Best HDB Renovation Contractors In Singapore For Every Type Of Budget

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 09 September, 2021

These nine highly experienced HDB-approved contractors can help you navigate the restrictions and requirements of renovating your home. 

Renovating your HDB flat is an exciting prospect. More than just new furniture and a fresh coat of paint, it’s your chance to alter your living space to better suit your needs and preferences. 

It can, also, be a living nightmare, if you happen to engage a shady renovation firm that does shoddy work, and sticks you with an unreasonably large bill at the end. 

Or, an inexperienced one that mistakenly thought they could go ahead and plaster your ceiling, causing you to face an expensive restoration order from the authorities.   

To help homeowners steer clear of such heartbreaking (and wallet-busting) scenarios, the HDB Board has put out a series of guidelines and requirements, and a list of contractors who acknowledge and agree to abide by them. 

We’ve gone one step further. Here’s a list of nine highly experienced HDB-approved renovation contractors to meet your home improvement needs - whether you have a small, medium or large budget.  

9 HDB-approved contractors to handle your home improvement projects - from budget to luxe

Renovation contractor HighlightSuggested budget
Chop Heng Long Interior Design and RenovationCustom-built furnishing and fittingsS$15,000 - S$50,000
DesignscaleAward-winning interior designsS$20,000 - S$200,000
Earth Interior Design Elevated, accented designs with that something extraS$8,000 - S$150,000
Furntex Design & ContractsTailor-made carpentry servicesS$10,000 to S$100,000
Hurry General ContractorHighly experienced construction firmS$10,00 to S$30,000
I-Max DesignAffordable HDB renovation packagesS$25,000 to S$30,000
Majestic Construction EngrgOver 20 years experience across multiple ID projectsS$10,000 to S$150,000
T&T Design ArtisanSpecialists in modern interior designS$15,000 to S$20,000
Teng Hong RenovateFull range of home renovation works and servicesS$10,000 to S$60,000

Chop Heng Long Interior Design and Renovation

9632 3845, 6343 1449

Serving the renovation and home improvement needs of homeowners in Singapore since the 1980s, Chop Heng Long Interior Design is a highly recommended one-stop shop that can manage your home renovation project from start to finish. 

Together with their dedicated carpentry and tiling partners, Chop Heng Long Interior Design can provide customised furniture and finishings without the need to go through third-party providers, making things more convenient for you.

Their prices are highly reasonable too, with BTO renovation packages starting from S$15,000, and resale premium packages starting from S$35,000.


6396 6081

Founded by a trio of award-winning interior designers, Designscale has completed over 500 interior design projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia and China. 

The full-fledged architecture and interior design firm specialises in delivering tailor-made interior environments according to the client’s unique tastes and personality, elevating homes and spaces that are both distinctive and functional. 

Besides being HDB-approved, Designscale is also a recipient of multiple awards and licenses, including Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award, Singapore Furniture Design Award, and Bizsafe.

Earth Interior Design

8813 1818

Earth Interior Design is a multi-award-winning, HDB-approved interior design firm, with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. The firm has a wealth of experience designing and managing a variety of projects for residential and commercial properties.

As such, you can expect to find design ideas and aesthetics that are a little more elevated and nuanced, perfect if you’re the type who appreciates having a home environment that is slightly more evocative. 

There’s a promotion you can take advantage of if you’re thinking of giving their services a try - their Cosy Abode Package is going for under S$10,000.

Furntex Design and Contracts

6842 1011

An interior designer and renovation contractor with over 20 years’ experience, Furntex Design and Contracts has built a reputation for clean, sleek, brightly-lit apartment designs that have instant mass appeal. 

Their advantage lies in their in-house carpentry department, through which they can freely create customised designs for tailored furnishings and fittings. This helps you shape your home exactly as you desire, so you can do away with awkwardly sized furniture and empty corners. 

Get in touch with Furntex Design and Contracts if you foresee your renovation requiring a lot of carpentry works. As they have a direct production facility, there’s a good chance you’ll receive a better price, along with one-stop convenience. 

Hurry General Contractor

6482 6388

Unlike some of the others on this list, Hurry General Contractor is a true-blue construction firm that found success venturing into interior design services.

Now, we all know the pain of reality not matching up to our expectations, and when it comes to home improvement works, the cause is often a mismatch between the design idea and the actual execution.

Hence, we reckon it’s a good idea to have an experienced construction team that can put forward practical and workable designs, instead of fanciful ideas that are difficult or expensive to properly execute. 

Also, with their construction expertise, Hurry General Contractor would be the most qualified choice for those seeking to perform extensive alterations to their HDB flats.

I-Max Design

6781 3816
Whatsapp: 9183 9939

I-Max Design prides itself on offering one of the finest craftsmanship in the interior design space, a claim that is backed up by over 30 years of satisfied customers. 

A look through its portfolio reveals that the firm is skilled in a variety of interior design styles and themes, utilising colours, textures and shapes to uplift and transform dowdy apartment units into spectacular living spaces. 

But perhaps the best thing about I-Max is the affordable package deals. The firm is currently offering BTO kitchen renovation at just S$3,888. For whole-flat renovation, you can find package deals starting at S$23,888 for a three-room HDB flat.

Majestic Construction Engrg

9693 5349

When renovating your HDB flat, you may not always need to hire an Interior Designer. If you already have a solid idea of what you want, you can work directly with a contractor to bring your design to life. 

That’s where a firm like Majestic Construction Engrg comes in. A highly experienced HDB-approved contractor, Majestic has demonstrated its capabilities and workmanship across several home refurbishment projects for HDB apartments and condominium units. 

The firm will work closely with you, refining your ideas to deliver the best possible version of your vision. The team is also highly resourceful, and able to work within a wide range of budgets. 

T&T Design Artisan

6258 0223

A specialist in modern interior design, T&T Design Artisan has a team of over 20 professionals, all dedicated to turning your living space into something special. 

The firm is known for its contemporary interior design aesthetics with luxury touches that elevate ordinary homes into stunning spaces that could easily be featured on a glossy design magazine cover. 

Space planning and layout is another one of their strengths, evident from the many gorgeous projects featured on the portfolio on their website.

If you’re looking to give your BTO flat that professional flourish, you’re in luck. T&T is offering BTO renovation packages starting from a mere S$15,000. 

Teo Hong Renovate

8468 1302

Making their start more than 40 years ago, as a tiling specialist, Teo Hong Renovate has since grown into a full-service renovation contractor, offering customers in Singapore a complete range of home improvement and renovation services.

Their repertoire today emcompassses not only all the technical knowledge and skilled labour required to transform a home, but also pre-project consultation and all-round project management to ensure a job well done. 

With such depth of experience and breadth of capabilities, there’s no doubt Teo Hong Renovate is perfectly capable of serving as your go-to director contractor for all your refurbishment needs. 

On top of looking pretty, your home should give you a peace of mind. Make sure you cover all corners with the right home insurance plan.

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