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Coverage Type
Family refers to at most 2 parents (insured person and legal spouse) and children below 18 years of age. Refer to insurer's brochure for specific definition of Family.

Starr TraveLead Essential with COVID-19 Coverage (Bronze Plan)

SingSaver's Exclusive Offer
Cancellation coverage

Medical Coverage (Overseas)

Bags & Belongings Coverage


S$ 8.58 (S$2.86/day)

45% offOriginal Price S$ 15.60

Starr TraveLead Valuable Secured with COVID-19 Coverage (Bronze Plan)

SingSaver's Exclusive Offer
Cancellation coverage

Medical Coverage (Overseas)

Bags & Belongings Coverage


S$ 10.56 (S$3.52/day)

45% offOriginal Price S$ 19.20

Starr TraveLead Trip Secured with COVID-19 Coverage (Bronze Plan)

SingSaver's Exclusive Offer
Cancellation coverage

Medical Coverage (Overseas)

Bags & Belongings Coverage


S$ 15.18 (S$5.06/day)

45% offOriginal Price S$ 27.60

Starr TraveLead Comprehensive with COVID-19 Coverage (Bronze Plan)

SingSaver's Exclusive Offer
Cancellation coverage

Medical Coverage (Overseas)

Bags & Belongings Coverage


S$ 15.84 (S$5.28/day)

45% offOriginal Price S$ 28.80

Review of Starr Travel Insurance

Starr Travel Insurance is a travel insurance product offered by Starr Insurance, a global insurance company. Starr Travel Insurance is designed to provide coverage and assistance for a wide range of travel-related risks, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations or interruptions, and lost or stolen luggage.

Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance offers a variety of policy options, including single-trip and annual plans, as well as coverage for individuals, families, and groups. You can choose from a range of benefits and coverage options, such as trip cancellation and interruption coverage, loss or damage of baggage and personal effects, and coverage for adventure sports. They also provide comprehensive COVID-19 related coverages.

Types of Coverage Provided by Starr Travel Insurance

Medical Benefits

Starr Travel Insurance offers a wide range of medical benefits specifically designed to provide travelers with peace of mind while they are away from home. These benefits include accidental death or permanent disablement coverage, medical expenses incurred overseas and in Singapore, and emergency evacuation and repatriation. In case of an accidental death or permanent disability, you will be compensated with a lump sum payment. The medical expenses coverage reimburses you for necessary medical expenses incurred during your trip, such as hospitalization, outpatient treatment, and prescription medication. You may also be reimbursed for your medical expenses incurred in Singapore if the injury or illness was incurred overseas.

The overseas hospital cash benefits provides a daily allowance to the insured if they are hospitalized in a foreign land due to an illness or injury. Lastly, the repatriation coverage covers the cost of returning the insured to their home country for further treatment if deemed medically necessary. With these comprehensive medical benefits, you can rest assured that you are covered for unexpected medical expenses, ensuring you can focus on enjoying your trip without any worries.

Trip Inconvenience Benefits

Starr Travel Insurance offers Trip Inconvenience benefits that include coverage for travel delay, trip cancellation, trip curtailment, travel postponement, travel miscommunications, flight overbooking, flight diversions, and the insolvency of travel agents. These benefits are designed to provide you with protection against a range of unexpected events that may impact your travel plans.

The travel delay coverage compensates you with a fixed cash benefit due to delayed departures, while the trip cancellation and curtailment coverage will reimburse you for non-refundable expenses if the trip is involuntarily cancelled or shortened. Furthermore, coverage against overbooked flights and flight misconnections provide compensation in the form of an allowance due to flight disruptions. You can also travel with peace of mind with coverage against the insolvency of travel agent which reimburses irrecoverable expenses incurred from travel agent bankruptcy or insolvency.

Personal Baggage & Belongings Benefits

Starr Travel Insurance's personal baggage benefits include coverage for various scenarios that may concern your baggage and personal liability while travelling. In the event of loss or damage to personal belongings, Starr Travel Insurance will provide reimbursement for the cost of repairing or replacing lost or damaged items. This coverage also provides compensation for baggage delay in the form of a cash benefit.

The personal liability coverage provides financial protection in the event of damage of property or injury caused to a third party during your travels. By opting in for the baggage coverage, the insured is also covered for rental vehicle excess, which provides reimbursement for the excess on any rental vehicle insurance claim made during the trip.

Finally, Starr Travel Insurance also covers the loss of home contents due to burglary by providing compensation for the loss of personal belongings. With these benefits, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that you are protected against unforeseen events that may impact your belongings or personal liability while you are on the go.

Optional Add-On Coverages

Starr Travel Insurance offers several add-on coverage options that can be included as optional add-on coverage to your travel insurance policy. These additional coverages are designed to provide extra protection and peace of mind to travelers who may engage in specific activities during their trip.

Golf Protection

One of these add-on coverages is Golf Protection. This coverage provides protection for golf equipment, as well as coverage for any prepaid green fees or golf lessons that may need to be canceled due to covered reasons. This coverage may reimburse the cost of hiring golf equipment in the event where the insured's own golfing equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged during the trip.

Cruise Vacation

Another add-on coverage offered by Starr Travel Insurance is Cruise Vacation coverage. This coverage is specifically designed for travelers taking a cruise and includes benefits such as trip interruption, cruise cancellation, and satellite phone expenses. It also includes coverage for any prepaid excursion tours that may need to be canceled due to covered reasons.

Scuba Diving

For travelers who plan on scuba diving during their trip, Starr Travel Insurance offers optional Scuba Diving add-on coverage. This coverage includes benefits such as reimbursement for hiring diving equipment rental costs due to damage or loss of personal diving equipment, as well as coverage for irrecoverable dive tour costs in the event a doctor deems the insured unfit to dive due to illness or injury.

Snow Sports

Finally, Starr Travel Insurance offers Snow Sports coverage for travelers who plan on participating in winter sports activities such as skiing or snowboarding. This coverage includes benefits such as reimbursement for hiring snow sport equipment rental costs due to damage or loss of personal snow sport equipment. It also providers coverage for missing one's booking due to illness or injury, piste closure, and loss or damage of owned ski equipment.

Best Starr Travel Insurance Plans Comparison

PlanSummary of Benefits
Gold- Overseas medical expenses: up to S$1 million (COVID-19 sub-limit: S$65,000)
- Overseas hospital cash: S$200/day and S$5,000/trip
- Accidental death and disablement: up to S$500,000
- Compassionate cash due to accidental death: S$5,000
- Personal liability: S$1 million
- Trip cancellation or curtailment: S$15,000 (COVID-19 sub-limit: S$500)
- Travel delay, misconnection, flight overbooked or diversion: S$100/6 hours, up to S$800
- Loss of or damage to personal baggage: S$7,500
- Personal baggage delay: S$100/6 hours, up to S$1,200
- Insolvency of travel agency: S$5,000
- Unused entertainment ticket: S$500
Silver- Overseas medical expenses: up to S$500,000 (COVID-19 sub-limit: S$30,000)
- Overseas hospital cash: S$200/day and S$10,000/trip
- Accidental death and disablement: up to S$300,000<
- Compassionate cash due to accidental death: S$3,000
- Personal liability: S$800,000
- Trip cancellation or curtailment: S$10,000 (COVID-19 sub-limit: S$250)
- Travel delay, misconnection, flight overbooked or diversion: S$100/6 hours, up to S$600
- Loss of or damage to personal baggage: S$5,000
- Personal baggage delay: S$100/6 hours, up to S$800
- Insolvency of travel agency: S$3,000
- Unused entertainment ticket: S$300
Bronze- Overseas medical expenses: up to S$200,000 (COVID-19 sub-limit: S$15,000)
- Overseas hospital cash: S$200/day and S$5,000/trip
- Accidental death and disablement: up to S$150,000
- Compassionate cash due to accidental death: S$2,000
- Personal liability: S$500,000
- Trip cancellation or curtailment: S$5,000 (COVID-19 sub-limit: not covered)
- Travel delay, misconnection, flight overbooked or diversion: S$100/6 hours, up to S$500
- Loss of or damage to personal baggage: S$3,000
- Personal baggage delay: S$100/6 hours, up to S$400
- Insolvency of travel agency: S$2,000
- Unused entertainment ticket: S$100
Optional Riders- Golf protection: golf baggage, hired golf equipment, loss of green fees
- Snow sports: missed booking, ski and equipment, piste closure
- Scuba diving: dive tour, equipment hire
- Cruise: additional trip cancellation and interruption, excursion tour cancellation, satellite phone fee

Highlights of Starr TravelLead Insurance Plan

COVID-19 Extension: Trip Inconveniences & Overseas Medical Expenses

Starr Travel Insurance offers a COVID-19 extension of benefits to trip curtailment, cancellation, and overseas medical expenses, providing peace of mind to travelers during the ongoing pandemic. This extension covers COVID-19 related medical expenses incurred overseas, including hospitalization, outpatient treatment, and emergency medical evacuation. Additionally, Starr Travel Insurance will also reimburse expenses related to trip cancellation and curtailment due to COVID-19. Do note that Starr Travel Insurance will not cover losses for travel postponement caused by COVID-19.

Flexible Coverage for Every Budget and Needs

Starr Travel Insurance offers flexible coverage to cater to your unique needs and budget. This includes the option to choose from various plans with different levels of coverage from their Bronze to Gold plans, allowing you to select a plan that meets your specific needs and budget. Additionally, you also have the option to choose add-on additional coverage to your policy, such as scuba diving and snow sports coverage.

Extensive Medical Coverage

One of the notable highlights of Starr Travel Insurance is its extensive medical coverage. This coverage includes hospitalization and medical expenses up to S$1,000,000, including both in and outpatient treatments, as well as unlimited emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. Furthermore, there are no sublimits or restrictions for outpatient treatments, providing comprehensive coverage for medical expenses. Starr Travel Insurance even provides coverage for physiotherapy and chinese medicine of up to S$600 for your treatments.

24 Hours Global Emergency Assistance Services

Starr Travel Insurance provides 24-hour global emergency assistance services. This service can assist you round-the-clock in the unfortunate event you require assistance for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, hospital admission, and more. Additionally, the assistance team can provide support with lost or stolen travel documents, other travel-related emergencies, and business concierge services.

Convenient Cashless Claims with PayNow

Starr Travel Insurance offers convenient cashless claims with PayNow. Through PayNow, you can also receive your claims payout directly to your bank account, providing a hassle-free claims experience.

Major and Notable Exclusions

Starr Travel Insurance has certain exclusions that you should be aware of before purchasing the policy. Here are some notable exclusions you should take note of.

Firstly, any medical expenses incurred due to a pre-existing medical condition will not be covered by the policy. This means that if the policyholder has a medical condition that existed before purchasing the insurance, they will not be covered for any medical expenses related to that condition. Secondly, the policy does not cover any expenses incurred due to war or any acts of terrorism. Thirdly, pregnancy and childbirth are also excluded from coverage. If you are pregnant and requires medical attention during their trip or gives birth while traveling, the policy will not cover any related expenses.

Trip Type Offered: Single and Annual Multi-Trip Plans

Single Trip

The single trip policy is ideal for travelers who are taking a one-time trip and looking for coverage for the duration of the trip. The policy can be purchased through SingSaver for exclusive deals. Travelers can select the coverage that best suits their needs. The premium for the policy is based on the duration of the trip and the level of coverage selected.

Annual Multi-Trip

The annual trip policy is designed for travelers who take multiple trips throughout the year. This policy provides coverage for an unlimited number of trips over the course of the year, each trip up to 90 days. As with the single trip policy, it is important to note that the policy has certain exclusions, such as pre-existing medical conditions, war, pregnancy, childbirth, and professional sports. The premium for the policy is based on the level of coverage selected and which region selected for coverage.

Making a Claim With Starr Travel Insurance

Submit Your Claims Within 30 Days

Notify Starr Travel Insurance as soon as possible of any event that you want to claim for but not more than 30 days after the incident or 15 days for accidental death claims. Failure to submit a claim within this period may result in the claim being denied. You may submit a claim through their eClaims online claims platform or through email.

Prepare All Necessary Documents

To make a claim, provide all necessary documents to support your claim. These may include your travel itinerary, receipts for any expenses incurred, medical reports or bills, and police reports if applicable. Make sure you have all the necessary documents before you submit your claim.

Receive Claims Acknowledgement

Submit your claims form and the necessary supporting document through Starr's eClaim service online or through email. If you are emailing them your claims, you may email the completed claims form and supporting documents to You will receive an acknowledgement email upon their receipt of your claims submission. Starr Travel Insurance's claim department will process your claims once you have submitted all the necessary documents.

Receive Claims Reimbursement

Once your claim has been approved, Starr Travel Insurance will reimburse you for the expenses covered under your policy through PayNow.


Can I cancel my Starr Travel Insurance policy and receive a refund?

Single-trip policies are noncancellable. For annual multi-trip policies, customers may get a partial refund upon cancellation. For further clarification on the refund policy, it would be best to contact Starr's customer service directly.

What happens if my trip is cancelled or delayed due to unforeseen circumstances?

If a trip is cancelled or delayed due to unforeseen insured circumstances, Starr Travel Insurance will be able to provide coverage for expenses, such as trip cancellation or interruption, emergency medical expenses and compensation for delays.

Are there any age restrictions for Starr Travel Insurance?

Starr Travel Insurance does not have a maximum age limit for coverage for single trip policies. However, for annual trip travel insurance policies, the enrollment age is up to 70 years old and renewable up to 75 years old.

Can I purchase Starr Travel Insurance for a group or family trip?

Yes, Starr Travel Insurance offers coverage for both group and family travel. This option allows customers to purchase a single policy to cover multiple people travelling together. Families consisting of adult children should get the group plan as they would not be eligible for the family plan.

Does Starr Travel Insurance cover lost or stolen luggage?

Yes, Starr Travel Insurance provides coverage for lost or stolen luggage. Depending on your plan, you can receive up to S$7,500 reimbursement for the loss or damage of your personal baggage and belongings.

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