10 Best Supermarket House Brand Products In Singapore You Should Buy

Kendra Tan

Kendra Tan

Last updated 26 October, 2022

Don’t ignore house brands at supermarkets in Singapore, because they have some surprisingly high-quality options, too.

House brands by supermarket chains in Singapore are changing the game for bargain shoppers searching for great deals on everything from food and household items.  

These low-cost alternatives, which include products from NTUC FairPrice, Meadows (Giant and Cold Storage) and Happy Family (Sheng Siong), are ones that are sold by the supermarket themselves at a much cheaper price compared to popular brands. 

These house brands, which were once brushed off as “knock-offs” to their branded counterparts, are now gaining popularity thanks to the rising inflation rate and cost of living.

Here are 10 tried-and-tested house brand products available at supermarkets in Singapore that are not only affordable, but taste and work really well too. 

10 tried and tested house brand products available at supermarkets in Singapore

Meadows (Giant and Cold Storage)

If you’re of the notion that store brands are a notch below popular brands, Meadows is out to change your mind. 

Meadows has continually expanded its array of products, winning over 235 awards for its outstanding quality and value.

From food, drinks, home essentials and beauty products, Meadows has kept the prices of hundreds of daily essentials low, helping Singaporeans to shop confidently amidst the rapidly increasing costs of living. 

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If you’ve shopped at Giant or Cold Storage recently, you would’ve probably seen this advertisement in stores telling consumers how much they can save when you buy Meadows house brand compared to popular brands: 

  1. Meadows Truffle Potato Chips, S$1 for 60g

Source: Giant


Meadows products have gained a bit of a cult following, especially their truffle potato chips. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, RUN to your nearest Giant, Cold Storage or Guardian to get it. We promise you that you won’t regret it — the chips taste and smell exactly like truffle, and the saltiness and texture of the crisps are perfect. 

At only S$1 per pack, these delicious chips puts every single gourmet brand of truffle chips to shame. 

  1. Meadows range of bottled water, from S$0.25 per bottle

Source: Giant

We find bottled water from Meadows highly affordable and very suitable for large gatherings, BBQ parties, or simply when you’re just too lazy to boil water at home. 

For those who want to feel fancy but don’t wanna spend too much, there is also Meadows French Mountain Spring Water and Meadows French Mountain Spring Water available for S$1.40 and S$1.25 respectively. 

  1. Meadows Home 3-ply Printed Bathroom Tissue, S$5.25 for 10 rolls

This may not be the cheapest toilet paper on the market, but I feel that it’s okay to pay slightly more when it comes to quality. 

After using generic “budget” house brand TPs my whole life (which often disintegrates, um, mid-wipe), I believe I have finally found the balance between budget and good quality TPs that’ll leave you (and your butt) happy. 

A staple in our household, these toilet paper rolls are individually wrapped, soft, thick and have blue butterflies prints all over it, like the type you’d usually associate with luxurious TPs. 

  1. Meadows Ice Cream range, S$9.70 per 1L tub

Source: Giant

Popular ice cream brands retail at around S$15 to S$20 for a tub of (almost) 500ml ice cream. 

Meadows ice cream is much cheaper compared to those brands, and according to this Reddit page, Meadows ice cream’s airier and not as milky, but its easier to scoop out of the tub compared to full thick cream ice cream 

  1. Meadows Probiotic Drink, S$1.60 for 2 packs of 5

Source: Giant

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Yakult, this is it. The bottles may be smaller compared to other probiotic drinks, but you can always buy more. 

I personally love this and always have a couple of packets in the fridge. Fantastic drink to aid digestion after meals, and as a mixer for soju. 

Save more money at Giant and Cold Storage Singapore with these credit cards

If you prefer shopping at Cold Storage, make sure you bring along your Maybank Family and Friends card or UOB One card.

With the Maybank Family and Friends card, cardholders earn 8% cashback on five out of eight spend categories. These include groceries, dining & food delivery, transport, online retail, and much more. This makes it a great general spending card with a high cashback rate.

However, you need to hit the minimum monthly spend requirement of S$800 to enjoy the 8% cashback rate. Otherwise, this drops to just 0.3%. Cashback is also capped at S$125 per month, with a cap of S$25 per accelerated cashback category you select.

With the UOB One card, you earn an additional 5% cashback at these supermarkets: Cold Storage, Marketplace, and Jasons. You can also earn an additional 5% cashback at online shopping portal Shopee, on Grab transactions (excluding GrabPay Wallet top-ups), and the UOB Travel platform.

Other cards to consider for Cold Storage: CIMB Visa Signature (10% cashback)

FairPrice NTUC

NTUC FairPrice also has pretty neat house brand products. Don't believe us? Just take a look at the ratings on their house products. 

Here are some NTUC FairPrice house brand products we like: 

  1. FairPrice Facial Tissues - Soft Pack (2ply), S$3.55 for 4x200 sheets

Source: NTUC FairPrice

You may argue that there are cheaper facial tissues at Valu$ and Tian Ma, but as mentioned above, we would fork out a little more on better quality tissues. 

These FairPrice brand facial tissues are strong, leave no residue on your face, and affordable enough to not make you feel guilty should you need to whip out more pieces to clean dirty tables at hawker centers. 

  1. FairPrice Frozen French Fries - Straight Cut, S$3.70 for 1kg

Source: NTUC FairPrice

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on NTUC’s website, customers have claimed that these are “the best french fries out there”. 

Having tried the FairPrice brand of french fries ourselves, we have to say that it’s surprisingly good. The fries are thick, crispy and cook really nicely in my airfryer and stay crispy.

  1. FairPrice Instant Fresh Japanese Udon, S$2.60 for 3 packs
    Product Image

Great value and taste. For only S$2.60 for 3 packs (around S$0.86 per pack!), you can easily whip up a nutritious and delicious udon soup meal in just a couple of minutes with some miso paste and salmon. 

For more FairPrice housebrand products, click here

Save more money at NTUC FairPrice Singapore with these credit cards

OCBC NTUC Plus! + Trust Bank's (Trust Link/NTUC Link) Credit Card is fabulous for shopping at NTUC Fairprice. With this card, you can enjoy up to 12% off at FairPrice in-store and up to 8% off at FairPrice Online.

Other cards to consider for NTUC FairPrice: CIMB Visa Signature UOB EVOL card (6% cashback), Maybank Family and Friends card (8% cashback).

Sheng Siong 

Sheng Siong has a vast array of housebrand offerings, with over 1,400 products under the following brands: 

  1. Happy Family Premium Short Grain Rice, S$5.50

Source: Sheng Siong

A staple in my family’s household, Happy Family Premium Short Grain Rice is highly affordable at S$5.50 per 2.5kg and S$7.95 per 5.5kg. According to my mum, it’s soft, fluffy and tastes as good as Japanese rice. 

  1. Happy Family Easi-Cook Instant Noodles, S$2.40 per pack of 10

Source: Sheng Siong

I’ve organised countless hotpot sessions at home, and this is the most popular ingredient — these instant noodles don’t get soggy despite being simmered for a long time in the pot, soaks up the soup well, is bouncy and a delight to slurp on. 

Save more money at Sheng Siong with these credit cards

Sheng Siong shoppers should not be leaving home without the BOC Sheng Siong Card.

The card offers an unmatched cashback rate of up to 12% together with a reasonable, out-of-store minimum spend of S$600 within the same billing cycle. If you shop at Sheng Siong a lot on the regular, you'll be pleased to know the total cash rebate for Sheng Siong is capped at a generous S$75.

Other cards to consider for Sheng Siong: CIMB Visa Signature (10% cashback), Maybank Family and Friends Card (8% cashback)

Apply promo code MBSS during application and enjoy all the perks of your new BOC credit card!

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