6 Reasons Why a Trust Credit Card Is A Game Changer For Frequent Travellers And NTUC FairPrice Shoppers

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 11 November, 2022

Trust’s latest credit card is a TRUST-worthy card for your wallet if you are a fan of shopping overseas or shopping at NTUC FairPrice.

Is the rising cost of living, especially from inflation, a constant source of worry in your life? Or perhaps you’re also concerned about overspending on your year-end holiday.

Unless you have a way to bring in additional income, what else can be done to help defray the rising cost of living?

Well, that’s where Trust’s newly launched credit card can help you out. Trust – which is one of Singapore’s newest digital banks – has introduced a credit card that could be a game changer for everyday Singaporeans, especially for those who shop frequently at NTUC FairPrice or are avid travellers.

With an array of innovative card features, the Trust credit card is designed to provide you with a better banking experience to help you maximise your savings.

Table of Contents

For Wanderlusters

For Grocery Shoppers

For Wanderlusters: 

#1: Say goodbye to foreign transaction fees when spending overseas

Travel inflation is very much a real thing, and it can put a damper on your holiday plans.

Thankfully, foreign transaction fees are one less thing you’ll need to worry about whenever you use your Trust credit card overseas or online. Wanderlusters will never have to worry about foreign transaction fees while on holiday (or on business trips!). In fact, Trust does not charge any markups or the usual 1% Visa fee either.

In comparison, other banks will likely charge a 3.25% to 3.5% markup or fee whenever you use your credit card overseas.

Foreign transaction fee charged by banks (Visa cards) 

(accurate as of 31 October 2022)


Foreign transaction fee (inclusive of Visa fee)


3.25% on the converted Singapore Dollar amount


3.25% on the converted Singapore Dollar amount


3.25% on the converted Singapore Dollar amount


3.25% on the converted Singapore Dollar amount

Standard Chartered Bank

3.50% on the converted Singapore Dollar amount

However, with Trust, your purchasing power while on holiday will never be eroded – allowing you to save more while travelling abroad.

While one may argue that other platforms (such as YouTrip) do not charge transaction fees, users may find it a hassle to top-up their e-wallets. Also, using a Trust credit card means that you can have up to 45 days of interest free credit.

What’s more, you can save yourself a trip to the money-changer, because the Trust credit card offers competitive exchange rates!

#2: Your card acts as both a debit and credit card

Yes, you read that right! Your Trust card offers dual functionality as both a debit and credit card (if you have both a Trust credit card and Trust savings account) - allowing you to declutter your wallet while travelling.

This is particularly useful if you need to withdraw funds from an ATM (that’s enabled by Visa) while overseas. 

Users can simply select the preferred debiting account, which is either “Savings” or "Credit" on the ATM to draw funds overseas. Remember though, while Trust does not charge any foreign transaction or withdrawal fees, fees may be levied by overseas banks!

Besides that, your transactions are also updated in real-time on the Trust App, making it extremely easy to track your spending while overseas.

If your card goes missing (and we hope that does not happen of course), you can simply lock the card through the Trust App for added peace of mind. Getting a card replacement is free as well, so that is one less worry too!

#3: You get to choose your repayment date

One feature that travellers will certainly enjoy is the ability to choose your repayment date when you apply. What this means is that you can align your credit card repayment date according to when your pay comes in. 

This feature is a first in Singapore and will be particularly useful for travellers who have racked up significant travel bills.

To ensure that you don’t miss your crucial repayment date, the Trust app even sends you smart reminders to pay on time to avoid late payment charges!

For Grocery Shoppers:

#4: Trust credit card can help you defray the rising cost of inflation, especially on essentials 

For those unaware, Singapore’s year-on-year core inflation currently stands at 5.3%, a 10-year high. Similarly, Singapore’s food inflation has increased to 6.9%, a whole 2.8% since April 2022.

As prices of non-cooked food and food services have increased, grocery bills have also risen steadily since the beginning of the year. 

With inflation eroding our purchasing power, the Trust credit card can actually help defray the pains of rising costs.

How exactly? For example, customers who are also NTUC Union Members can enjoy up to 21% savings (through Linkpoints) with the Trust credit card when you shop for food and groceries at FairPrice Group (FPG)*. For everyone else, you’ll get up to 15% savings!

Worried about rising petrol prices? With your Trust credit card, you’ll also get to enjoy up to 20% in fuel savings when you pump at Caltex. 

Here’s a simplified illustration of how much you’ll stand to save with your Trust credit card (NTUC Link credit card) assuming you have met minimum monthly and quarterly spend:

Based on the illustration above, you already save more than 14% on your overall spends! 

#5: Trust credit cards offer better rebates compared to existing grocery credit cards in the market

As mentioned earlier, you’ll earn the highest rebate of up to 21% on your FPG spending (for NTUC Union Members). 

This rebate comes in the form of Linkpoints, which can be used to offset future purchases or converted to your preferred loyalty points such as KrisFlyer and AirAsia rewards, among other merchants. 

Grocery rebates: Trust credit card VS other grocery credit cards

In case you aren’t already convinced, here is how the Trust credit card fares in comparison to other grocery credit cards. 

NTUC/Trust Link Credit Card Vs other grocery credit cards

Credit card

NTUC Link credit card

(For NTUC Union Members)

Trust Link credit card

(For everyone else)



Maybank Family and Friends Card 

% of cashback

Up to 21% savings on groceries and food at FPG  

Up to 15% savings on groceries and food at FPG  

Up to 15% cashback on Dairy Farm International, Grab, Shopee and UOB Travel transactions

Up to 5% savings on online, grocery purchases and public transport rides

Up to 8% cashback on 5 preferred cashback categories including Groceries


Minimum monthly spend of S$350 on purchases outside of FPG 

Minimum monthly spend of S$450 on purchases outside of FPG 

Minimum monthly spend of S$2,000 per month and requiring five minimum purchases per month

Base rate of 3% on qualifying grocery spend 

Additional 4.7% bonus rate only when you spend min.S$500 per month

Get 8% only when you make a minimum monthly spend requirement of S$800, otherwise rebates are at 0.3%


S$960 cap worth in Linkpoints on bonus points (for FPG spend) 

Receive 0.22% Linkpoints in form of rebates on all Eligible Spend, with no cap (for out-of-store spend)

Additional rebates are capped at up to $200 per month for the first two quarters

Cap of S$600 a year (average S$50/month), credited in SMRT$ 

Cashback is capped at S$125 per month, capped at S$25 per category  — this means you only get a maximum of S$25 cashback on groceries

Information accurate as of 31 October 2022

The Winner: Trust Credit Card

From the table, Trust credit card offers the best-in-market rewards for shopping at FPG  – allowing you to save up to 21% with the NTUC Link Credit Card (for NTUC Union Members) and 15% with the Trust Link Credit Card for non-NTUC Union Members.

#6: Save even more at your favourite merchants with exclusive rewards 

Did you know you’ll receive a S$25 FairPrice E-Voucher when you sign up and make your first Visa transaction on your Trust card?

That’s not all; you’ll also enjoy a myriad of other rewards, which you easily track via the Trust App. That way, you’ll never miss out on the latest promotions and savings. 

Some of the existing rewards and bonuses include:

  • Free 4-piece chicken nuggets with purchase of any meal at Burger King
  • Original Recipe Burger for $3 at KFC
  • $5 off a Gojek ride for new customers
  • Get FairPrice E-Vouchers for every successful referral, and there’s no cap on how many people you can refer and earn!
  • And many more!

Screenshot_20221026-122041_TrustInformation is accurate as of 1 November 2022. 

Putting Your Trust in the Trust credit card 

Whether you’re using it for your next overseas adventure or you’re an avid FairPrice shopper, Trust credit card can be a rewarding addition to your wallet to help defray the rising costs of living.

With savings up to 21% in the form of Linkpoints, you can choose to offset future purchases for instant savings or convert them to your preferred loyalty points or miles.

With its intuitive and user-friendly app design and seamless sign-up process, it’s no wonder that the Trust credit card is currently the talk of the town.

Sign up for a Trust credit card via the Trust App now!

Download the Trust Bank SG App today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store!

This article is written in partnership with Trust Bank. 

*FPG groceries and food spend will be referred to as FPG spend. FPG food includes participating stalls at Kopitiam and Kopitiam top-up cards.

FPG groceries include:

  • FairPrice
  • FairPrice Finest
  • FairPrice Xtra
  • FairPrice Xpress
  • FairPrice Online
  • Warehouse Club
  • Unity
  • Cheers stores (excluding FairPrice Xpress and Cheers outlets located within Esso stations) 

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