Guide to Renovation and Interior Design Comparison Platforms in Singapore

Ching Sue Mae

Ching Sue Mae

Last updated 28 May, 2020

Minimalistic, Scandinavian, modern or industrial—which style would you choose? Here are the renovation platforms available to help you find the right interior designer to make your dream home a reality. 

The cost of a home renovation in Singapore can range from $30,000 to $70,000 depending on the size of your property and how much renovation you will require. Due to the hefty costs, many decide to take out renovation loans or personal loans to cover everything without breaking their wallets.

Before shelling out thousands of dollars on your home renovation, you should first do your own due diligence by checking out various interior design (ID) companies. This will help you to make a better decision when it comes to choosing an ID you can trust. The due diligence could start with a simple check on their customer reviews and past projects, to get a better idea of what you can expect.  

Here are the renovation comparison platforms available in Singapore:

Renovation and Interior Design Comparison Platforms in Singapore
  Qanvast Renopedia HomeRenoGuru Redbrick Homes RenoNation RenoTalk
Renovation inspiration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Reviews by homeowners Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Found in forums 
Free quote Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Renovation calculator Yes Yes Yes No No No
Product/services suggestions Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Articles  Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Additional perks of using platform $50,000 deposit guarantee Free e-magazine and renovation checklist Virtual home tours  IDMate to match homeowners to IDs HDB defects checklist provided Forums for renovation discussion


At the top of the list is Qanvast, a renovation platform that connects homeowners with trusted interior designers. Clean and easy to navigate, this site has everything you need when it comes to your home renovation. You can filter to view projects based on property type, style and number of rooms. 

What you can find on Qanvast: 

  • Inspiration for your own house with your own Qanvast board 

Discover local interior ideas, complete with renovation costs and photos from like minded homeowners. Similar to Pinterest, you can save your favourite projects onto your very own Qanvast board. This helps you to consolidate your favourite home designs to help you discover your idea of a dream home. 

  • Reviews and ratings to help you find a trusted interior designer (ID)

On Qanvast, each ID has a profile page of their own and you can read the reviews contributed by homeowners that have completed their renovation with the firm. Companies are also rated based on criteria such as professionalism, workmanship, design and project management. 

  • Peace of mind with $50,000 deposit guarantee

Something that makes this platform stand out from the rest, Qanvast safeguards your renovation deposit with a free $50,000 Qanvast Guarantee


Renopedia is an online home renovation portal for Singapore homeowners to find inspiration, solutions, tips, ideas and the right interior designers for your dream home. Besides providing you with inspiration for your renovation, it also features reviews by homeowners and offers various promotions. 

What you can find on Renopedia:

  • Useful interior design videos 

Called RenoTube, Renopedia hosts a collection of home interior design videos. These range from videos that offer a look at different interior designs, tips for homeowners as well as light-hearted videos centred around renovation. 

  • Handy renovation calculator

Similar to Qanvast, Renopedia also offers a renovation calculator on their website. This helps you to come up with a lower and upper limit of the budget you could be looking at for your home renovation.  

  • Free quote and renovation checklist

Filling in the form for a free quote on Renopedia will also reward you with a free e-magazine, renovation checklist and more. 


HomeRenoGuru (HRG) is an online renovation marketplace for both residential and commercial properties under one roof. Besides viewing residential projects for inspiration, you can also find interior designers for both residential or commercial properties.

  • Take a tour of someone else’s dream home

Take a home tour with different homeowners in Singapore through HRG’s dream homes tour. Each video is unique, featuring different families, houses and renovation types. This will give you some inspiration for the type of home you would like based on the house type and budget. 

  • Get a recommendation with HRG’s quiz 

This short quiz gets you to choose how you would like your home to look like while taking into consideration your budget. Based on the preferences selected in HRG’s 3-min quiz, you will be recommended with three design firms.

  • Gift of the month

Look out for HRG’s gift of the month. Currently, you will receive a free smart home lock (worth $960) when you engage any of HRG’s top design firms.

Redbrick Homes

Redbrick Homes (previously known as Property Quotient), is a one-stop digital shop for all your home design and refurbishment needs. On Redbrick Homes, you can browse local home ideas from the project gallery and also find local interior designers. 

What you can find on Redbrick Homes:

  • Find out your ideal interior design style and get matched to an ID 

IDMate matches homeowners to IDs. By entering your home details and selecting home interiors you like, IDMate derives your ideal home interior design. It goes a step further to help you select three interior designers based on your requirements.

  • Free renovation guide

Receive a free 80-page renovation guide by entering your email. This guide includes a renovation checklist as well as exclusive promotions and deals from Redbrick Homes’ partners.


Renonation is a renovation and interior design website that provides renovation tips and interior design inspiration. From selecting interior design themes to furniture types and kitchen tiles, RenoNation’s blog provides you with the latest renovation tips to spruce up your home.

What you can find on RenoNation:

  • Defects checklist 

Checking for defects is one of the first things you should do before moving into your new home. You can find a handy HDB defects checklist on RenoNation to help you make sure you cover all grounds when inspecting your flat. 

  • Participate in ongoing events

RenoNation holds events from time to time, offering homeowners the latest promotions and products. For example, they have a BTO Group Buy for homeowners to enjoy perks or discounts for home appliances and electronics. 


One that differs slightly from the other renovation platforms on this list, RenoTalk is a renovation platform for people to talk and engage on renovation matters. Think of this as a forum much like Hardwarezone or Reddit, except purely for renovation conversations. RenoTalk also reaches out to not just the Singapore audience, but also renovators in Malaysia.

What you can find on RenoTalk:

  • Active forums on renovation topics

On RenoTalk, you can find ongoing discussions about anything and everything home or renovation related. These forums are sectioned into renovation and ID forums, life after renovation forums and more. 

  • Videos on interior design and renovations 

Not quite like videos by Property Lim Brothers that give you a tour of beautiful homes around Singapore, videos on RenoTalk cover topics such as your home design, renovation tips and insights from interior designers. 

  • Professional services

You can find vendors that offer home-related services on RenoTalk, such as plumbing, landscaping, air conditioning and more. 

Time to also design a budget for your dream home

It’s important to set yourself a budget for your renovation, to ensure that you spend within your means while trying to create your dream home. Some of the platforms listed above offer renovation calculators to help you estimate your total renovation cost. 

For those facing financial constraints servicing renovation fees, you can consider a renovation loan or personal loan. Apart from comparison platforms for renovation companies, you can use SingSaver to compare personal loans for your renovations. 

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