend locally and overseas. You don't have to spend on travel-related items or air tickets to earn miles; spending at restaurants, retail, or online shopping counts as long as you charge it to your air miles card. \ With enough miles saved up, you can redeem them for air tickets from the card's partner airlines, or use them to upgrade to business class for free.

Other credit cards go a step further by offering travel benefits such as discounted hotel rates, access to airport lounges, and a concierge to assist you when travelling. Some cards even offer thousands of miles as a welcome gift to get you started.

When you use a credit card designed for jetsetters, you can accumulate air miles with every spend. With enough points (or miles), you can enjoy a wide array of privileges like VIP lounge access, free upgrades to first or business class, and airline tickets to destinations of your choice.

For every S$1 you spend, you earn a set number of air miles. If the bank's conversion rate is 5 air miles for every S$2 you spend, then spending S$2,000 gives you 5,000 air miles. Just spend using your credit card to start accumulating miles.

When you've earned enough air miles, you can exchange them for privileges such as air tickets and travel accommodations. Each bank has its own procedure for redeeming points, and the number of miles accumulated does not always translate to the number of miles you can travel.

For example, DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card award you DBS points every time you spend with the card. Each point can be converted to two air miles. However, you'll need to sign up for a yearly membership with its miles conversion programme to redeem the miles you have accumulated. DBS Miles can be redeemed at KrisFlyer, Asia Miles and AirAsia.

Before packing your bags, pay attention to the redemption process of your bank to ensure that you have enough miles to cover your trip.

To use your air miles, you first have to join an air miles programme. Two of the most popular air miles programmes are KrisFlyer (by Singapore Airlines) and Asia Miles.

Both KrisFlyer and Asia Miles have a vast partner network that includes many full service carriers, so there?s a good chance you will be able to fly with your favourite carrier using your air miles. However, if you wish to use your air miles for budget flights, note that only KrisFlyer allows you to redeem Scoot and Tigerair vouchers using miles.

Travel cards only earn miles when you spend on eligible transactions. As such, the way to maximise your earn rate is with an air miles card that you?ll be using the most frequently.

A particular card may promise a high earn rate (for example, 2.8 miles per S$1), but only for certain types of transactions, or in selected foreign currencies. Another credit card may offer a lower earn rate (for example, 1.1 miles per S$1), but you can earn air miles across more transactions.

Depending on your spending habits, the card with the lower earn rate may end up giving you more miles, due to the higher usage. You can use our free comparison tool to help you find the air miles card that is best for you.

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