Standard Chartered Simply Cash Card Review: Fuss-Free Cashback Card

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 11 January, 2023

The Standard Chartered Simply Cash Cashback Card is a no-brainer when it comes to calculating your cashback per month.


With adulting comes a great many things to keep track of in our lives: the office to-do for the week, where your credit card expenditures are going, and the date your Spotify free trial ends so you can pre-empt the auto-renewal. But since we’re talking about credit cards and spending here, you could at least scratch off two things to keep tabs on when you become a Standard Chartered Simply Cash Cashback Card member: minimum spend and cashback rewards.

As the name suggests, the amount of cashback you could score for your credit card spend has no limits, and the bothersome tracking of category spending can finally be a thing of the past. Almost all spend qualifies for 1.5% cashback. Secondly, no minimum spend is required per month to qualify for cashback.

And the best part? You can receive instant digital credit card approval and issuance if you apply via MyInfo! Start shopping right away after you add the card to your Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay wallets.


What can the Standard Chartered Simply Cash Cashback Credit Card do for you?

Most cashback cards grant additional cashback for specific categories such as grocery, dining, petrol, online shopping, travel and more.

Standard Chartered Simply Cash Card product summary: 

  • Earn 1.5% cashback on all spends
  • No cashback cap 
  • No minimum spend required to start earning cashback 
  • Income requirement: $30,000 (Singaporeans/PR), $60,000 (Foreigners)
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Annual fee: S$194.40 (first two years fee waiver)
Pros Cons
1.5% cashback for all spend, no min. spend and no cashback cap Cannot be used for EZ-Reload
Enjoy an accelerated cashback rate of 3% when you deposit funds in your Unlimited$aver account Does not come with EZ-Link facility 
Get cashback on IRAS, Education, Insurance & Rental payment with SC EasyBill  
Enjoy offers and privileges for online, dining, retail and more with The Good Life®  
2 year annual fee waiver  

Why should you choose the Standard Chartered Simply Cash Cashback Credit Card?


#1 Get rewarded with cashback across all categories  

Most cashback cards grant additional cashback for specific categories such as grocery, dining, petrol, online shopping, travel and more.

The Standard Chartered Simply Cash is a fuss-free card that rewards you with 1.5% cashback on all your spending, regardless of category. This makes it a great go-to card to have in your wallet, especially if you do not have a specific category where you tend to spend more money on.

#2 No minimum spend and no cap

Some credit cards require you to spend a minimum of S$600, S$800 or more before you earn the accelerated cashback rate. However, with Standard Chartered Simply Cash, you earn 1.5% cashback regardless of your total spending that month.

There is also no limit to the amount of cashback that you can earn, making it a suitable card to use if you have a big-ticket purchase coming up, such as home furniture shopping, a wedding banquet or even designer presents you’ve been meaning to purchase.

In case you were wondering, your cashback earned will be automatically used to offset the following statement cycle month’s billed amount without having you lift a finger. Your earned cashback for a particular statement month will be reflected in that month’s card statement, but credited to your card account only in the following statement cycle month. 

#3 Two-year annual fee waiver

Unlike other no-cap cashback cards which come with a first-year fee waiver, the Standard Chartered Simply Cash Cashback Credit Card offers an automatic 2-year annual fee waiver. Thereafter, the standard S$194.40 (with 8% GST) annual fee applies.

#4  Earn extra cashback

While a 1.5% flat rate cashback on literally everything you purchase sounds good, you can also look forward to earning cashback on your IRAS, Education, Insurance & Rental payments with SC EasyBill. This credit card lets you receive 1% cashback on your approved Funds Transfer Amount as well.

And you can enjoy an accelerated cashback rate of up to 3% when you deposit funds in your Unlimited$aver account, a savings account that’s linked to your Simply Cash Cashback Credit Card. However, take note the bonus cashback is capped at S$100 per month.

#5 Other perks

Cardmembers can enjoy exciting card offers and privileges at over 3,000 outlets in Asia with The Good Life®. These include anything and everything from dining offers to shopping, travel, and lifestyle benefits. From 1-for-1 main courses to bonus cashback and discounts, there's definitely something in the catalogue that'll tickle your fancy.

With EasyPay, you can turn your retail transactions above S$500 into 6 or 12 months interest-free instalments with a one-time service fee.


Still undecided? Compare all the best cashback credits cards in Singapore on SingSaver.

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