MSIG TravelEasy Travel Insurance Review: Great Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

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Last updated Dec 06, 2021

MSIG offers a wide range of travel insurance plans and is one of the few insurers offering pre-existing conditions coverage.

MSIG Travel Insurance offers savvy travellers choices that best suit their travel needs. The Standard plan is a no-frills package for budget conscious individuals, or travellers who already have other personal insurance plans.

The Elite and Premier plans cater to travellers who want more comprehensive coverage and those who are travelling for specific purposes such as a bridal shoot or sporting activities. MSIG also recognises the needs of travellers with pre-existing conditions via their new TravelEasy Pre-Ex plans.

Here are the full details regarding MSIG’s Travel Insurance policy:

Summary of product

1. Pre-existing Medical Conditions Cover
MSIG offers travel insurance (Single Trip) for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions under TravelEasy Pre-Ex Plans.

2. Emergency Medical Evacuation
Covers up to a maximum limit of S$1 million.

3. Public Transport Double Cover
If the insured person suffers an injury while travelling as a fare-paying passenger on board any public transport outside Singapore during the journey which, within 12 calendar months of its happening, is the only cause of death, the amount MSIG will pay will be double the limit for death provided under “Accidental death and permanent total disability”.

4. Emergency Dental Expenses
MSIG will pay for emergency dental treatment expenses which were paid outside Singapore/ dental treatment expenses upon return to Singapore (limited to 30 days after the insured person returns to Singapore) to restore healthy and natural teeth or a fractured jaw if a dentist decides this is necessary as a result of an injury suffered by the insured person during the journey outside Singapore.

5. Maternity-related Overseas Medical Expenses
Covers for medical expenses incurred overseas due to pregnancy-related illnesses such as nausea and dizziness.

6. Medical and Travel Assistance Services (24 hours)
MSIG can arrange the required worldwide medical and travel assistance services through its appointed assistance company to help the insured person in any emergency during their journey outside Singapore.

7. Coverage for cruises and cruises-to-nowhere

MSIG has recently clarified that all TravelEasy plans provide coverage for cruises and cruises-to-nowhere to and from Singapore. If you’re wondering which region or nation to pick for the latter cruise type, you’ll need to select Area A.

8. COVID-19 coverage

MSIG has also recently added COVID-19 coverage for any medical expenses incurred overseas due to COVID-19, and even provides reimbursement for any postponement or cancellations due to the pandemic, according to the plan you choose.

Pros and cons

Pre-existing Medical Condition Cover available (under TravelEasy Pre-Ex Plans)

Public Transport Double Cover, Adventurous Activities Benefit (for Elite and Premier Plans)

Wedding Clothing and Accessories, Fraudulent Use of Credit Card, Credit Card Benefit Outstanding Balance (for Elite and Premier Plans)

Coverage for COVID-19
No benefit claimable for losses of customer loyalty points used to pay for any part of Your Trip

Standard Plan (TravelEasy) does not cover certain sub-category of benefits; please refer to the policy document

Adventurous Activities/ Golfer’s Cover (not covered under Standard Plan)

Policy exclusions

  • Pre-existing conditions, unless you purchased TravelEasy Pre-Ex Plan
  • Childbirth/pregnancy-related complications
  • Dental and ,medical treatment claims not classified as Medically Necessary
  • Travelling against medical advice
  • Travelling for seeking medical treatment
  • War and terrorism exclusion
  • Radioactive contamination, chemical, biological, biochemical and electromagnetic weapons exclusion
  • Damage or breakage of sports equipment while in use
  • No benefit claimable for losses of customer loyalty points used to pay for any part of Your Trip.
  • Items taken/ destroyed by customs or other officials

The full list of exclusions is available in the policy wording.

Types of plans

MSIG features three tiers of travel insurance plans to cater for different levels of coverage for all kinds of travel destinations and trip durations. Please read the full list of benefits and exclusions in the policy wording.

Plan TypeCancellationMedical Coverage (Overseas)Bags/ BelongingsCOVID-19 Medical Coverage

Lifestyle Cover (only available for Elite and Premier Plans)
Adventurous Activities Cover, Golfer’s Cover, Unused Entertainment Ticket, Rental Vehicle Excess, Returning a Rental Vehicle, Domestic Pets Care and Home Content.

TravelEasy Standard Plan

MSIG TravelEasy Standard Plan, is good for travellers who are looking for bargain deals with no-frills cover. However, do note that several benefits are not available under Standard Plan (Lifestyle Cover, Public Transport Double Cover, Child Education Grant, Family Assistance Benefit, Maternity Medical Expenses Overseas, Overseas ICU Hospitalisation Daily Benefit, Wedding Clothing and Accessories, Fraudulent Use of Credit Card, Credit Card Outstanding Balance, Legal Expenses for Wrongful Arrest or Detention, etc).

In terms of travel inconveniences, the Standard Plan offers a maximum benefit limit of S$600 for baggage delay (at S$150 for every six hours of baggage delay). Personal accident coverage is capped at S$150,000.

With the new addition of the COVID-19 coverage, you can now make your plans without having any financial worries if you contract the illness. Under the Standard Plan, you are covered up to S$65,000 in medical expenses for COVID-19 if you’re an adult below 70 years old, and up to S$20,000 for adults 70 years old and above.

You’ll also be reimbursed up to S$1,000 for travel cancellations and postponements respectively, due to the pandemic. Medical and travel assistance services are also available across all plans.

TravelEasy Elite Plan

If you plan to rent a vehicle for a road trip, participate in adventurous activities or are travelling for a wedding shoot, the Elite Plan will be a better choice. It offers Vehicle Rental Excess Cover capped at S$1,000, Adventurous Activities Cover/Golfer’s Cover as well as a separate benefit for Wedding Clothing and Accessories.

In terms of baggage delay, the benefit limit is capped at S$1,000 (at S$200 for every six hours of baggage delay). Personal accident coverage is capped at S$200,000.

In terms of COVID-19 coverage, rest assured as you are covered up to S$130,000 in medical expenses as long as you’re below 70 years old, while those 70 years old and above will receive coverage of up to S$35,000.

If your trip is cancelled or postponed because of COVID-19 travel restrictions or in the event one of you contracts the illness and is unable to travel, you’ll get a reimbursement of up to S$2,000 respectively.

TravelEasy Premier Plan

TravelEasy Premier Plan is the one with the highest limit out of the three plan types. It also offers Lifestyle Covers as well as some additional benefits which are not available on the Standard plan.

Car rental excess cover capped at S$1,500, baggage delay benefit limit capped at S$1,500 (at S$250 for every six hours of baggage delay) and personal accident coverage is at S$500,000.

You’re also automatically covered for COVID-19 as well. You are covered up to S$200,000 of medical expenses in the event you get COVID-19, though unfortunately there is no COVID-19 hospitalisation allowance available regardless of the tier that you get.

On top of that, any trip cancellations or postponements due to the pandemic will entitle you to up to S$3,000 in reimbursement for either situation.

TravelEasy Pre-Ex Benefit

This is the extension of the three plans above (with additional premiums) to cover for claims relating to an acute onset of a pre-existing medical condition during your trip overseas.

Under Pre-Ex critical care, coverage for overseas medical expenses (pre-existing condition) is capped at S$75,000, S$100,000, and S$150,000 for Standard, Elite, and Premier plans respectively. There is a sub-limit of up to S$200,000 for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.


The below pricing and comparisons are for MSIG TravelEasy Plans, excluding the Pre-Ex Plans. Premiums stated are before discounts, if any.

Basic Plan

Trip TypeTravelEasy Standard Plan
1 week AseanS$52
1 week Asia (including Australia and New Zealand)S$64
1 week WorldwideS$93
Annual AseanS$225
Annual Asia (including Australia and New Zealand)S$270
Annual WorldwideS$385

Mid-Tier Plan

Trip TypeTravelEasy Elite Plan
1 week AseanS$70
1 week Asia (including Australia and New Zealand)S$86
1 week WorldwideS$116
Annual AseanS$310
Annual Asia (including Australia and New Zealand)S$350
Annual WorldwideS$485

Top-Shelf Plan

Trip TypeTravelEasy Premier Plan
1 week AseanS$98
1 week Asia (including Australia and New Zealand)S$122
1 week WorldwideS$160
Annual AseanS$435
Annual Asia (including Australia and New Zealand)S$480
Annual WorldwideS$650

How to make a claim

To make a claim, please call MSIG’s claims hotline at +65 6827 7660. Alternatively, you can submit a claim via the insurer’s online form here. MSIG also offers worldwide medical and travel assistance services via its MSIG Assist 24-hour hotline at +65 6323 8288.

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