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Top 6 Electricians in Singapore for Home Electrical Installation and Repairs (and How Much They Cost)

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 17 August, 2021

From replacing worn out power sockets to installing rooftop solar power systems, here are six professional electrician services to solve all your home electrical needs. 

For the vast majority of us, having our electrical supplies work at the flip of a switch is a common enough experience.

However, electrical issues can and do crop up. Switches stop working, lights need fixing, or you suddenly find yourself needing another power socket in that corner. 

While the DIY crowd will insist that many home electrical repairs can be performed by yourself, being able to do so safely and efficiently requires a degree of technical know-how. After all, electricity is dangerous, and the risk of serious injuries cannot be taken lightly.

So unless you’re certified to carry out electrical repairs - and absolutely know what you’re doing - it’s best to call in the experts. 

Here are six professional electrician services providers in Singapore that will attend to your electrical works safely and reliably.   

6 reliable electricians in Singapore for home installation and repairs

NameServices providedOpening hours
Daylight ElectricianElectrical installation and repairs, power failure and troubleshooting, installation of lights, power sockets, ceiling fans, electrical wiring. Daily, 9am - 9pm
Repairs.sgElectrical repairs, installations, rewiring. Also power trips and electrical emergencies.Mon to Sat, 9am - 8pm
Get ElectricianInstall and replace lights, down lights and chandeliers, replace or install 3-pin socket outlets, install ceiling and wall fans. By appointment
Handymanservices.sgInstall and replace light fittings and bulbs, replace power socket outlet, install instant and storage heaters, install wall-mounted and ceiling fans. By appointment
Electrician SingaporeRepair and installation of interior, pool or landscape lighting, electrical system and meter upgrade, house grounding, solar system installation, install ceiling fan, install water heater By appointment
Isoteam HomecareSupply and install power sockets, switches and lighting points, replace light bulbs and fittings, install chandeliers, ceiling fan, CCTV and water heater, troubleshooting, rewiring works 24/7

Daylight Electrician

Whatsapp: 8241 0032
Opening hours: Daily, 9am - 9pm 

Daylight Electrician price list - prices inclusive of transport and labour

Install or replace lightings (LED, light bulb, downlight, ceiling lights etc)S$90 to S$120 per unit, with discounted rates for subsequent units
Replace power socketFrom S$86 per unit, from S$43 per subsequent unit
Replace light switchFrom S$86 per unit, from S$43 per subsequent unit
Supply and install dimmer switch point (non-concealed)From S$90
Supply and install light switch point (non-concealed)From S$90
Supply and install 13AMP power point (non-concealed)From S$90


A glance at their website reveals that Daylight Electrician is an award-winning and highly experienced electrician services provider that has served thousands of satisfied customers. 

The fully licensed team of trained electricians are available 9am to 9pm every day, so there’s a good chance they can attend to your service requests in a timely and speedy manner. 

Another benefit is that Daylight Electricians offer a 30-day warranty for all service cases, which provides an additional layer of confidence and assurance.

Their prices may seem costly at first glance, but do bear in mind the costs listed include labour and transport. Also, there’s a discounted rate for subsequent units needing repairs or installations. 

In any case, Daylight Electrician will strive to give you an accurate and transparent quote before proceeding. In case a site visit is required, any inspection charges will be waived from the final bill.

Whatsapp: 9070 6060
Opening hours: Mon to Sat, 9am - 8pm price list - selected services

Switch repair, switch supply and installFrom S$30, S$35
Light repair, light supply and installFrom S$40, S$55 
Power socket repair, power socket supply and installFrom S$40
Heater switch supply and installFrom S$40
Resolve power tripFrom S$50
Ceiling fan/Water heater installationFrom S$60
Doorbell supply and installFrom S$90
Transport feeS$40

Source not only provides a range of electrician services commonly required by homeowners, but does so at some of the most competitive prices around. 

Service costs start at only S$30 to repair a broken switch, and lighting repairs may be had from S$40 per light onwards. Beyond services for power sockets, switches and light bulbs, it also provides installation services for ceiling fans, water heaters and doorbells. 

The company is also known for its electrical rewiring packages, which can improve the safety of an old unit, or increase the availability of powerpoints for new ones. You’ll need to have an on-site inspection if you’re planning on extensive rewiring. keeps its costs low with a flat transport fee of S$40 per trip, although it would be wise to call ahead and alert the team if your premises are experiencing limited access, such as broken down lifts, or faraway parking

Get Electrician

Whatsapp: 9172 6611
Opening hours: By appointment

Get Electrician price list - selected services

Replace light bulb, fittings or switchFrom S$50 to S$75
Install lighting pointS$55 to S$65, additional points at S$30 each
Install chandelierFrom S$120 to S$140, additional installation at S$100 each
Replace power socketS$65 to S$85 each 
Install new power socketS$80 to S$120 each 
Install wall fan, ceiling fanFrom S$120
Install water heaterFrom S$60
TroubleshootingS$50 to S$60
HDB rewiring packagesFrom S$1,699


Get Electrician is an experienced home services provider that also offers handyman and contractor services, so if you’re looking to embark on a home makeover, you might be able to get a good bundle deal by booking multiple services from them at one go. 

The company is able to take on a large number of electrical projects that may not be offered by other, more specialised providers. For instance, installation of chandeliers, which is a lighting project that requires more care than other lighting types. 

Of note is their HDB rewiring packages, which start at just S$1,699 for three-room flats, and include power sockets and lighting points, aircon point, water heater point and 10-way DB box.

While there are no transportation fees, there is a minimum charge of S$100. Hence, Get Electrician should only be engaged if you have a substantial amount of work to be done.

Whatsapp: 8282 6888
Opening hours: By appointment price list - selected services

Install light bulbs and fittingsFrom S$60
Replace power socket outletFrom S$60
Install or replace instant/storage heaterFrom S$100, S$150
Install wall-mounted fanFrom S$120
Install ceiling fanFrom S$150


Another one-stop home services provider that can also help you with your electrical issues is

The father-and-son team prides itself on being able to take on a range of home repairs and replacements, attending to every and any type of service request put in by their customers. 

This could be a boon if you prefer to work with familiar faces, instead of dealing with a revolving cast of strangers.

Although the electrician services listed on their website seem rather sparse, the all-rounded and qualified team is capable of solving most common household issues. You can find out more about their services and charges by dropping them a line. 

Electrician Singapore 

Tel: 6631 8553
Contact form 
Opening hours: By appointment

Electrician Singapore price list - selected services

Replace or install light bulbs or fittings S$40 to S$55
Replace light switches, install lighting pointFrom S$50
Install chandelierFrom S$105
Replace power socketFrom S$50
Install new power socketFrom S$60
Install 15A power pointFrom S$130
Replace 32A distribution box and circuit breakerFrom S$110


Electrician Singapore has a wider repertoire than most others on the list, and surprisingly, offers pretty competitive rates to boot!

Some of their listed services include landscape and pool lighting, solar power system installation, as well as installation of large capacity storage water heaters, indicating some familiarity with landed property and other larger types of residential properties. 

Additionally, the company offers a suite of specialist electrician services, such as upgrading your home power systems and changing of your electrical meters. 

They are also able to offer consultations on energy saving, which can help you shave dollars off your utilities bills

ISOTeam Homecare

Tel: 6745 0150
Whatsapp: 8877 6176
Contact form 
Opening hours: 24/7

ISOTeam Homecare price list - selected services

Supply and replace power socketS$60 to S$80 for first unit, S$30 to S$35 for subsequent units
Supply and install new power socketS$90 to S$100 for first unit, S$70 to S$80 for subsequent units
Replace light bulbs and fittingsS$60 for first unit, S$10 to S$30 for subsequent units
Install chandelier From S$100
Install pendant lightS$100 for first unit, S$70 for subsequent units
Install ceiling fanS$80 to S$180
Supply and install water heater pointS$80
Supply and install CCTV (1 set)S$850
HDB rewiring packagesFrom S$2,100 onwards


When you have a complex home electrical project on your hands and need to call in the big guys, you can’t go wrong with ISOTeam Homecare.

The company has over 15 years of specialist and generalist electrician services experience, and proudly backs up their expertise with a whopping 90-day service warranty. 

At this point, you’re probably expecting them to charge an arm and a leg for their services. However, their charges are surprisingly competitive, especially since prices of installations after the first unit enjoy a discount. 

So what’s the catch? Well, surcharges - namely, for service requests after 6pm on weekdays (S$50), as well as for Saturdays (S$50), Sundays (S$80) and public holidays (S$100).

However, if your electrician works are not urgent and you can net a weekday appointment free of surcharges, you can look forward to highly qualified and professional service, as well as a three-month period in case any rectifying works are needed.

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