Best Travel Insurance For Pregnant Women in 2024

Travel with confidence using SingSaver’s guide to our top travel insurance for pregnancy-related coverages. For the expecting traveller, securing the right insurance is a crucial step in ensuring both your peace of mind and your baby's safety. Let SingSaver help you find the best travel insurance in Singapore.

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Why do pregnant women need travel insurance

Expectant travellers face challenges like health risks, safety concerns, and discomfort. While saving money on maternity costs is important, travel insurance is crucial as it provides pregnant women with some form of peace of mind by covering unforeseen medical costs and trip disruptions related to pregnancy. However, it’s best to check with your respective insurers and policy wordings on what kind of conditions and illnesses you’re covered for, as most insurers do not provide extensive coverage for pregnancies.

Health Coverage During Travel

Health Coverage during Travel

Pregnant women might face an increased risk of certain complications during travel, such as blood clots, dehydration, or exacerbation of pre-existing conditions. Having travel insurance guarantees access to proper healthcare facilities or specialists, particularly if complications arise during the trip. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your medical expenses, like doctor visits, hospitalisation, and treatments, can be claimed from your insurers up to the respective claim limits. 

Trip Protection

Trip Protection

Complications or unforeseen circumstances related to pregnancy might force a trip cancellation. Travel insurance can cover expenses for cancelled flights, accommodations, and other prepaid costs affected by pregnancy-related issues. Similarly, if a trip needs to be cut short due to pregnancy complications, insurance can help recoup expenses for the remaining portion of the trip that couldn’t be utilised.

Peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Pregnancy often brings about fatigue and exhaustion, and facing an unforeseen medical emergency during this time can significantly heighten stress levels. In these situations, having comprehensive travel insurance offers peace of mind by providing financial protection against unexpected pregnancy-related situations during your travel.


Travel Insurance for Pregnancy

Travel insurance with maternity coverage is a standard type of travel insurance plan that provides some form of coverage for expectant mothers during their trips. It ensures peace of mind for pregnant travellers, covering aspects such as emergency medical assistance and pregnancy-related illnesses. There are many options for cheap travel insurance plans. However, if you want more coverage, you can opt for international maternity travel insurance instead, which is a whole other policy altogether.

Plan Name

Buy Now
Allianz Travel Hero - Worldwide
Allianz Travel Hero - Worldwide

Sudden unforeseen medical complications or emergencies occurring within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy

S$1,000 (for all high-value items)
S$1,000 (for all high-value items)
MSIG Premier Plan
MSIG Premier Plan

Up to S$3,000 for pregnancy-related illness

Up to S$1,000,000
Up to S$15,000
Up to S$1,500
(S$250 / 6hrs)
Tiq Travel Luxury
Tiq Travel Luxury
Abnormal pregnancy or vial complications of pregnancy-related medical expenses.
Covered for pregnancy or childbirth related conditions.
Up to S$1,000,000
Up to S$10,000
Up to S$200
(S$100 / 6 hrs)
Singlife Travel Prestige
Singlife Travel Prestige
Up to S$8,000 emergency pregnancy-related medical expenses.
Covered for pregnancy or childbirth related conditions.
Unlimited Coverage
Up to S$20,000
Up to S$5,000 for any reason
Up to S$2,000
(S$100 / 6 hrs)
AIG Travel Guard® Direct - Supreme
AIG Travel Guard® Direct - Supreme

Up to S$8,000 for overseas treatment of pregnancy-related illness

Up to S$2,500,000
Up to S$15,000
Up to S$1,600
Starr TraveLead Gold Plan - Worldwide (Annual)
Starr TraveLead Gold Plan - Worldwide (Annual)


FWD First
FWD First


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Official Policies that might impact pregnant travellers

Policies regarding pregnant travellers can vary among airports, airlines, and immigration authorities. Here are some common policies:

Travel insurance

Check the coverage provided by the travel insurance plan regarding pregnancy-related complications or emergencies. Some travel insurance for pregnant ladies, like those offered by Allianz Global Assistance, cover unexpected pregnancy complications that require medical attention during a trip. So be sure to check the scope of coverage to ensure that any potential medical needs during travel are included in the insurance policy.

Destination restrictions

Some countries may have entry restrictions or specific health requirements for pregnant travellers, especially regarding certain infections or diseases prevalent in the region. For instance, during the Zika virus outbreak, several countries in South America, including Brazil and Colombia, imposed restrictions on pregnant travellers due to the increased risk of Zika-related birth defects. In such cases, it is recommended to research and consult official government websites or healthcare providers for information on travel advisories and health risks.

Immigration procedures

Some countries might have specific regulations regarding pregnant visitors, including restrictions on entry at certain stages of pregnancy or requirements for additional documents. For example, the United Arab Emirates requires pregnant women to provide a medical certificate confirming their fitness to travel after the 28th week of pregnancy. Pregnant travellers should be aware of the entry requirements of the destination country.

Airline policies

Similar to special immigration procedures for pregnant travellers, airlines often have specific regulations regarding pregnant passengers. They may require a doctor’s note stating the stage of pregnancy and confirming fitness for travel. Some airlines restrict travel after a certain gestational age, usually around 36 weeks for domestic flights and earlier for international travel. For instance, Qatar Airways restricts travel for pregnant women beyond the 36th week of pregnancy for international flights, with certain exceptions for medical cases.

Travel documentations

Ensure all necessary travel documents, including passports, visas (if applicable), and medical records, are readily available. It’s recommended to carry a copy of prenatal records and the contact information of the attending healthcare provider.

Security screening

Airport security measures, including metal detectors and body scanners, are generally considered safe for pregnant women. In most cases, pregnant travellers can safely pass through these security screenings without concerns about radiation exposure or other risks.

Flight boarding

Many airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, offer priority boarding for pregnant passengers to allow them extra time and assistance to settle in comfortably.


What is the recommended minimum travel insurance coverage that is sufficient for pregnancies

A good maternity travel insurance is just as necessary as standard pregnancy or prenatal insurance. It must cover childbirth emergencies, pregnancy-related issues, evacuation, pre-existing conditions, and provide comprehensive coverage without exclusions. For higher and better scope of coverage, you can also consider purchasing international maternity insurance for your travels.

Emergency medical expense coverage

Get insurance covering pregnancy-related emergency expenses like hospitalisation and treatments. If a pregnant traveller experiences sudden complications during her trip, such as severe morning sickness requiring hospitalisation, a comprehensive pregnancy travel insurance policy should be able to cover the costs of hospitalisation, medical treatments, and related expenses.

Evacuation & repatriation

Ensure coverage for emergency transport to suitable medical facilities or returning home if needed, especially if the travel destination is remote with limited medical facilities. In the event that a pregnant traveller encounters a serious pregnancy-related emergency, she can be safely transported to a suitable medical facility or, if necessary, repatriated back to her home country for specialised care.

Complication of pregnancy

A reliable travel insurance for a pregnancy should cover the medical expenses and treatments required to manage unexpected complications, such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, while abroad. It is best to check your policy to see if it covers such unexpected pregnancy-related issues.

Pre-existing conditions and pregnancy

Having coverage for complications arising from pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, ensures that the pregnant traveller can receive necessary medical attention and treatment if her condition worsens during travel.

Things to take note of when making a travel insurance claim

Check your policy for pregnancy-related coverage specifics. Your travel insurance policy should cover expenses related to unexpected complications during pregnancy, such as hospitalisation and medical treatments, to make sure you are well insured during your trip.

Ensure that you have adequate protection during your entire trip by verifying the duration of pregnancy that the policy covers for. Some travel insurance policies may provide coverage up to the 32nd week of pregnancy, while others extend coverage up to the 36th week.

Keep records from your doctor handy. If you experience a pregnancy-related emergency during your travels, having medical records that detail your prenatal care and any pre-existing conditions can help healthcare providers understand your condition and deliver the best possible care.

Learn which healthcare facilities are covered by your maternity travel insurance. This knowledge facilitates quicker access during emergencies. In the event that you require any medical attention while abroad, knowing that your insurance includes reputable hospitals or clinics near your accommodation also ensures easier access to quality healthcare services.

It is important to know that various airlines implement pregnancy restrictions, often requiring a medical certificate to confirm your fitness to fly after reaching a specific gestational age. Each airline's policy on travelling while pregnant can differ significantly and may be subject to change, so it is essential to stay updated by directly contacting your chosen airline before your trip to understand their most current policies regarding travel during pregnancy.


Tips for travelling when pregnant

Here are some essential tips to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip for pregnant travellers:
Consulting the Doctor

Consult your doctor

Before planning any travel, consult your healthcare provider to ensure it’s safe for you and your baby. Your doctor can provide specific advice based on your pregnancy's progress, potential risks, and necessary precautions to take during your journey.

Travel Calendar

Time your travels

The ideal time for pregnant women to travel is usually during the second trimester - weeks 14 to 27. During this period, the discomforts of morning sickness often lessen, and the increased discomfort of the later stages of pregnancy hasn't yet begun. This is often when you'll feel most comfortable and energetic.

Choosing Travel Destinations

Choose your destination wisely

Opt for places with good healthcare facilities, and ensure your destination is suitable for pregnant travellers. Consider factors such as safety, climate, and easy access to medical care if needed. Researching your destination's healthcare infrastructure is as important as packing your suitcase.

Staying Hydrated

Stay hydrated and eat often

Carry plenty of water and healthy snacks to keep yourself hydrated and maintain energy levels during the journey. Bring along some snacks like sour plums to cope with nausea if you’re prone to morning sickness too.

Airplane Aisle

Find a way to move around in the plane or car

Prolonged periods of sitting can increase the risk of blood clots during pregnancy. If you’re travelling by plane or car, make sure to take regular breaks to stretch and walk around. Wearing compression socks is also a good idea as they can aid in blood circulation and reduce discomfort.

Plane Seating

Select the right plane seating

If you are flying, choose an aisle seat for easier access to the restroom and to stretch your legs.

TI Pregnancy Support Page 6

Pack medications and medical records

Prepare a health kit for your trip. Include any medications prescribed by your doctor, and don't forget to carry your prenatal records. Having these documents on hand can be very helpful in case of a medical emergency or if you need to visit a doctor while away from home.

TI Pregnancy Support Page 7

Dress Comfortably

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes for optimal comfort.


Travel insurance policy limitations for pregnancies

Here are some common restrictions that travel insurance policies might have for pregnant individuals.

Period of coverage

Many policies have specific limits beyond which they might not cover any pregnancy-related complications. This limit can vary, but it often covers the 1st trimester and some even during the 2nd trimester.

Destination restrictions

There might be limited access to quality medical care for pregnancy-related issues in certain destinations.

Documentation requirements

Insurance companies often require medical records or doctor’s certificates confirming the pregnancy’s status and health to validate claims related to pregnancy.

Pre-existing conditions clause

If you’ve had complications in the past, coverage might be limited or excluded.

Types of coverage

Policies might differ in terms of coverage for pregnancy-related complications from the trip. Some might cover unexpected early deliveries, while others may not.

Multiple births

Coverage might also vary if you’re expecting twins or multiples, as complications might differ in such cases.


Travel insurance vs maternity insurance

Standard travel insurance covers general emergencies, including some forms of coverage for pregnant women (differs from insurer to insurer), while maternity travel insurance caters specifically to expectant mothers and their babies, offering financial support for complications, extended pregnancies, childbirth emergencies, congenital birth defects and more.
Travel Insurance
Maternity Insurance
General travel emergencies, including some pregnancy-related issues
Wider scope or pregnancy-related issues and costs, including pre and post-natal treatments, C-sections and normal deliveries, complications of pregnancy and childbirth, congenital birth defects and more.
Pregnancy Coverage
Limited or None
Enhanced coverage for complications, prenatal care, early labour, childbirth, etc.
Gestational Period
Typically up to 26-32 weeks

May cover pregnancies further along, usually from 13 to 36 weeks, up to 48 weeks

Childbirth Coverage
Limited or Excluded
Provisions for childbirth emergencies
Specialised Provisions
Standard terms for all travellers
Tailored provisions for expectant mothers' needs and concerns

Real User Reviews of MSIG Travel Insurance Plans

"The claim processing was fuss free and quick..."

What others are saying about MSIG Travel Insurance Plans


What others are saying about this card?


Rating Group - 5
Reviewed by Seedly User, Joyce Yeo

[Claims Process]

I fell on an uneven sidewalk on my last day overseas, fracturing my 3 front teeth and abrasions on my face and knees. Tolerated the terrible pain to catch the flight back to seek medical treatment on arrival at the airport. The claim processing was fuss free and quick, my sincere appreciation to Ms Angie Yee from Claims Service.

Rating Group - 5
Reviewed by Seedly User, Julia Wolfgang

Thanks to MSIG TravelEasy Premier plan as it also covers loss of wedding-related items which saved us during our wedding photoshoots and destination wedding. As yes we did manage to get our claims to save our pockets. Thank you for covering entertainment/sports tickets too!!! So we got this as we always love to plan to go to a festival or accompany my hubby to watch a major football match).

Rating Group - 5
Reviewed by Seedly User, Christina Shen
Easy to claim and received reply promptly within a week. Misplaced the policy document and was sent one prompt as well..


Real User Reviews of Tiq Travel Insurance Plans

"Great experience with their online customer service support..."

What others are saying about Allianz Travel Insurance Plans


What others are saying about this card?


Rating Group - 5
Reviewed by Seedly User, Tangles

Been my go to plans in last 3 years as it offers better value compared to 5 other insurers reviewed. Great experience with their online customer service support that offered live agent to answer questions which was the main reason for completing the sales on the spot. Highly recommended.

Rating Group - 5
Reviewed by Seedly User, Amanda Chua

[Purchase Process] Easy to purchase, and love the after service with reminder SMSes on the flight details and welcome home messages post-travel. Definitely will repurchase with Etiqa again.

Rating Group - 5
Reviewed by Seedly User, Loreen Teo

One of the easiest to purchase a travel insurance. And the cheapest too. Customer service is efficient and helpful when we had to make a claim. Thank you.

Real User Reviews of Singlife Travel Insurance Plans

"When we have outpatient medical claims e.g. kids fall ill...Aviva is always quite prompt..."

What others are saying about Singlife Travel Insurance Plans


What others are saying about this card?


Rating Group - 5
Reviewed by Seedly User, Rachel

[Customer Service]
Claims executive that handled my case was professional and efficient. 
[Claims Process]
It was a pleasant experience having my claim processed.

Reviewed by Seedly User, Elson Chua

Have been buying Aviva Prestige Travel Plans for my family holiday trips for the past 5 years. When we have outpatient medical claims eg kids fall ill after the trip, Aviva is always quite prompt when all documentation proof are provided

Rating Group - 5
Reviewed by Seedly User, Da Ben

Claiming is easy and fast. They transfer the claims directly via PayNow which is convenient and faster than sending Cheques and having to bank them in.


Real User Reviews of AIG Travel Insurance Plans

"Claiming medical fee from AIG was easy and fast."

What others are saying about AIG Travel Insurance Plans


What others are saying about this card?


Rating Group - 5
Reviewed by Seedly User, Bryan Lee

[Claims Process] Easy claims process, I was able to get my claim (lost baggage) without any problems

Rating Group - 5
Reviewed by Seedly User, Suki Tan

Best travel insurance ever I’ve purchased. Just claimed for my baggage delay’s compensation within a week.

Reviewed by Seedly User, Aeron Chew

Buying a policy is buying a contract! AIG may sell one of the most expensive but in between the policy year, they don't add in new terms. Fastest claim among the rest and can get paid within 7 working days

Understanding Citibank ThankYou Rewards Points

How Do I Earn Citi ThankYou Rewards Points_

How Do I Earn Citi ThankYou Rewards and Miles Points?

To earn Citi Rewards and Miles points in Singapore, you can use a Citi credit card that is part of the Citi Rewards/Miles programme. You can earn points by making purchases with the card, and the number of points earned will depend on the type of card and the type of purchase.

Some Citibank credit cards in Singapore that allow you to earn Citi Rewards Points include the Citi Lazada Credit Card, the Citi Prestige Credit Card, and the Citi Rewards Card. You can only earn Citi Miles Points with the Citi PremierMiles Credit Card.

You can also earn Citi Rewards Points if you are enrolled to other Citi products and services, such as a Citibank checking account. Additionally, you can earn points by shopping at participating merchants or online retailers.

Redeeming Citi ThankYou Rewards Points or Citi Miles Points for Miles

How do I redeem Citi ThankYou rewards points

If you're a Citibank credit cardholder in Singapore, you can transfer your Citi Rewards Points or Citi Miles to your preferred frequent flyer account.

To transfer your Citi Rewards Points or Miles, log in to the Citi ThankYou Rewards website, and browse the Citi points transfer catalogue. Once you have selected your desired travel loyalty programme, you can select the number of Citi Rewards or Miles you want to transfer.

You may also redeem your Citi Rewards and Miles points for miles through the Citi mobile app.

Do note that 25,000 Rewards Points/10,000 Citi Miles = 10,000 Miles and an administrative fee of S$27 (inclusive of GST) will be charged for each points transfer.

Redeeming Citi ThankYou Rewards Points or Citi Miles Points for Cash Rebates

How do i redeem citi thank you rewards points for cash

As a Citibank credit cardholder in Singapore, you can redeem cash rebates through the Citibank online banking portal, mobile app or via SMS.

To redeem your cash rebates, log in to your Citibank online banking account or the Citibank mobile app and navigate to the rewards dashboard. Once there, you will be able to see your available points balance, and you can choose to redeem it as a statement credit to your Citi Card account.

If you wish to redeem your cashback rebate via SMS with Rewards Points, type “RWDS<space> Last 4 digits of your card number<space><CASH10 or CASH20 or CASH50>” as an SMS and send it to 72484.

To redeem your cashback rebate via SMS with Citi Miles, type “RWDS<space> Last 4 digits of your card number<space><PMCASH10 or PMCASH20 or PMCASH50>” as an SMS and send it to 72484.

You may also redeem your Citi Rewards Points and Citi Miles for cash rebates through the Citi mobile app.

Do note that 4,400 Reward Points/1,650 Citi Miles = S$10 cash rebate

Redeeming Citi ThankYou Rewards Points for Products or Vouchers

How do i redeem citi thank you rewards points for vouchers

To redeem Citi Rewards Points for products or vouchers, you will need to log in to the Citi ThankYou Rewards website or the Citi mobile app.

Once logged in, you will be able to view the available redemption options, which may include electronics, bags and luggages, and gift vouchers. Select the option you wish to redeem your points for and follow the prompts to complete the redemption process.

The number of points required for a specific redemption option may vary.

Managing Your Citibank Credit Card

Citibank Credit Card Interest Rates and Late Payment Charge

Citibank credit card interest rates in Singapore vary depending on the type of card and the individual's creditworthiness. However, in general, the interest rate for Citibank credit cards in Singapore is *26.9% per annum.

This rate may be subject to change, and it is important to check with Citibank for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, some Citibank credit card promotions may offer a lower interest rate for a limited time.

Do note that a S$100 late payment charge will be levied if the Minimum Payment Due is not received on or before the Payment Due Date.

*information obtained from Citibank Singapore

Learn About Citibank's 0% Instalment Plan for Credit Cards

Citibank in Singapore offers a 0% instalment plan for its credit cardholders, which allows them to make large purchases and pay for them over time without incurring interest charges. 

The plan typically allows customers to divide the cost of a purchase over a period of time of their choosing, usually 6, 12 or 24 months. This feature can be useful for making big-ticket purchases, such as electronics or furniture, more affordable. 

It's important to note that there might be some restrictions in the items that are eligible for 0% instalment plan and the customers should check with Citibank for the most current information and the terms and conditions that apply to the plan.

How do i replace a lost or stolen citibank credit card

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Citibank Credit Card

If you need to replace a lost or stolen Citibank credit card in Singapore, you can do so by contacting the bank's customer service department. They will be able to cancel your current card and issue a new one. 

Depending on the type of card you have, you may also be able to request a replacement card through the Citibank online banking portal or mobile app. In some cases, the bank may require additional verification before issuing a replacement card. 

To ensure that you can continue using your credit card without interruption, it's important to report a lost or stolen card as soon as possible.

How can i get immediate assistance with citibank credit card hotline

Get Immediate Assistance with the Citibank Credit Card Hotline

The Citibank Credit Card Hotline in Singapore is a customer service hotline that is dedicated to providing assistance to Citibank credit card holders in Singapore. 

The hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be reached by dialing the number +65 6225 5225. 

The customer service representatives on the hotline can assist with a wide range of issues related to Citibank credit cards, including account inquiries, balance transfers, and credit limit increases. 

They can also help with reporting lost or stolen credit cards, and providing information about Citibank's various credit card promotions and offers. 

Overall, the Citibank Credit Card Hotline in Singapore is a convenient way to get help with any issues related to your Citibank credit card.

Experience Convenience and Security with Citi Online Banking

Citi online banking security

Citibank Singapore, a subsidiary of Citigroup, one of the largest financial services companies in the world, offers Online Banking services to all its customers.

With Citi Online Banking, customers in Singapore can access a wide range of banking services, including account management, fund transfers, bill payments, and investment services, all from the convenience of their computer or mobile device. 

The platform is designed to be secure and user-friendly, with features such as two-factor authentication and real-time notifications to help customers stay on top of their finances. 

Whether you're looking to manage your day-to-day banking or make bigger financial moves, Citi Online Banking is a convenient and reliable choice.

Complete Transfers and Payments Easily with Citibank PayNow

Make transfers and payments easily with citibank paynow

Citibank PayNow is a feature available to Citibank customers in Singapore that allows them to make payments and transfer money to other individuals or businesses using their mobile number or Singapore NRIC/FIN number. This feature allows for transactions without the need for the recipient's bank account details. 

To use Citibank PayNow, customers need to link their mobile number or NRIC/FIN number to their Citibank account through the Citibank online banking portal or mobile app. Once linked, customers can make payments or transfer money to other PayNow registered users in real-time. 

Additionally, Citibank PayNow also allows customers to make recurring payments, such as bills, using this service. Citibank PayNow is a convenient and secure way to make transactions in Singapore.

Take Advantage of Credit Card Promotions with Citibank

Take Advantage of Credit Card Promotions with Citibank

Citibank credit card promotions in Singapore can vary depending on the time of year and the specific card.

Some common promotions include cashback offers, bonus miles, and cash vouchers.

For example, Citibank credit cardholders may be able to earn additional cashback on purchases made at certain retailers or receive discounts on hotel bookings. It is important to check with Citibank for the most current promotions available as they may change frequently.

Additionally, you can also check the Citibank's official website or the Citibank app for latest promotions.


We work with the best travel insurance providers



Get the best travel insurance for pregnant women today!

Securing the best travel insurance for your baby is always a given, but what about the expecting mum? Often, the excitement of planning a holiday can overshadow the need for a comprehensive policy tailored to the unique needs of pregnancy. Unforeseen emergencies don't take a break, and the last thing any expectant mother wants is to find herself unprepared and anxious, particularly during what should be a relaxing getaway.

The right travel insurance brings more than just financial safeguards; it brings peace of mind. It’s about knowing that, should any pregnancy-related issues arise while you're away from home, you have a safety net. This isn't just about dealing with potential health concerns but also about managing the added stress that can come with pregnancy.

Embark on your travels with the best policies for all travellers, such as family travel insurance plans and travel insurance for different age groups.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maternity Travel Insurance

Travelling at 35 weeks pregnant can be risky. Most airlines restrict travel after the 36th week due to potential complications. Always consult a healthcare provider before making any travel plans during pregnancy, especially in the later stages.

While you're not legally required to inform the airline about your pregnancy, doing so is highly recommended for your own safety and comfort. Alerting the airline allows them to provide you with the necessary assistance and ensures that you are fully aware of any specific policies or restrictions they might have for pregnant passengers. This can also facilitate smoother check-ins and boarding processes and ensure that any special accommodations if needed, are arranged in advance.

If you give birth unexpectedly while on holiday, the circumstances can vary based on your maternity travel insurance coverage. It’s crucial to contact your insurance provider to find out your coverage. If you give birth unexpectedly, immediately seek local medical help to ensure both the mother and the baby receive proper care. Additionally, consider contacting your country’s embassy or consulate for guidance and support in such a situation.

Typically, travel insurance isn’t available once you’re over 24 weeks pregnant. Insurers often consider it high-risk at that stage and might not provide coverage. It’s essential to explore specialised plans or contact insurers directly for any available options, but it’s generally challenging to obtain travel insurance past the 24-week mark.

When it comes to travelling during pregnancy, it’s generally advised to avoid travel from the 37th week onwards. However, every pregnancy is unique, so it’s crucial to consult your doctor for personalised advice. After all, your comfort and safety should always take priority.

Most general travel insurance policies don’t typically cover pregnancy-related issues as standard. However, there are many travel insurance policies with maternity coverage so it’s best to check the fine print or opt for maternity travel insurance specifically tailored for expectant mothers. This ensures you’re covered for those unique situations that can arise during travel.

Choosing the best travel insurance for pregnancy coverage boils down to checking the details. Look for policies that cover pregnancy-specific needs and offer flexibility. Don't just skim the surface – delve into the terms and make sure it fits your travel plans, health condition and pregnancy stage.