Best Family Travel Insurance Plans in Singapore 2024

Planning for a family trip soon? Be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones with a travel insurance plan. Here are some of the best ones.

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Whether you’re thinking of taking a family trip in Asia or heading to a destination nearby to save more money on your trip, it’s best to purchase a family travel insurance plan to safeguard you and your loved ones. Because your regular insurance only covers you while you’re in Singapore, when injuries, accidents or illnesses happen when you’re on holiday overseas, you’ll have to pay for medical treatment out of your own pocket.

This can turn out to cost more than you’d expect – as a foreigner, you’ll need to pay full price instead of the subsidised rate, which is for citizens only. And if more than one member of your family needs treatment, your expenses will be multiplied.

In addition, injuries such as fractures and sprains may require follow-up treatment or consultation when you return, which means having to dig into your MediSave or even further into your dwindling bank account.

Thankfully, the financial repercussions of getting injured or falling ill during an overseas holiday can be deflected with a family travel insurance plan.

So before you fly off on your year-end vacation with your spouse and kids, be sure to get a travel insurance plan that will adequately cover the whole family. If you have the next kid in tow, do check out these travel insurance plans with pregnancy-related coverage, too! To help you in your search, we’ve picked out the following best family travel insurance plans.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is solely for information purposes only. Be sure to check the policy wording before purchasing your travel insurance plan for the family.



What is Family Travel Insurance?


Usually, a family travel insurance policy can cover up to two adults and a maximum of eight children under the age of 18. However, some insurance plans can include children of insurers up to the age of 24 who are enrolled in full-time education. Typically, the number of children and age limit may depend on the policy. In some cases, it is not a requirement for children to reside at the same address as the adults to be included in the coverage.

Additionally, immediate family members, such as grandparents, cousins, stepchildren, foster children, or adopted children, are typically covered by most policies. Whether you are a single parent, a family of four, or have a larger blended family, you can obtain travel coverage for both you and your children through a single policy.

Family travel insurance is available for either a single trip or as an annual travel insurance policy to encompass all the planned holidays throughout the year. It is advisable to compare the cost of annual travel insurance vs a single trip to identify the best and most economical option for you and your family.

Also, it is possible to get travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions for family members with medical conditions, but you should inform your insurer about these conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Family Travel Insurance?


Travelling with family is one of life's greatest joys, offering opportunities to explore, learn, and create unforgettable memories together. However, unexpected events can occur, making family travel insurance not just a wise choice but a necessary aspect of travel planning. Here are some of the advantages that come with securing family travel insurance:

Cost Savings


One of the most appealing advantages of family travel insurance is the potential for significant cost savings. By opting for a single comprehensive plan that covers all family members, you can avoid the higher costs associated with purchasing individual policies for each person. Many insurance providers offer family plans that are designed to be more economical, recognising the value of protecting the whole family under one policy. Some insurance providers may even have travel insurance discounts for better savings. Furthermore, these plans often come with special provisions, such as waiving premiums for children under a certain age, which can further reduce the overall cost of insurance for the family. This consolidation simplifies the insurance process and ensures that everyone is equally protected, making it a cost-effective solution for family travel.

Individual Travel Flexibility


A notable feature of some family travel insurance plans is the flexibility they offer for solo travel. This means that even when family members travel separately, they can still be covered under the family plan. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for families where parents may need to travel for work or children might go on school trips without their parents. Instead of purchasing separate policies for each instance, a family plan that includes coverage for solo travel ensures continuous protection, regardless of whether the travel is undertaken together or individually. This aspect of family travel insurance eliminates the need for multiple policies and simplifies the management of your travel insurance needs, providing a streamlined solution that covers all bases.

Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind


The paramount benefit of family travel insurance lies in the security and peace of mind it offers. When travelling with loved ones, their safety and well-being are the top priorities. A comprehensive travel insurance plan for families provides protection against a wide range of unforeseen circumstances, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and flight delays. Knowing that these potential challenges are covered allows families to fully immerse themselves in the joy and adventure of their travels overseas.

Some policies may even offer the same level of coverage for both children and adults, without limiting the coverage based on how young the traveller is. Do be sure to check the benefits table to find out how much coverage you and your family members are entitled to.

What Does Family Travel Insurance Cover?


Most family travel insurance plans offer the following coverage:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Your travel insurance offers coverage for unforeseen medical costs during your family trip.
  • Trip Interruption or Cancellation: Have protection for cancelling or cutting your vacation short due to reasons specified in your policy.
  • Flight or Transport Delays: Some policies provide reimbursements for delays or disturbances in flights or transportation, particularly when unable to recover expenses from the airline.
  • Baggage and Belongings Protection: Safeguard your belongings, including coverage for loss, theft, or damage up to a predetermined limit.
  • Personal Liability and Legal Expenses: Get coverage for personal liability and legal costs in case of accidental injury to someone or damage to their property during your trip.

What Does Family Travel Insurance Not Cover?


The following are typically not covered by your family travel insurance:

  • Undisclosed Pre-existing Medical Conditions: When you fail to declare a pre-existing medical condition, it may not be covered by your travel insurance.
  • Travelling to Regions Advised Against by FCDO: Destinations that are discouraged by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) are not covered by your family travel insurance.
  • Injuries from Uncovered Hazardous Activities: Accidents or injuries resulting from perilous activities, such as extreme sports, not covered by your insurance policy.
  • Injuries Under the Influence of Substances: Accidents or injuries occurring while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are typically not covered by insurance policies.
  • Natural Disasters: Insurance policies usually do not cover damages or injuries arising from natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.

Does The Travel Insurance Plan Have Coverage for Sports and Special Activities?


When planning a vacation that includes adventure sports or specialised activities that require equipment, it's crucial to understand the coverage limits of your family travel insurance plan. 

Standard policies typically exclude high-risk activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, or engaging in sports that require specialised equipment like golfing, scuba diving, and skiing. Moreover, if your travel itinerary includes such thrilling experiences, you may find that the protection offered by a standard policy falls short in the event of equipment loss.

To ensure that you and your family are fully protected while participating in these adventurous activities, consider opting for an extreme sports travel insurance plan. These specialised policies are designed to provide comprehensive coverage for a wide array of high-risk activities that standard plans typically exclude. They either offer sports coverage in the base plan or offer extra coverage as an optional add-on.

How Much is Travel Insurance for a Family?


The cost of family travel insurance can vary on a case-to-case basis. The factors that influence the cost of your travel insurance include the following:

  • The duration of your holiday trip directly influences the cost of your insurance, with longer planning periods leading to higher prices.
  • Opting for a more extensive insurance plan comes with an increased premium, reflecting the level of coverage you desire.
  • Travelling to multiple countries, including the US, raises the cost of insurance to accommodate the broader geographical coverage.
  • The inclusion of more individuals in your family travel plan contributes to an increase in the overall insurance price. Some plans offer free coverage for up to a specified number of children you are bringing along on your trip.

Does Family Travel Insurance Cover Death in the Family?


In the event of a family member's death directly impacting your travel plans, your family travel insurance will provide coverage for trip cancellations, delays, or premature returns. However, the coverage is contingent upon the terms defined by the insurance policy, which typically specifies who qualifies as a family member under its coverage. 

It's important to closely review the details of your family travel insurance policy to understand the scope of coverage related to a family member's death. Insurance companies often have specific definitions of who constitutes a family member, with some policies extending coverage to include in-laws, grandparents, and even aunts and uncles, while others may not.

Seedly Travel Insurance


seedly TI logo


Seedly Travel Insurance provides substantial claim limits. This family travel insurance includes up to S$500,000 for overseas medical expenses, with COVID coverage and up to S$300,000 for accidental death and permanent disablement. 

Moreover, you can get peace of mind with your belongings with coverage for baggage loss of up to S$10,000 for baggage loss. 

For last-minute trip cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, you can get up to S$10,000.


Why is this the Best Travel Insurance Plan for a Family?


If you're a parent, you may be aware that certain travel insurance plans involve an additional cost to include coverage for a child, and such coverage often differs from that of an adult.

With Seedly Travel Insurance, the Family Plan comes with complimentary coverage for up to four children. This means you can have peace of mind, knowing that your kids are adequately insured without the need for any additional payments. Furthermore, the coverage doesn't just extend to parents; it also provides protection for your children, offering coverage up to S$30,000 under the highest-tier plan, Seedly Travel Secure. In the unfortunate event of a parent's demise, each child is covered for up to S$6,000 under the Child Support Grant.

They also offer a Child Companion Benefit of up to S$10,000. This benefit covers the costs of travel and accommodation expenses for one adult travelling from Singapore to the destination and back to accompany the child in case the insured individual suffers an injury and is hospitalised abroad while travelling with a child.

Singlife Travel Insurance



Singlife Travel Insurance offers up to unlimited cover for overseas medical expenses, up to S$500,000 in personal accident cover, and up to S$50,000 daily hospital cash for overseas admission.

COVID-19 is also covered. You’ll receive up to S$200,000 overseas medical cover and up to S$2,000 in quarantine allowance.

Of course, being a family travel insurance plan, there are also a slew of traveller benefits to protect your travel arrangements as well as the belongings you bring with you.

Some highlights include up to S$40,000 for trip cancellation (up to S$10,000 if cancelling for non-insured reasons), up to S$30,000 if your family has to return early, and up to S$4,000 for travel delay. Note that these are family limits.

In the event of trip cancellation, interruption or postponement due to COVID-19, this plan offers benefits of up to S$2,000.


Why is this the Best Travel Insurance Plan for a Family


Singlife Travel Insurance offers several family-oriented benefits. It can cover up to S$8,000 in family assistance benefits, up to S$25,000 in child education benefits, up to S$25,000 in compassionate visits and childminder benefits of up to S$25,000.

There is also a home contents benefit of up to S$15,000, as well as domestic pet care coverage of up to S$1,000. That way, families can go on their vacations with greater peace of mind.

One thing to note though: Many of these benefits are included only in the highest-tier plan, so be sure to weigh carefully if they are worth paying a higher premium for.


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DBS/POSB TravellerShield Plus



DBS/POSB TravellerShield Plus is a paid travel insurance plan that offers a total of 47 benefits, making it a great all-rounder plan for overseas family trips, whether by land, air or sea.

There are three tiers in TravellerShield Plus, with the highest topping out at S$1 mil each for overseas medical, accidental injury (with double cover for public conveyance included) and emergency evacuation benefits. There are also up to S$75,000 benefits for follow-up medical treatment.

Other coverage areas are similarly robust, including luggage, travel documents and personal belongings, as well as trip cancellation, trip postponement, and luggage delay.

And if you’re planning to engage in extreme sports or activities that are considered higher risk (hot air ballooning, white water rafting, etc), you’ll be glad to know that adventurous activities are included at no extra cost.


Why is this the Best Travel Insurance Plan for a Family


TravellerShield Plus also has travel insurance with pre-existing conditions as a paid add-on, so this plan works even for family members with chronic diseases.

There is also up to S$2,000 in hotel extension benefits per insured person. This is useful because if, say, a loved one needs to stay behind for treatment, you’ll have to pay for extra hotel nights for the rest of the family. This benefit can help offset the added expenses.


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Citi Credit Card Complimentary Travel Insurance



Banks commonly offer free travel insurance with their credit card when you use the qualifying card to book a plane ticket or overseas hotel for your family trip.

The majority of these travel insurance only cover accidental death or serious injury, as well as travel inconveniences such as luggage delays and trip cancellations.

However, Citi Credit Card Complimentary Travel Insurance includes overseas medical coverage for both accidental injuries as well as sickness. Both the principal cardholder and the spouse are covered for up to S$40,000 for overseas medical benefits, while dependent children are covered for up to S$20,000.

Additionally, this policy also covers you if you choose to wait till you come back to Singapore before seeking treatment (such as if you fall sick while on the plane back) – within one week of your return. Follow-up treatments are also covered at up to 5% of the benefit limit.

Why is this the Best Travel Insurance Plan for a Family


This travel insurance plan is offered on a complimentary basis when you charge the cost of the trip to a qualifying Citi credit card. Besides the cardholder, the spouse and dependent children are covered under the policy by default.

While the plan does well in personal accidents and overseas medical cover, it doesn't score quite so highly when it comes to travel inconveniences. Benefits for baggage loss or delay and trip cancellation are rather low.

One more thing to note: This plan does not have COVID-19 cover, so if you are concerned about that, you may want to purchase a separate COVID-19 plan.

But remember, you’re getting all this coverage at no added cost. This plan could be a viable alternative for those who are going on a short family trip that does not require bringing too many belongings.

Or, if you forgot to get a travel plan beforehand, this could also act as a backup in a pinch.


Best Family Travel Insurance Plans


Travel Insurance

Product Highlights

Seedly Travel Insurance
seedly TI logo


- Up to S$300,000 accidental death and permanent disablement benefit
- Up to S$1,000,000 personal liability benefit
- Up to S$500,000 medical expenses overseas benefit (including COVID-19)
- Up to S$40,000 medical expenses in Singapore-
- Up to S$10,000 baggage loss benefit
- Up to S$1,500 baggage delay benefit (S$150/6h)
- Up to S$10,000 trip cancellation benefit
Singlife Travel Insurance
- Up to unlimited overseas medical benefits
- Up to S$500,000 personal accident cover
- Double indemnity for public transport
- Up to S$50,000 overseas hospital income
- Up to S$50,000 overseas hospital income in ICU
- Up to S$2 mil personal liability cover
- Up to S$40,000 benefit for trip cancellation (family total)
- Up to S$8,000 lost baggage benefit
- Includes COVID-19 cover
DBS/POSB TravellerShield Plus
- Up to S$1 mil personal accident cover
- Up to S$1 mil overseas medical cover
- Includes COVID-19 benefits
- Up to S$15,000 for journey cancellation
- Up to S$8,000 for luggage and personal belongings
- Up to S$2,000 for hotel extension
- Includes adventurous activities
- Paid add-on for pre-existing conditions
- Available in three tiers
Citi Credit Card Complimentary Travel Insurance
- Up to S$1 million personal accident cover
- Up to S$40,000 overseas medical cover (including sickness)
- Up to S$100,000 emergency evacuation and repatriation
- Baggage loss or delay, flight delay, trip cancellation or interruption cover
- Covers cardholder, spouse and dependant children


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Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

Note: This is only product information provided. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before buying the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product is suitable for you. Buying an insurance product that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs.

If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from you any expense incurred by the insurer in underwriting the policy.


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