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Best Travel Insurance Plans for Adventure Seekers

Alexa Fang

Alexa Fang

Last updated 17 November, 2022

Attention adventure seekers: Are you buying the right travel insurance plan that covers all of your needs?

“Great things don’t come from comfort zones.”

– Roy Bennett

If you live for the moments that literally take your breath away, "comfort zone" is probably a dirty phrase for you. You’re always on the lookout for new experiences to get the adrenaline going. 

Such experiences may or may not come in the form of travel, but when it does, it’s imperative that you don’t take risks here. Whether you plan on sky diving or bungee jumping, safety and peace of mind should not be compromised. Make sure that you’re not just insured – you're well insured.

When it comes to travel insurance, note that you can opt to buy single trip plans, family plans, or annual plans. In this article, we will be touching on some of the best travel insurance in Singapore for single trip coverage.

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Tip #1: Buy Your Travel Insurance In Advance

Ideally, the best time to purchase travel insurance is 30 to 60 days before your trip. This is because some insurers may not insure you if you purchase any policy too close to the start of your trip.

Also, this means you will have the luxury of time to compare and find a policy that is best suited for you. If you have a specific budget or coverage in mind, use a free comparison tool to compare rates between the top insurers. In fact, you can start comparing travel insurance plans now on SingSaver.

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Tip #2: Make Sure You Get The Coverage You Need

While the next natural thing to do is to compare policy premiums, it is important to check what the insurance plan covers first. Ask yourself: What coverage do I need?

And remember: Coverage first, price second.

As a thrill seeker, you’re most likely to go for “independent international trips”. Your itinerary is likely to include extreme sports or riskier activities such as skydiving or parachuting.

What you should consider is a plan that offers higher medical coverage. The truth is, you have a higher chance of getting injured than someone on a spa vacation. It’s best to be prepared. If you are on an impromptu trip and are flying on budget, you might also want to go for a policy with high coverage for flight cancellation, and loss/damage of baggage. For your benefit, we’ve made a few comparisons below:

Medical Coverage (Overseas)
Cancellation Coverage (Before Departure)
Loss/Damage of Bags or Belongings
Price* (Adult)

*The premiums reflected here are discounted from the original and are SingSaver exclusive. These promos may change at any time, please refer to our travel insurance comparison table for the most updated figures.

The main highlights of these plans include:

  • Trip cancellation (before departure)
  • Overseas medical and accidental treatment expenses
  • Post-trip medical expense
  • Loss and/or damage of Bags and Belongings(including laptops and mobile phones)
  • Terrorism threat cover
  • Coverage for leisure activities

If you need extra or special protection – like sports equipment protector or pet care – you may want to consider getting add-ons. Always check the policy wording to ensure you have adequate coverage for items that are important to you. 

sky diving, adventure, thrill seeker, travel, paragliding -SingSaver

Tip #3: Take Note of Special Clauses and Exclusions

Last but not least, there are certain things to be mindful of when buying travel insurance, and after purchasing the policy you need. Do take note that certain extreme sports, unless otherwise mentioned, may not be included in your coverage.

In addition, when participating in recreational and sports activities, ensure that they are managed by a licensed commercial operator and that you follow the rules and safety procedures (including wearing appropriate safety equipment).

This could determine whether or not you’d be eligible for coverage and claims.

Read more: 10 Tips To Buying The Right Travel Insurance in Singapore

Compare and apply for the best travel insurance plans on SingSaver

As you plan your epic holiday, it’s worth asking yourself the above questions. Remember the cheapest travel insurance plan is not always the best policy. Rather, compare and apply for the travel insurance that best fits your need. And though it can take a little time, always read the fine print (terms and conditions) carefully! At SingSaver, we offer a free and easy one-stop service that compares all the travel insurance promotions on the market.

Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

Note: This is only product information provided. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before buying the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product is suitable for you. Buying an insurance product that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs.

If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from you any expense incurred by the insurer in underwriting the policy.


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Alexa is a pop-culture vulture. She lives to read, write and travel, and decided long ago that life is stranger than fiction. When she’s having croissant, she thinks in French. “31 Rue Cambon” is her favourite address, and she believes that money one enjoyed spending is never money wasted.