Unlock Fuss-free, Upsized Cashback At Yuu-r Fingertips: POSB PAssion Debit Card Review

Emma Lam

Emma Lam

Last updated 15 February, 2024

Discover how to transform your everyday spend into (up to) 9% cash rebates (18X yuu Points) with the POSB PAssion Debit Card and the yuu App.

Given the rising costs of living and GST hikes, maintaining the delicate balance between prudent saving and spending is no doubt tough these days. But what if we told you, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a fancy credit card to start earning rewards? You start earning rewards with a debit card as straightforward as the POSB PAssion Debit Card, promising you up to 9% cash rebates on all your daily essentials!

If you find yourself often…

  • Ordering online food delivery from foodpanda, or
  • Using ride-hailing apps like Gojek for its convenience and comfort, or
  • Buying groceries at Cold Storage, CS Fresh, and Giant, or
  • Restocking health and personal care essentials from Guardian, or
  • Indulging in your morning Kaya Toast fix at Toast Box and more,

Then it should come as no surprise that these everyday expenses can rack up quickly and by extension, eat away at your savings rapidly too. But with the POSB PAssion Debit Card, here’s how you can save more while spending even more (and enjoy perks along the way too)! 

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How to qualify for 9% cash rebates?

Source: POSB

The POSB PAssion Debit Card is an all-rounded debit card that earns and rewards cash rebates (in the form of yuu Points) on all your favourite daily spend merchants. Its whopping 9% cash rebate is broken down into 1.5% base rebate (3X yuu Points) and 7.5% bonus rebate (15X yuu Points) fulfilled by a minimum monthly spend of S$300 on yuu merchants and S$400 on any other spend

This totals up to 9% cash rebate (18X yuu Points), split between an uncapped base 1.5% rate and a capped bonus 7.5% rate. The latter is capped at a total of S$25 cash rebates (or 5,000 yuu Points) monthly when you fulfil the above S$700 spend requirement. This is on top of the unlimited yuu Points and cash rebates earned from the base 1.5% rate. So effectively, you can continue earning yuu Points and cash rebates on eligible yuu merchants even after hitting the S$25 cap – just that it’ll be at the 1.5% base rate.

Just don’t forget to download the yuu App to link your card POSB PAssion Debit Card to your yuu Account. After successfully setting up, all your yuu Points earned per transaction will be seamlessly credited into the account.

But that’s enough introductions for now. Let’s take a look at what the eligible yuu merchants are.

Which yuu merchants are eligible for up to 9% cash rebate?

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Satisfy your culinary cravings at food courts, bakeries, and local coffee chains

Simple but tasteful (no pun intended), the POSB PAssion Debit Card celebrates the quintessential Singaporean dining experience by rewarding all cardholders up to 9% cash rebates when you dine in or order takeaway at the following establishments:

Participating groups
yuu merchants
BreadTalk Group (BTG)
BreadTalk, Toast Box, Thye Moh Chan, Butter Bean
Selected Food Republic and Food Junction outlets
foodpanda Singapore
Valid for food delivery, pick-up, shops, and pandamart orders

Whether it’s hopping down for a quick meal during your office lunch break or dabao-ing your dinner back home, food courts always offer a myriad of affordable food cuisine to choose from. Or perhaps you can’t resist munching on some freshly-baked toast as you sip on a warm cup of kopi or teh – a staple teatime/breakfast order that many of us don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

Save on weekly grocery runs and essential buys

Especially with the GST hike in effect, it’s no surprise that weekly grocery runs and re-stocking on essentials are also becoming costlier by the day. But that’s where the POSB PAssion Debit Card comes to the rescue again! Here are the yuu merchants to visit to replenish your supplies:

Participating group
yuu merchants
DFI Retail Group (DFI)
Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Giant
7-Eleven, Guardian

Besides the expected supermarkets Cold Storage, CS Fresh, and Giant, are you surprised to see 7-Eleven and Guardian on the list? Because us too! That’s right, all your supper runs, skincare supplies, over-the-counter medication, supplements, and more from 7-Eleven and Guardian are all eligible for up to 9% cash rebates.  

Take a day off at the Zoo

If you’re an avid animal lover, you’re going to love this next one; you’ll be pleased to know that the POSB PAssion Debit Card can net you up to 9% cash rebates on your admission tickets to the zoos in Singapore!

Participating groups
yuu merchants
Mandai Wildlife Group
Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, Night Safari, Bird Paradise

Note: yuu Points will only be rewarded for admission tickets purchased online. No points will be awarded for on-site purchases.

Catch rides and save time on commutes with Gojek

Hate squeezing onto crowded buses and MRTs during the peak hour rush? Always running just a little late? Whatever your commuting predicament may be, the POSB PAssion Debit Card can help you save time and money on all your Gojek rides.

Participating group
yuu merchant
Gojek Singapore

Save while decking out on phone accessories

Can’t resist adding a hint of your personality to your tech devices? Then why not shop on Singtel online and snag the latest phone accessory from there.

Participating group
yuu merchants
SingtelShop!, Singtel Exclusive Retailers (excluding Singtel recurring bill payments)

Disclaimer: The POSB PAssion Debit card does not earn any cash rebates on recurring Singtel bill payments and bill payment. 

Cost breakdown: How much yuu cash rebate can you earn with the POSB PAssion Debit Card in a month?

yuu Rewards Club

It should be noted that the aforementioned cash rebate examples are all hypothetical and irrespective of one another, without accounting for minimum spend requirement yet. That said, what is the total yuu cash rebate you can actually earn once you satisfy the minimum spend requirement? The breakdown is as follows:

Merchant group
Spend category
Total Spend
Base cash rebates (1.5%)
Bonus cash rebates (7.5%)
BTG & foodpanda
Dining & food delivery
1.5% x S$150 = S$2.25  
7.5% x S$150 = S$11.25 
Groceries & personal care
1.5% x S$250 = S$3.75
7.5% x S$250 = S$18.75
Mandai Wildlife Group
Zoo admission tickets
1.5% x S$43.20 = S$0.65
7.5% x S$43.20 = S$3.24
Gojek Singapore
Gojek rides
1.5% x S$100 = S$1.50
7.5% x S$100 = S$7.50
Apple AirTag
1.5% x S$39 = S$0.59
7.5% x S$39 = S$2.93
Museum exhibition tickets
Chinese New Year shopping
Total amount spent
yuu merchant spend = S$582.20
Other spend =  S$400
Total rebate earned
(1,746.6 yuu Points)
(5,000 yuu Points)

#The bonus 15X yuu Points rate is capped at S$25 or 5,000 yuu Points per cardmember per month.

Other perks with the yuu App

Besides converting the yuu Points for cash rebates, what other perks can you redeem your hard-earned points with on the yuu App?

Again, you can expect the same group of participating merchants along with a host of rewards spanning across food, cash vouchers, streaming subscription discounts, electronics, limited-edition products (e.g. Doraemon merch from 7-Eleven), and even donations to the People’s Association!

For the full list of rewards, download and navigate the yuu App > All Rewards to view more.

Who is the POSB PAssion Debit Card best suited for?


If you’ve made it this far, congrats! We’ve investigated loads of perks featured by the POSB PAssion Debit Card, but at the end of the day, who will benefit from this debit card the most? In our opinion, we believe this debit card will be most suitable for teenagers, young working adults, and homemakers.

If you’re a teenager: You only need to be 16 years or older to apply and it doesn’t have an annual fee. Moreover, it comes with a free PAssion Membership (worth S$12) that offers member rates for all community club courses, PAssion merchant discounts, complimentary NLB Partner membership, and more.

If you’re a young working adult or homemaker:
A good debit card for earning upsized 9% cash rebates on frequently-visited everyday merchants like Cold Storage, Giant, Guardian, Food Junction, Food Republic, Toast Box, 7-Eleven, and others. Will also have a higher spending power due to credited salary, thus will be more capable of satisfying the minimum S$700 spend per month accordingly.

So what’re you waiting for? Apply for the POSB PAssion Debit Card now and start earning cash rebates on your favourite merchants! Psst, sign up now and you’ll even get a bonus S$50 cashback! So hurry!

Although she struggles *slightly* in resisting good deals and sales, Emma is on a lifelong journey to understand what financial independence as a Z-llennial means. That said, her inner child is still very much alive… with animals and gaming being her weaknesses.


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