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Citi SMRT Card Review: Save 5% On Transport, Groceries & Online Shopping With No Monthly Cap

SingSaver team

SingSaver team

Last updated 12 January, 2023
The Citi SMRT Card isn’t just great for public transport. You can enjoy savings of up to 5% on your online shopping spend and groceries, too.

Contrary to what its name may suggest, the Citi SMRT Card is more than just a credit card designed for those who take public transport on a regular basis. Everyday Singaporeans can utilise the Citi SMRT Card to their advantage as long as they play their cards right. 

As a matter of fact, maximising the amount of cashback you can earn on your everyday purchases isn’t exactly rocket science with the Citi SMRT Card. All you have to do to earn 5% cashback (0.3% base cashback and 4.7% bonus cashback) in the form of flexible SMRT$ is spend a minimum of S$500 each statement month.

What the Citi SMRT Card can do for you

Citi SMRT Card product summary: 

  • 5% savings on taxi & public transport rides, online and supermarket purchases
  • 0.3% savings on all other qualifying retail spend
  • Minimum spend: S$500 required to earn 5% cashback on select categories
  • Income requirement: S$30,000 (Singaporeans/PR), S$42,000 (Foreigners)
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Annual fee: S$194.40 (waived for the first two years)
Pros Cons
5% savings on online and grocery purchases Min. spend of S$500 per statement month required to earn 5% cashback
5% savings on taxis and private hire rides Total rebates capped at 600 SMRT$ per year, starting from the date your card is issued
5% savings on SimplyGo transactions for public transport Only earn 0.3% SMRT$ if monthly spend is below S$500
0.3% savings on all other qualifying retail spend SMRT$ or SMRT Reward Vouchers can only be redeemed in multiples of SMRT$10
No monthly cap on how many SMRT$ you can earn  
Redeem SMRT$ earned for shopping vouchers or instant cash rebates  

Why should you choose the Citi SMRT Card?

#1 Earn up to 5% rebates on your public transport, Grab, Gojek and taxi rides

Find the cost of owning a car in Singapore too ridiculous to stomach? The Citi SMRT Card can help you save on SimplyGo transactions, taxi and private-hire rides all year round. If you can hit the minimum spend of S$500 per statement month, expect to save 5% on all of the above-mentioned types of transactions. 

#2 Earn up to 5% rebates on online purchases

This cashback credit card lets you save up to 5% on your online purchases, excluding travel and mobile wallet transactions. Regardless of whether you tend to spend on Lazada, Shopee, Ezbuy, Amazon, Love Bonito, Zalora, Book Depository or any other e-commerce site, you can potentially save 5% on anything and everything you purchase online by charging them to your Citi SMRT Card. 

#3 Earn up to 5% rebates at supermarket and grocery stores

Another stellar aspect of this credit card is that you can enjoy up to 5% savings when shopping for groceries no matter whether you favour going to Sheng Siong, Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice or Giant. 

This versatility that the Citi SMRT Card affords also translates into utmost convenience for cardmembers — you can earn rewards on your day-to-day grocery expenses wherever you may be without the need to shop at a particular supermarket chain or grocery store. 

#4 No monthly cap on how many SMRT$ you can earn

While you need to hit the reasonable minimum spend of S$500 per statement month to earn 5% cashback on your groceries, public transport, private hire and online shopping transactions, it is nice to know Citi SMRT Card does not limit the number of SMRT$ you can earn per month, unlike other rewards credit card on the market. 

Instead, your rebates are capped at 600 SMRT$ per year, starting from the date your card is issued.

This means you don’t need to shy away from using this card when making big-ticket purchases such as work-from-home essentials like Secretlab chairs and Omnidesks, or any other online purchase. Each 1 SMRT$ is equivalent to S$1 in cash value.

Following this, your accumulated SMRT$ can be redeemed in the following denominations:

Cash rebate redemption amount SMRT$ required SMS keyword
S$10 10 SMRT10
S$50 50 SMRT50
S$100 100 SMRT100

So yes, you'll need at least SMRT$10 in your card account balance before you're allowed to redeem any rebate.

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