7 Best Baby-Friendly Travel Destinations So You Can Travel with Your Infant in Peace

Deborah Gan

Deborah Gan

Last updated 26 February, 2024

Check out this list of baby-friendly countries that have gotten our stamp of approval for your next family vacation.

The moment you become a mother, everything changes — your priorities, lifestyle and whole perspective on life.

If you’re one, I’m sure you can resonate with wanting to bring your baby everywhere you go (if you could) — be it work, going out with your friends or even overseas.

But if bringing your baby out for a girls’ night out is challenging enough, bringing them abroad for your vacation is another ballgame altogether.

Aside from the logistics you’ll have to bring, like diapers, baby formula and breast pumps, you’ll also have to make sure there are ample nursing rooms around, baby-friendly facilities and purchasing the right baby travel insurance for them.

Thinking of bringing your infant overseas? Here is a list of countries that might make travelling with your baby much easier.

Remember to purchase a good travel insurance, whether its a family travel insurance, single or annual trip, or even an insurance plan for road trips! If you've got a kid in tow, check out the best travel insurance plans with pregnancy-related coverage!

Table of contents:

Baby-friendly travel destinations

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Disneyland

If there’s anywhere in the world you want to bring your baby to, the top destination on your list should be Tokyo, Japan. Known as one of the cleanest countries in the world, you won’t have to worry about the streets being littered with rubbish or your baby breathing in polluted air when you’re there.

Tokyo boasts an abundance of family rooms that have baby-changing facilities, particularly in larger malls and supermarkets, providing a private and comfortable space for nursing or diaper changes. Additionally, the crime rates are low there, so it is considered an extremely safe country to travel to!

If your child is slightly older, your child is in for a treat with the wide array of child-friendly attractions you can find in Tokyo, like Tokyo Disneyland, LEGOLAND, Tokyo Sanrio Puroland and many more. You can also find many hotels with themed rooms like a Hello Kitty room or a Pokemon room that your little one will definitely enjoy!

Additionally, you can also visit baby cafes strewn all over Tokyo — they are equipped with childproof areas while dining in!

2. Sweden


Say hello to the home of IKEA! Sweden is another very baby-friendly country to travel with your family for many reasons, including its well-maintained facilities, accessible transportation, range of reliable healthcare facilities and many more!

First up, Sweden offers very clean and well-equipped public facilities, like parks, playgrounds, and public restrooms, which are often equipped with baby-changing stations. This makes freshening up your baby a breeze and allows you to explore the public areas with peace of mind.

Public transportation in Sweden, like buses and trains, is also mostly designed to be accessible for families with strollers. Cities are pedestrian-friendly, and there are often family-friendly transportation options.

On top of that, Sweden has a trustworthy healthcare system, and in case of any medical concerns with your baby, you can access quality healthcare services easily.

3. Melbourne, Australia

Tram in at Kings Cross Station

Thinking of bringing your baby to Australia? You thought good. The people in Australia are generally very friendly and welcoming to families from all over the world, but take note that some Singaporeans have voiced out that they had experienced some forms of racism in certain parts of Australia.

The transport system in Australia is very well-connected, making it easy to travel from place to place. Else, you can always rent a car, with most offering the option of topping up for a baby booster seat.

You can also have a peace of mind knowing that Australia’s healthcare system is very robust, and you can easily find a healthcare institution nearby if you’re living in the city. However, do ensure you purchase a good travel insurance policy, as medical expenses can be very expensive.

Some malls even have family rooms equipped with diaper-changing stations, nursing rooms, and playrooms for toddlers to have fun at while mum and dad are busy with their infant. Don’t worry if you’re a mum who needs to nurse your infant with a toddler — some nursing rooms come with CCTV in the playroom so you can monitor your child while breastfeeding.

Australia also offers a variety of family-friendly attractions, including zoos, aquariums, and interactive museums that cater to visitors of all ages, including infants.

4. Bali, Indonesia

Villa in Bali

Bali ranks as one of the top places to bring your baby overseas. Why? The locals are super helpful and friendly, and you’ll be blown away by the hospitality that they provide. This destination is also great if you’re looking for a short getaway!

Bali boasts super chill vibes all around, where you can just spend the whole day at a beach club or cafe just lazing the day away. If you need an extra pair of helping hands, you can always hire a babysitter or a nanny at very affordable prices. 

You can also trust that the restaurants, cafes, hotels and villas are all extremely baby-friendly, mostly offering high baby chairs and baby cots. If you choose to settle your transport early, you might also be able to arrange for a booster seat to be fitted into your vehicle.

Do remember to factor in more time for travelling and bring along some snacks for your child, as the roads can get very congested throughout the day, especially in areas like Seminyak and Canggu.

Pro tip: Remember to pack all your baby essentials with you, including sun screen or a sun tent as Bali can get very hot and sunny!

5. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Zoo

Auckland is a great travel destination if you’re travelling with a baby, and for many reasons.

For one, it offers a great mix of urban and nature, offering babies and toddlers a wide range of activities to enjoy. Some of these places include Butterfly Creek, where your toddlers can get up close and personal with the butterflies learn more about them, or let them explore the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOAT). 

Other places also include The Auckland Zoo, Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium, and parks like Cornwall Park are great places for families to explore.

Dining out won’t be a problem either, as most restaurants and cafes do have high baby chairs and kid meals, with some even offering you a set of children utensils for your little ones to eat safely,

Moreover, Auckland’s healthcare system is also very reliable, in cases of emergencies when you need medical attention.

6. Montreal, Canada

Mount Royal Park

Montreal offers a wide range of family-friendly attractions and places to visit. If you’re bringing along your toddler or infant, you can look forward to the popular festivals like Jean-Talon Famer’s Market, The Botanical Gardens and Clock Tower Beach that occur throughout the year.

Else, there are many green spaces like parks like Mount Royal Park where you can bring the whole family to enjoy, whether you want to take an idle stroll or have a picnic under the sun. You can also mostly find playgrounds there for your kids! Some parks also have live performances, like the Théâtre de Verdure at Parc La Fontaine.

When it comes to safety, Montreal won’t be an issue either as it is considered very safe overall, with plenty of suburban and urban areas boasting low crime rates and family-friendliness. In fact, it’s rate as one of the safest cities in Canada!

7. Italy, Florence


Italy, Florence is filled with the friendliest people — if you have a kid or infant in your arms, you can expect the Italians to come up to you to say hello to your little ones and may even go out of their way to help parents. But remember always to exercise discretion and avoid over-trusting strangers with your children.

Aside from this, you can also find many family-friendly accommodation options! If you’re bringing along a stroller, do note that Italy’s floors are typically made of cobblestone, so it might get bumpy. To mitigate this, ensure the cushion is thick enough to absorb the impact.

Most restaurants also have baby chairs available, while many accommodations are also equipped with baby facilities like high chairs and extra mattresses.

Travelling tips to travel with your baby

Pack their essentials

Packing for your baby can be quite tedious as you’ll need to make a list of everything he or she needs during the trip. Some important items include diapers, milk formula, breast pumps, strollers, baby snacks, baby food, pacifier, toys for entertainment, appropriate clothes and much much more.

There’s a high chance that your tiny human will require more baggage space for their items than yours!

Overpacking is always better in a situation like this, and always think ahead of the possible scenarios you may face and pack for it. For example, if you’re going to a hot country, pack a hat, sunscreen or even a portable fan for your child. Colder destinations will require you to bring more warm clothes, and packing an extra jacket or two wouldn’t hurt to ensure your child is kept warm.

Make sure you consider what your baby will need on the flight there and when you’re commuting from city to city.

Plan your itinerary wisely

It’s always a good idea to plan your itinerary around your baby’s schedule. If your infant requires a nap every few hours, you can make use of the time that they are awake to explore and return back to your accommodations once he needs his shuteye.

You can also choose a flight time to coincide with his nap time. This will reduce the chances of incessant crying, which might disturb the other passengers on the plane.

On this note, it’s best to be flexible and be prepared for any last-minute hiccups you might face because of your child. Try to factor in more time for you to rest — your baby will be tired, but remember, the parents will get tired, too! 

Plan ahead

This is a no-brainer, but it’s always best to plan ahead. 

When you book your flights, check if you can secure a seat with a bassinet; when you book your accommodations, check if you can get a baby cot or an extra mattress for your baby, or a high baby chair if you choose to cook meals in your hotel or Airbnb.

Research on baby-friendly facilities

Travelling with a baby can be extremely daunting, and you might tend to stress over the tiniest details because you always want to ensure your baby is safe and well taken care of.

To avoid stressing out too much, you can always check beforehand to see if there are baby-friendly facilities at the places you’re visiting. If there aren’t any, you can at least make the necessary arrangements to pack more or choose to switch around your itinerary.

For example, if it's time to breastfeed, choose to do it back in the accommodations or a place where there is a nursing room for you to do it peacefully and privately. If you’re heading to a tourist attraction, check beforehand if there are strollers for rental. If there isn’t, you can choose to bring your own or have your toddler wear a comfortable pair of shoes to factor in more walking.

Take note of safety

Especially in places that may have higher instances of crime, you should always have your eyes on your toddler or baby. Never leave your stroller with your baby in it unattended, even if it’s for a split second. Whether you’re paying for food or enquiring about something, always have your child within sight.

If your toddler is a runner, you can consider purchasing a baby leash for safety or a toddler sling so they are always with you. You can also purchase a GPS tracker like an AirTag and place it in your toddler’s pockets for extra peace of mind.

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