How To Check Your Personal Loan Application Status?

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 13 May, 2024

Waiting to know the results of your personal loan application can be nerve-wracking, especially if you urgently need the funds. Here’s how you can check your loan status with various popular banks. 

Bank personal loans are a convenient and affordable option to access extra funds. While many banks pride themselves on speedy loan approvals, there may be times when your loan application is held up for some reason or another. 

This is usually something minor such as delays in credit checks, or that clarifications of income details are needed. Understandably, if your personal loan application seems to be taking a long time, you may want to check on it to make sure you’ll still be able to get your loan. 

Here’s how you can check on your loan application status at various banks, and some tips on how you can ensure smooth and fast personal loan approval. 

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Checking your personal loan status 

Here’s how you can check your personal loan application status at various banks.

DBS and POSB personal loan application status


  1. Go to
  2. On the left-hand column, choose “Loans”
  3. Choose “Check Loan Application Status”
  4. Login using your IC number, last 4 digits of your card number, and card PIN
  5. The status of your loan application will be displayed


  1. Call DBS at 1800 111 1111
  2. Alternatively, call POSB at 1800 339 6666
  3. Follow the voice prompts to check your loan status

OCBC personal loan application status


If you have applied for a personal loan from OCBC with Myinfo using SingPass, you can enjoy instant loan approval. 

  1. During the loan application process, retrieve your personal details using Myinfo
  2. Confirm your details and submit your application
  3. After your card or personal loan is approved instantly, you will receive an email and SMS with a link to access your digital card or loan account


Assuming you did not receive instant approval for your loan application, you may check your status via telephone.

  1. Call OCBC at 1800 363 3333
  2. Follow the voice prompts to check on your loan status

UOB personal loan application status


If you submit your personal loan application online between 8am to 9pm, you can enjoy instant loan approval and disbursement. 

Your loan will be deposited to your bank account upon approval. Note that loan disbursement is automatic upon approval, so you may not receive the amount you initially requested. This is dependent on the bank’s review of your level of debt, credit worthiness and other factors. 


You can also apply for a UOB personal loan by calling 6668 2087 between 9.30am to 6pm (Mon to Fri). If you applied via phone, you can also call the same number to check on the status of your loan application. 

Citi Quick Cash loan application status


If you have selected a Citi Deposit Account as you designated disbursement account, you can enjoy instant cash disbursement on your Citi Quick Cash Loan and will not need to actually check your application status. 

You can also try applying with SingPass to further speed up the cash disbursement process.


If you designated disbursement account is now a Citi Deposit Account, you can check your application statues by contacting Citibank through various channels.

  1. Fill in the Citibank enquiry form
  2. Send a secured email by logging into Citibank online and then going to the My Mailbox section.

Standard Chartered CashOne personal loan application status


Standard Chartered also offers instant loan disbursement, eliminating the need to check on your loan application status. 

To enjoy a shorter loan processing time, apply with Myinfo via SingPass. If no documentation review of further documents is required, your loan approval will be instant, and your loan amount will be disbursed within 15 minutes. 

CIMB personal loan application status


If you are an existing CIMB customer and have a CIMB Clicks online banking account, you can use it to check your CIMB personal loan application status.

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your ID and password
  3. Navigate to “Account Enquiry” and look for “Loans”
  4. Your loan application status will be displayed


Alternatively, you can contact CIMB to check on the status of your loan application via the following methods:

  1. Call 6333 7777 and follow the voice prompts to check your loan status
  2. Whatsapp 3158 9182 for assistance
  3. Email

HSBC personal loan application status


HSBC account holders can enjoy instant loan approval and funds disbursement, so there’s no need to check on your loan application status. 

You’ll first need to have HSBC Personal Line of Credit before applying for HSBC Instalment Loan. But once you have been approved for your Line of Credit, your personal loan application will be instant. 


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How long does it take for personal loan applications to be completed?

Personal loans can be processed and disbursed virtually instantly, or may take a few working days to complete. 

The length of time it takes to process a personal loan application depends on the application method used and whether you have an existing relationship with the bank. 

As seen with many banks including HSBC, UOB and OCBC, you can enjoy instant loan approval and funds disbursement if you already have an eligible banking facility with them. 

Furthermore, if you have SingPass, you can use it to retrieve your personal information (Myinfo) during the loan application to reduce your processing time. Provided all is in order, and no additional information or supporting documents are required, your personal loan application will be approved quickly. 

If you do not have the required bank account, you may need to apply for one first, which may take a few days. You can bypass this step by choosing a personal loan that does not have such requirements – such as by personal loans by CIMB.

And, if for some reason, you decide to mail in your application by post, instead of making an online application, you can expect your loan application to take a longer time. 

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How to ensure your loan application process goes as smoothly as possible

  1. Check your eligibility for the loan, Be sure you satisfy all the requirements, particularly the annual income,
  2. Choose a bank with which you have a bank account, or credit card account in good standing. The former lets you receive your cash faster, while the latter may allow you to borrow against your pre-approved credit limit.
  3. Use Myinfo to submit your particulars if you have SingPass. Also, have digital copies of supporting documents ready, so you can submit them quickly if required.
  4. Choose a bank that explicitly offers instant loan approvals. Loans will be automatically disbursed once your application is approved. However, you may not receive the loan amount you initially asked for, and your interest rate may also differ. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I check my personal loan status?

You can login to your online banking account to check your loan status. You can also call or email your bank to do so. 

If you applied for an instant approval loan, and satisfied all the requirements, your funds will be disbursed within minutes of your loan application. 

Q: How do I know my personal loan is approved?

The loan you requested will be deposited into your bank account, which confirms that your personal loan has been approved. 

You may also receive an SMS, email or online banking notification on the approval of your loan. 

Q: How long until a personal loan is approved?

Under the right circumstances, you can get a personal loan approved in as little as a few minutes upon application.

This is most likely if you have a good credit score, have been pre-approved for unsecured credit by the bank, or otherwise have satisfied all the eligibility requirements of the loan. 

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