Should You Redeem KrisFlyer Miles on Scoot?

Eliana Tan

Eliana Tan

Last updated 27 March, 2024

Using KrisFlyer miles on Scoot might not always be a win, but keep collecting them! Here’s why you shouldn't waste your miles on Scoot.

Overview: KrisFlyer miles on Scoot


KrisFlyer miles offer members a pathway to unlock a wide array of travel-related rewards (made even easier by the best credit cards in Singapore!). Most enticingly, these perks include airline tickets and flight upgrades for Singapore Airlines Group and its 30 partner airlines – one of which is Singapore Airline’s budget-friendly little sister, Scoot.

To guide you through the intricacies of the redemption process and evaluate your decision, read on to find out everything you need to know about redeeming KrisFlyer miles for Scoot. Make the most out of your credit card miles with these tips!

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Can I use KrisFlyer miles on Scoot?

KrisFlyer miles offer a versatile currency for frequent flyers, providing a plethora of redemption options including hotel stays, car rentals, experiences and activities, as well as shopping and merchandise. 

Most saliently, KrisFlyer miles allow members to maximise the value of their loyalty points through airline tickets and flight upgrades on Singapore Airlines, Star Alliance partners, and Scoot.

However, it is important to note that KrisFlyer miles cannot be used to directly secure complimentary flight tickets for Scoot. Instead, KrisFlyer miles can be exchanged for Scoot vouchers to offset the original cost of purchasing tickets. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the Scoot website to redeem your miles.

How to redeem KrisFlyer miles on Scoot?

If you wish to redeem your KrisFlyer miles on Scoot, you’ll need to follow these steps:


  1. Log in with your KrisFlyer account to book your desired flight.
  2. Select “KrisFlyer Miles” and choose the number of miles you intend to redeem. The minimum number of KrisFlyer Miles per redemption is 1,050 KrisFlyer Miles.
  3. Proceed to payment. 
  4. Once the booking is completed, the number of miles redeemed will be reflected on the confirmation page.

Is it worth it to use KrisFlyer miles on Scoot?

Short answer: no, it is a terrible deal.

Long answer: redeeming your KrisFlyer miles on Scoot is a waste of your hard-earned rewards. To illustrate, let’s compare the redemption value between Scoot and another KrisFlyer partner, Singapore Airlines.

When you use KrisFlyer miles for flights on Singapore Airlines, there is a fixed number of miles for certain routes, no matter how much the flight costs or when you’re travelling. 

This fixed mileage system allows you to get the most out of your miles – when flights are pricey, redeeming your miles gets you a good deal; when flights are cheaper, you have the option of paying cash instead of wasting your miles. Either way, it’s guaranteed to maximise their value!

On the other hand, when you use KrisFlyer miles for Scoot vouchers, you can redeem a S$10 Scoot voucher with 1,050 KrisFlyer miles. Thus, this conversion roughly equates to 0.95 cents per mile, which does not change based on the flight cost or when you fly. 

Essentially, for every mile you use, it reduces the cost of your ticket by 0.95 cents. For reference, when redeeming miles from other partners, the typical value is approximately between 1.5 to 2 cents per mile. (Plus, 0.95 cents per mile is almost half the value of a Singapore Airlines premium economy ticket!)

In a nutshell, while Scoot vouchers offer a straightforward fixed value-per-mile approach, it is usually far from giving you the best bang for your buck!

However, we should never say never. While it is far from the go-to option, redeeming your KrisFlyer on Scoot can still come in handy if your miles are about to expire. After all, every ‘mile’ saved is a mile well-travelled!

Amex Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card Welcome Gift: Receive up to 17,000 KrisFlyer Miles when you make a min. spend of S$500 within the first month of card approval. For new-to-American-Express Card Members only. Valid till 29 May 2024. T&Cs apply.

Amex_KrisFlyer Credit Card_Given on 150823

Can I earn KrisFlyer miles on Scoot?

KrisFlyer miles

While it may not be advisable to redeem KrisFlyer miles on Scoot, there’s no harm in earning them! 

Earning miles is simple: log in with KrisFlyer and book on Scoot! KrisFlyer members, along with their Redemption Nominees and travel companions, can earn miles effortlessly when booking flights on Scoot.

KrisFlyer members earned a fixed rate of 1 KrisFlyer mile per S$1 spent on:

  • Base fare (excluding taxes and service fees)
  • Add-ons, e.g. baggage, meals, seat selection fees (excluding e-Visa, travel insurance/Scoot Protect)

PPS Club members and KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Elite Silver members receive an extra 25% tier bonus, meaning they earn 1.25 KrisFlyer miles per S$1 spent.

KrisFlyer UOB Card Welcome Offer: Be one of the first 100 eligible new-to-UOB credit cardmembers to get up to 31,000 miles plus a first-year annual fee waiver when you apply and take the least days to make a min. spend of S$2,000 within 60 days from card approval date. Valid till 30 June 2024  T&Cs apply.


💡 Pro-tip: The KrisFlyer UOB Card offers a fast-track route to KrisFlyer Elite Silver status with min. S$5,000 spent on Singapore Airlines Group-related transactions within the first year of your card membership!


Elite miles and KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards

KrisFlyer members also earn 2.5 Elite miles for every KrisFlyer mile earned from flying on Scoot. Elite miles help track progress towards achieving higher KrisFlyer membership tiers like Elite Gold and Elite Silver

Additionally, Elite miles earned within each calendar year on Scoot flights contribute toward KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards, offering customers exclusive privileges.


Partial miles earning

If you pay for your Scoot flight partially with KrisFlyer miles, only the cash portion is eligible for miles accrual. Flights fully paid with miles or Scoot vouchers do not qualify for miles accrual.


Mixed itineraries

For Scoot flights within mixed itineraries that include a segment not sponsored by Scoot (e.g. Scoot-Singapore Airlines interline flight), KrisFlyer miles and Elite miles accrual are based on the fare class of the Scoot sector and actual mileage flown.

Cabin Class
Fare Codes
Mileage Accrual Level
N, O, X
B, H, M, W
A, F, P, R, S, Y
Business/Scoot Plus
C, D, I, J, U, Z

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1. Does Scoot count as Singapore Airlines?

A: No. Scoot operates as a separate entity from Singapore Airlines, but both are part of the Singapore Airlines Group. However, both offer opportunities to earn and redeem KrisFlyer rewards. 


Q2. Can you use KrisFlyer miles for other airlines?

A: Yes. Other than Scoot, you can use KrisFlyer miles to enjoy rewards for Singapore Airlines, Star Alliance member airlines (United Airlines, Lufthansa, All Nippon Airways, Thai Airways, Air Canada, etc.), as well as other partner airlines (Alaska Airlines, Vistara, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, and Juneyao Airlines).


Q3. If I forgot to log in when making my Scoot booking, and have already taken my flight. Can I still earn miles?

A: Yes. As long as it is still within six months of your flight date, you can submit a retroactive mileage claim.



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