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Mums of Singapore – here are credit cards that help you cut on serious everyday costs.

Children bring joy and purpose, but at a base level, what they are is expensive. Nothing teaches you to stretch a dollar (or your patience) like parenthood. On the upside, mothers can save a bundle with the right credit cards. Here are the best credit cards for mums in Singapore:

Best for Everyday Expenses: Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Cardblog_applynow_cta_200x44

If you drive to pick up the children from school, or handle the groceries, the Citi Cash Back Card should be your go-to card. With 8% cashback at petrol stations and grocery stores (6% is more typical for most cashback cards), this will save you a significant amount every month. Consider:

If you spend S$180 on petrol and S$250 on groceries each month, you’re getting back S$34.40 a month. That’s enough to cover most of a tin of milk powder, a school textbook, school shoes, etc.

The other advantage is versatility–there is an unpredictable range of things your children will need, and you would be restricted with vouchers or coupons that are for a specific product (e.g. a voucher strictly for scented candles or pizza). Cashback returns the benefits in pure cash, so the savings apply everywhere.

If you apply for this card through SingSaver.com.sg, you also get a S$50 rebate on the first S$200 you spend.

Qualifying Criteria & Costs

To qualify for this card, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents must earn at least S$30,000 per annum. Foreigners must earn at least S$42,000.

Annual fees are S$192.60, but this is waived for the first year. Supplementary cards are S$96.30, but fees are also waived on the first year.


This card provides the highest cashback on groceries and petrol. Even if you don’t drive, it helps to maximise savings on your household needs. It’s also versatile–getting cash beats getting vouchers for specific products.


The cashback for non-grocery shopping, and for overseas purchases, is only 0.25%. This card is not ideal for clothes shopping, vacations abroad, electronics, etc.


Best for Retail Spend: DBS Women’s World MasterCard Card

DBS Woman's World MasterCard Card

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Mothers don’t spend less on shopping, they spend more; except now the bulk of the purchases will be for the children. Whether you are doing up a nursery for a newborn or raising a 14-year-old who demands an Xbox, you will end up spending more on retail. This card lets you optimise your retail spend with fast points accumulation, and it gives you priority booking with Comfort and CityCab–essential on those shopping trips with the children.

This credit card for women gives you 2.5% cashback on retail expenditures. The main feature, however, is fast points accumulation: you get 10 DBS for every S$5 spent on online shopping, and three DBS points for every S$5 spent overseas. In physical stores, this is one of the most recognised cards so you can sure of earning points practically anywhere you spend.

You can trade in DBS points for rewards like appliances, vouchers for groceries, and more retail discounts. All of these can go back to your children’s needs.

Qualifying Criteria and Costs

Singaporeans and Permanent Residents must earn S$80,000 per annum to qualify for this card. Annual fees are S$192.60, and supplementary cards have a fee of S$96.30 per annum.

Fees are waived for the first year.


Fast points accumulation, and good for retail spending anywhere; even online. This is your go-to card for non-grocery based expenses.


This card is not optimised for non-retail spending (e.g. buying petrol), and may be less useful if you never shop online.

Best for Boosting Bank Savings: UOB One Card

UOB One Card

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Parenthood means saving and scrimping. This is the one card that helps you do that: apart from earning cashback, card holders can get up to 3.33% per annum in savings on their UOB account. You can do this by:

  • Crediting your salary into a UOB account
  • Spending at least S$500 a month on retail on this card
  • Having three GIRO transactions related to the account

These are standard banking procedures, which most people will be doing anyway.

This card also offers 5% cashback, if you spend S$2,000 a month for three consecutive months. This is not the main feature of the card (the boost in your savings account is), but if your family expenses (just combine them all on this card) comes to S$2,000 a month or over, the cashback is at least S$100 a month. This is on top of accumulated points and boosted savings interest.

Qualifying Criteria & Costs

Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents must earn S$30,000 per annum to qualify, and foreigners must earn S$40,000 per annum. Annual fees are S$128.40, but the first year is always waived. Supplementary cards are S$64.20 per annum, but there is no fee for the first supplementary card.


A good way to boost your bank savings if you have an existing UOB account, and you already spend about S$500 per month.


Not very useful without a UOB account. The expenditure to get the 5% cashback may be excessive if you earn close to the S$30,000 per annum range, so maybe spend less and use a separate cashback card.

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