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Best OCBC Credit Cards In Singapore (2024)

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 15 January, 2024

Every spending situation is unique. SingSaver assembles the 'Best For' list, so you can decide what’s best for you.

The OCBC 365 Card may be the most distinguishable OCBC credit card, but OCBC has other excellent credit cards in its arsenal too.

When you think about the best OCBC credit cards, the OCBC 365 credit card is probably the first to come to mind.

But from the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card to the OCBC FRANK Card, OCBC has some of the best credit card line-ups that give other banks a run for their money.

Sweetening the deal is the fact that users of OCBC credit cards can access a variety of dining discounts, staycation deals and utility offers, along with complimentary features, including online fraud protection and interest-free instalment plans. 

Table of contents

Overview: Best OCBC credit cards in Singapore

Best OCBC Credit Cards in Singapore
Credit card
Best for
Annual fees
Cashback on day-to-day expenses
- 5% cashback on dining and food delivery
- 6% cashback on fuel at all petrol service stations
- 3% cashback on groceries, transport, utilities, streaming, drugstore, electric vehicle charging
- Monthly cashback capped at S$80/S$160 per month 
S$196.20 (First two years waived)
First-time miles chasers
- 1.3 and 2.1 miles per dollar spent on local and overseas spend, respectively  
- Miles never expire
S$196.20 (First year waived)
Luxury travel
- 1.6 mpd on local spend
- 2.2 mpd on foreign spend
- Unlimited airport lounge access
- Complimentary S$1.5 million travel insurance
Best for Gen-Zs and millennials
- 8% cashback on foreign currency transactions and online/contactless mobile transactions in SGD
- Extra 2% cashback at selected green merchants
- 0.3% cashback on other eligible transactions
- Cashback capped at S$100 per month, S$25 per category
S$196.20 (First two years waived)
- Bonus 15 OCBC$ per S$1 spend (6 mpd) on selected retailers per quarter
- Bonus 10 OCBC$ per S$1 spend (4 mpd) on eligible shopping, both online and in-person
- 1 OCBC$ per S$1 spend (0.4 mpd) on all other spend 
- 2% cash rebate at BEST Denki
- Exchange OCBC$ for cash rebates, air miles, vouchers, products or experiences
- Bonus OCBC$ capped at 10,000 OCBC$ per month (up to 120,000 bonus OCBC$ per year)
S$196.20 (First two years waived)
Family time
- 5 OCBC$ per S$5 spend on eligible transactions 
- Discounts and deals on travel, dining, health, wellness, and recreational activities for family
S$162 (First two years waived)

Best for cashback: OCBC 365 Card


OCBC 365 is a perennial favourite among cashback-ers, especially those who spend considerable time (and cash) dining out.

The card offers 5% cashback for all local and overseas dining, on top of the bank’s in-house dining deals you’d get just by being a cardmember. Also, #ICYMI, the 5% applies even for online food deliveries, which most other credit cards consider an exclusion in the dining category.  

On the whole, OCBC 365 covers a wide range of daily spending categories.

If you’re a car owner, you enjoy 6% cashback on petrol, and up to 22.92% in fuel savings at Caltex and up to 21.04% cashback at Esso.

Further down the cashback tier is 3% on groceries, ride-hailing services, streaming services, drugstore purchases, electric vehicle charging and utilities.

Even though it may lag behind some of its peers like the Maybank Family & Friends Card, UOB One Card, DBS Woman's World Card, DBS Live Fresh Card, and UOB EVOL Card, it is ranked as one of the best credit cards to pay your utility bills

If you find yourself easily hitting four digits in monthly credit card spending, the minimum qualifying spend of S$800 per month is a breeze to clear – although we have to say it is slightly higher than the S$600 mark the likes of UOB EVOL and DBS Live Fresh share. 

But the good thing is that categories do not restrict the monthly cashback cap. 

Hitting the minimum S$800 minimum spend will see you earn S$80 cashback cap but if you are a big spender, hitting a S$1,600 minimum spend will unlock up to S$160 cashback!

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Best for first-time miles chasers: OCBC 90°N Visa and Mastercard


First-time miles chasers, whether you’re a new or existing OCBC customer, the OCBC 90°N will do no wrong for your travel wants and needs.

The main sell of this card has got to be the expiry-free and flexible nature of 90°N Miles gained as you spend.

At 1.3 mpd and 2.1 mpd earn rate for local and overseas spending respectively, you’re free to redeem your 90°N Mile whenever you feel like, or convert them into miles at zero fee.

If there’s no need for miles, you have the option to convert into cash rebates to offset your credit card bill. 

As of now, every 1,000 90°N Mile earned is equivalent to S$10. You’re not subject to any minimum spends or cap – another great plus point. 

The first-year annual fee of S$196.20 is waived for you, and from the second year onwards, you stand to get 10,000 miles when you pay the annual fee.

If you regularly book accommodation with Agoda, that will earn you one of the highest bonus rates on the market, at 7 mpd. 

First-time miles chasers should get a pleasant welcome with the MasterCard Airport Experiences, which unlocks lounge accesses and offers at spas, dining and retail.

If anything, wouldn’t some last-ditch pampering be the perfect way to book a trip?

Best for shopping: OCBC Rewards Card


Since revamping completely from the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card, the OCBC Rewards Card now stands a chance at re-clinching its title as one of the best shopping cards out there.

[New!] Now, you can earn as much as 15 OCBC$ per S$1 or 6 miles per S$1 spend (6 mpd) on selected retailers per quarter. Before this, the UOB Lady's / Lady's Solitaire Cards were the only ones offering such accelerated rates.

Meanwhile, you'll earn a bonus 10 OCBC$ per S$1 spend (4 mpd) on a gamut of shopping goods, such as fashion, bags, shoes, accessories, sporting goods, and more.

For those who often restock their loot from major e-commerce online stores like Lazada, Shopee, Amazon and Qoo10, this card deserves a slot in your wallet – especially if you have plans to convert your points to miles for future travel. 

If you shop at BEST Denki, you’ll get an additional 2% rebate on top of your rewards points.

Being such a shopping-centric card, it helps you rest easier with complimentary e-commerce protection that safeguards against non-delivery or defective goods.

[Update!] While the maximum bonus points you can earn per year is capped at 120,000 bonus OCBC$, this annual cap has since been further modified to a 10,000 bonus OCBC$ limit per calendar month. Meanwhile, you can still continue to earn an uncapped base OCBC$ rate. Because of this, the OCBC Rewards Card lost its huge advantage as a shopping card for big-ticket purchases. 

To illustrate, Shein and TANGS are the selected 6 mpd retailers for this quarter (1 Jan to 31 Mar 2024). So, if you intend to max out your miles on purchases from these stores:

  • 10,000 OCBC$ / 15 OCBC$ = S$666.67 spent

However, if you choose to spend your money on other 4 mpd retailers elsewhere:

  • 10,000 OCBC$ / 10 OCBC$ = S$1,000 spent

Notably, you'd be able to spend more on other 4 mpd retailers compared to the 6 mpd selected retailers per quarter. And of course, your monthly bonus spend can be a combination of retailers under both rates.

So notwithstanding the base OCBC$ earned, you can spend between S$666.67 to S$1,000 per month to maximise your bonus OCBC$.

💡 Pro-tip: For other card alternatives to maximise big-ticket expenses, refer to this article.

You'll also earn up to 4.65% a year on your OCBC 360 Account savings when you use the OCBC Titanium Rewards Credit Card.

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Best for interest-free instalments: OCBC NXT Card


If you are looking to split an upcoming big-ticket item, like a vacation or new furniture for the house, look no further than the OCBC NXT credit card.

Dubbed "the first Buy Now Pay Later credit card", the OCBC NXT allows you to automatically split your payments into more manageable monthly instalments across 3 or 6 months.

Did we mention that these instalments will be interest-free?

You'll also stand to earn up to 1% cash rebate as long as your monthly bill is S$1,000 and more.

Sounds like a winner in our book. Do note that the cash rebate is capped at S$100 a month.

Best for luxury travel: OCBC Voyage Card

Continuing the thread on OCBC’s travel card offerings, you could think of OCBC VOYAGE as the souped up edition of the 90°N Mastercard.

Cardmembers get VIP-level travel perks like unlimited airport lounge access and 24/7 concierge.

Previously, OCBC VOYAGE cardmembers were enjoying 2.4 miles per S$1 overseas spend, 1.6 miles per S$1 local dining spend, and 1.2 miles per S$1 local spend.

Recently, OCBC Voyage card underwent a round of refresh and it now gives 2.2/1.3 VOYAGE Miles (1 VOYAGE Mile = 1 KrisFlyer Mile) for overseas and local spends respectively.

Unlike the OCBC 90N where you can only convert your Travel$ into miles to be redeemed at Singapore Airlines, you can use your VOYAGE Miles to redeem flights on any airline, anytime, with no black-out dates (subject only to availability).

When you travel, take advantage of the complimentary limousine services, 24/7 VOYAGE Exchange Personal Concierge services, unlimited free Plaza Premium airport lounge access, and free travel insurance of up to S$1.5 million.

That surely sounds like a dream to any jet-setter, although you’ll have to be earning at least S$120,000 annually and be content with the $492.50 (or S$3,240 with 150,000 welcome VOYAGE Miles) annual fee.

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Best for Gen-Zs and Millennials: OCBC FRANK Card 

OCBC-FRANK-Platinum-U1200476-Front(RGB) (1)

With a relatively low minimum qualifying spending requirement and competitive cashback rate, the OCBC Frank card is great for young adults and freshly minted working adults who like to indulge in a bit of fun and games every now and then. 

Or at least, that was how it was marketed.

Following a recent revamp, you can now earn 8% cashback on foreign currency transactions, online spending and mobile payments, extra 2% cashback at selected green merchants, and 0.3% cashback on other eligible transactions. 

Although the minimum qualifying spending to earn up to S$100 in cashback each month was increased to S$800, the expanded qualifying categories might make it easier for you to hit the target.

Therefore, whether you’re adulting hard in your 20s (you’ll be glad to know the annual fee remains at a low S$80), or are settling down into marital bliss, the OCBC Frank remains relevant. 

Every month, there is a total cashback cap of S$75 (stepped up from S$60), split into S$25 each for online (or in-app) purchases, in-store mobile payments and others. 

Best for family time: OCBC Platinum Card

OCBC Platinum Credit Card | SingSaver

Although there are plenty of rewards credit cards out there, few will cater to quality family time. That's why the OCBC Platinum Credit Card stands out on the list here. 

With this card, cardholders will earn 5 OCBC$ per S$5 spend (2 miles per S$1 spend) on eligible transactions.

And since OCBC adopts a merchant blackout list, any purchase is pretty much fair game so long as it doesn't fall under any merchant exclusions.

That said, we must address the elephant in the room. While OCBC Titanium Rewards offers a much higher rebate of 10 OCBC$ per S$5 spend, it only rewards eligible online and retail purchases.

Meanwhile, the parameters of OCBC Platinum's eligible spend are wider and more varied – earning you points on transactions like dining, travel, health & wellness, activities/experiences, and more.

Plus, you'll even enjoy discounts and limited-time deals for these categories. 

What's more, its annual fee is only S$162 per year, with the first two years waived.

Thus, you can spend with the OCBC Platinum Card to your heart's content with fees being the least of your worries.


Whether you're a miles chaser or cashback chaser, OCBC offers some of the best credit cards for you to achieve your objectives.

The OCBC Titanium Card has been a staple among mile chasers since its launch. Although it has removed electronics from its list of bonus categories, and revised its bonus cap, it still offers 4 mpd on online and offline shopping transactions, including fashion, shoes, accessories, sporting goods, and more.

The OCBC 365 Card remains as one of the most generous cashback credit card, offering 6% cashback on petrol, 5% cashback on dining, and 3% cashback on groceries and ride-hailing services. 

Meanwhile, those who want a fuss-free card and primarily spend on online shopping and mobile contactless transactions will also appreciate the OCBC FRANK Card generous cashback rate of up to 10% and heavy spenders can receive up tp S$100 cashback per month.

If you're into the lifestyle perks of a credit card, then the OCBC VOYAGE is up your alley; it offers unlimited airport lounge access, 24/7 concierge service, and free travel insurance coverage of up to S$1.5 million.  


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