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Choosing Your Japan Trip Insurance for Peace of Mind

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 28 February, 2024

Travelling to Japan and wondering which travel insurance to get in Japan? Read our recommendations of travel insurance for a Japan trip.  

If you love Japan, you’re not alone. In December 2022 alone, over 67,000 Singaporeans paid a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun – that’s enough to fill 150 Airbus 380s!

No doubt there’s plenty to see, do and love about Japan, but making a trip there isn’t without hazards. For one, the country is prone to earthquakes and typhoons, which can cause flight disruptions and wreak havoc on your itinerary. And even if your luggage should go missing (rare, but it happens), who wants to waste precious holiday time fretting about having to spend extra on replacement clothing and personal items?

No one, of course. Which is why it’s a good idea to compare travel insurance plans and sign up for a robust one that fits your needs before you jet off, lest you just happen to draw the short straw and find yourself in need of some assistance. 

And not to be a nag or anything but, COVID-19 still remains a menace, which means having travel insurance is the smarter play no matter which way you slice it. 

Best Travel Insurance With COVID-19 Coverage in Singapore

AIG Travel Guard® Direct | MSIG TravelEasy | Tiq Travel Insurance | Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance | HLAS CovidSafe Travel Protect360 | FWD Travel Insurance - COVID-19 Rider | Singlife Travel Insurance | Allianz Travel Insurance | Sompo Travel (COVID-19) Insurance | Allied World Travel Protector | Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance


Table of contents:

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Is Travel Insurance With COVID-19 Coverage Still Necessary?

SingSaver's Most Recommended Travel Insurance Products: Apply today to enjoy comprehensive coverages at affordable premiums, irresistible sign-up offers, and the ultimate peace of mind during your travels.

Product Best for Key coverages Promotion
Allianz Travel Hero
[Lowest price in Singapore guaranteed]


High coverage per dollar - Up to S$500,000 for overseas medical expenses

- Up to S$150,000 accidental death and total and permanent disability

- Up to S$15,000 travel cancellation

- Up to S$3,000 flight delay (S$400 for daily receipts limit, min 6h)

- Up to S$3,000 loss of baggage
Buy now to receive:

4 miles per S$1 spend on your premium. Valid till 2 May 2024 8:59 am. and  T&Cs apply.

Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 

Exclusive on SingSaver only.
FWD Travel Insurance
[Best deal guaranteed] 



Affordability  - Up to S$1,000,000 for overseas medical expenses

- Up to S$400,000 accidental death and total and permanent disability

- Up to S$15,000 travel cancellation

- Up to S$1,000 flight delay (S$100/6h)

- Up to S$7,500 loss of baggage
Use the promo code TRAVEL25 to get a 25% discount on Single Trip and Annual Trip plans! Valid till 15 April 2024. T&Cs apply.

Buy now to receive:

4 miles per S$1 spend on your premium. Valid till 2 May 2024 8:59 am. and  T&Cs apply.

Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 
MSIG TravelEasy
[Best deal guaranteed] 



Comprehensive medical coverage - Up to S$1,000,000 for overseas medical expenses

- Up to S$500,000 accidental death and total and permanent disability

- Up to S$15,000 travel cancellation

- Up to S$1,500 flight delay (S$100/6h)

- Up to S$7,500 loss of baggage
Get up to 40% off when you buy NOW! Valid till 30 April 2024.  Also receive:

4 miles per S$1 spend 
on your premium. Valid till 2 May 2024 8:59 am. and  T&Cs apply.

Complimentary lounge access during flight delays. Valid till 1 July 2024 8:59 am. 

Safety Tips for Travelling to Japan

From Tokyo to Kyoto, there are several different cities and places to visit in Japan that cater to every traveller's taste. Whether you're drawn to the underwater world, the allure of mountain trails, or the vibrant city streets, here's how to ensure a safe and memorable experience while travelling in Japan:

Outdoor and Recreational Activities

  • Diving Safety: Japan offers fantastic diving spots. Ensure you dive with a reputable company, check your equipment, and dive within your certification limits. Consider getting adventure travel insurance that covers diving on top of regular travel insurance.
  • Hiking Precautions: If you're venturing into Japan's beautiful mountains, inform someone about your plans, carry a map, stay on marked trails, and pack essentials like water, food, and a first-aid kit.
  • Urban Exploration: When exploring cities, be mindful of bicycle and pedestrian traffic rules. Keep your belongings secure to avoid pickpocketing in crowded places.

Preparing for Natural Disasters

When preparing for your trip to Japan, it's smart to stay ready for natural events, ensuring your travel is both enjoyable and safe, ensure you have prepared and looked into the following: 

  • Travel Insurance: Make sure you purchase travel insurance with natural disaster cover. This can help cover unexpected costs from delays, cancellations, or medical emergencies.
  • Local Emergency Numbers: Have a list of local emergency numbers, including the nearest embassy or consulate, on hand.
  • Emergency Plans: Know the emergency evacuation plans of the places you are staying and visiting.

By staying informed, preparing for the unexpected, and understanding what to do in case of natural disasters, you can enjoy a safer trip to Japan. Always prioritise your safety and follow the guidance of local authorities during any emergency. 

Making it a practice to purchase your travel insurance after booking your flights can ensure this item on your travel to-do list is not overlooked.

How Much Does Japan Travel Insurance Cost?

To understand the cost of travel insurance for a trip to Japan, it's essential to consider various factors that influence the price. Here's an overview:

  • Coverage Level: The extent of coverage you choose (basic, medium, or comprehensive) significantly impacts the cost. Comprehensive plans, offering extensive protection, will be more expensive.
  • Trip Duration: The length of your stay in Japan affects the premium. Longer trips incur higher costs due to the extended coverage period.
  • Traveler's Age: Insurance costs tend to be higher for older travellers, reflecting the increased risk of health issues.
  • Additional Benefits: Coverage for specific activities (e.g., diving, skiing) or conditions (e.g., pre-existing medical conditions) can raise the price.

The cost of travel insurance for Japan can range significantly and different factors can influence where you choose to get your plan from.

Deciding between single-trip insurance and annual travel insurance when flying out of Singapore also plays a crucial role in determining the overall cost. For frequent travellers, opting for an annual travel insurance plan might be more cost-effective in the long run, despite its higher upfront cost compared to single-trip insurance. 

How to Pick Japan Trip Insurance

Deciding where to get travel insurance for Japan involves navigating through a myriad of options, each with its own set of coverages, benefits, and costs. To simplify the process and ensure you pick a policy that best suits your needs, follow these structured steps: 

Step 1: Assess Your Travel Needs

  • Destination Specifics: Consider Japan's unique aspects, such as natural disaster risks (earthquakes, typhoons) and urban safety concerns.
  • Activities Planned: Identify if your trip involves special activities like skiing, diving, or hiking, which may require additional coverage.

Step 2: Understand Coverage Essentials

  • Medical Coverage: Ensure the policy includes comprehensive medical insurance for illnesses and injuries, considering Japan's high healthcare costs.
  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption: Look for policies that cover trip cancellations or interruptions due to unforeseen events like natural disasters or personal emergencies.
  • Lost or Stolen Belongings: Choose a policy that provides sufficient coverage for lost luggage or stolen personal items.

Step 3: Compare Policies

Check customer feedback and reviews to gauge the insurer's reliability and claim settlement efficiency. Also, check travel insurance discounts that providers are currently offering to get alerted about limited-time offers and discounts.

Step 4: Check for Exclusions

Verify if the policy covers pre-existing medical conditions or if you need to purchase additional coverage. Ensure that your planned activities are not excluded from the policy, especially if engaging in adventure sports.

Step 5: Evaluate Cost vs. Coverage 

While cost is an important factor, prioritise the extent and adequacy of coverage to avoid being underinsured. Understand any deductibles that apply and ensure the coverage limits are adequate for your needs.

Step 6: Review Policy Details 

Read the policy details of your travel insurance thoroughly to understand the coverage limits, deductibles, exclusions, and the claim process. Confirm the availability of 24/7 emergency assistance, which can be invaluable during unexpected situations in Japan.

Step 7: Purchase from Reputable Insurers

Choose an insurer known for its reliability, customer service, and financial stability to ensure peace of mind during your travels.

By following these steps and focusing on key aspects like coverage essentials, policy comparison, and insurer reputation, you can effectively navigate the options and select the best travel insurance for your Japan trip. Remember, the right travel insurance policy not only offers protection against unforeseen events but also ensures a more secure and enjoyable travel experience.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Car Rental Excess In Japan?

When planning a trip to Japan and considering renting a car, an important question arises: Does travel insurance cover car rental excess in Japan? 

Not all travel insurance policies include car rental excess cover as standard. It's essential to carefully review the policy details or contact the insurer to confirm if this coverage is included. Policies that do cover car rental excess typically have a limit on the amount covered. Ensure this limit is adequate compared to the potential excess charges by the rental company in Japan.

Understanding the overseas car insurance coverage specifics can save you from unexpected expenses in case of an accident. Here's what you need to know: 

  • Car Rental Excess: This is the amount you're liable to pay in the event of an accident or damage to the rental vehicle. It can be a significant out-of-pocket expense without proper coverage.
  • Travel Insurance Coverage: Some travel insurance policies include coverage for rental car excess, which means the insurance will cover the excess cost that the rental company charges you in case of an accident.
  • Exclusions: Be aware of any exclusions that may apply to the car rental excess coverage. Common exclusions include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or damage to certain parts of the vehicle like tires and windscreen.

MSIG TravelEasy

Premiums* (regular): 

  • Standard: S$45.60
  • Elite: S$63.60
  • Premier: S$87.90 

Premiums* (Pre-ex):

  • Standard: S$77
  • Elite: S$97
  • Premier: S$136

MSIG TravelEasy and TravelEasy Pre-ex offers a wide range of travel benefits and provides generous claims limits for almost every item. The per-family sub-limits do bring down the upper limits somewhat, but that’s just the nature of travel insurance. 

In any case, that shouldn’t detract from the plan’s many merits, which includes high coverage for accidental death and total and permanent disability, with double cover for public transport; up to S$1 million in overseas medical expenses (along with benefits for follow-up medical treatment in Singapore; and up to S$15,000 for travel cancellation or trip curtailment. 

It’s also worth noting that the Pre-ex variant of the plan covers pre-existing conditions, so there’s no need to leave anyone out from your Japan holiday.

MSIG TravelEasy has been enhanced to provide better travel protection with over 50 benefits and COVID-19 coverage.

Allianz Travel Insurance


  • Bronze: S$37.20
  • Silver: S$67.20
  • Platinum: S$90.60

Allianz Travel Insurance provides the same level of coverage for COVID-19 claims as they do for claims arising from other covered reasons, which means you won’t be penalised with lower coverage in case the disease makes an unwelcome appearance on your trip to Japan

Another thing to like about this plan is the inclusion of several benefits that other insurers tend to charge extra for, including rental car excess waiver, sporting equipment and equipment rental, and coverage for missed activities. All these are bundled in at no extra charge. 

One drawback is the relatively low personal accident, which tops out at S$100,000, but at least it doesn't skimp on the benefits that truly matter – overseas medical and emergency evacuation. The low premiums also makes it an easy sell. 

Allianz Travel Insurance includes coverage for both COVID-19 and Cruises to Nowhere.

Tiq Travel Insurance

Premiums* (regular): 

  • Entry: S$25.80 (+S$13.80 for COVID-19 cover) 
  • Savvy: S$40.20 (+S$21.60 for COVID-19 cover)
  • Luxury: S$51.00 (+S$31.80 for COVID-19 cover)

Premiums* (pre-ex):

  • Entry: S$69 
  • Savvy: S$93 
  • Luxury: S$111.60 

Tiq Travel Insurance gives holidaymakers in Japan peace of mind with robust trip coverage including up to S$1 million for overseas medical expenses, up to S$500,000 for personal accident, and up to S$1.8 million combined coverage for emergency evacuation and repatriation. 

It also does well in hospitalisation benefits, providing up to S$20,000 in overseas hospital income (S$200 per 24 hours) and up to S$1,500 hospital allowance in Singapore (S$100 per 24 hours).

For travel inconveniences, this plan offers up to S$10,000 for trip cancellation (up to S$5,000 for COVID-19), up to S$5,000 for travel curtailment including hijack, and up to S$1,000 for travel postponement. 

Unfortunately, benefits for luggage and personal items are comparatively lower than in other plans, topping out at S$3,000. However, it does have separate benefits of S$500 each for lost money and travel documents, which may make up for it in some situations. 

One more thing to note: This travel plan has a variant that covers pre-existing conditions, so it’s a worthy consideration for those who may be dealing with such. However, COVID-19 coverage is not included for pre-ex plans, so you may want to clarify with the insurer on your rights and benefits before signing up.

Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance


  • Bronze: S$40.80
  • Silver: S$52.80
  • Platinum: S$68.40

Another value-for-money travel plan to consider when travelling to Japan is Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance, which offers up to S$1 million benefits for overseas medical expenses, unlimited cover for emergency evacuation and repatriation, and up to S$500,000 personal accident coverage. 

While COVID-19 benefits are included, they are disappointingly quite meagre, coming in at a maximum of S$65,000 for overseas medical expenses. However, the overseas hospital cash benefit helps to make up for this somewhat, with up to S$15,000 per trip (S$200 per day).

Thankfully, this plan does better in terms of travel inconveniences, covering policyholders for up to S$15,000 for travel cancellation (but only S$500 for COVID-19), up to S$7,500 in luggage and personal belongings, and up to S$4,000 for loss of travel documents. 

There is also rental vehicle excess of S$1,200 included, as well as up to S$15,000 coverage for home contents while you’re away from home. 

Enjoy additional coverage by adding Trip or Baggage coverage for an absolute peace of mind. Increase COVID-19 medical expenses coverage and protection against trip cancellations due to COVID-19 when you select either the Gold or Silver plans. T&Cs apply.

Best travel insurance plans for Japan


Key benefits


MSIG Elite Plan
MSIG Elite Plan
- Up to S$1 million overseas medical expenses (up to S$250,00 for COVID-19)
- Up to S$500,000 for accidental death or total and permanent disability (double cover on public transport)
- Up to S$1 million for emergency evacuation and repatriation 
- Up to S$15,000 for travel cancellation (up to S$5,000 for COVID-19)
- Up to S$7,500 for luggage and personal items and up to S$5,000 for travel documents
- Available in pre-ex variant that covers pre-existing conditions
From S$45.60
Allianz Travel Comprehensive Platinum Plan - Asia Pacific
Allianz Travel Comprehensive Platinum Plan - Asia Pacific
- Up to S$1 million overseas medical expenses 
- Up to S$100,000 for accidental death or total and permanent disability 
- Up to S$1 million for emergency evacuation and repatriation 
- Up to S$10,000 for travel cancellation 
- Up to S$5,000 for luggage and personal items
- COVID-19 coverage included for overseas medical expenses, trip cancellation and emergency evacuation
- Up to S$1,500 for sports coverage missed activities
- Up to S$1,500 for rental car excess
From S$37.20


Tiq Travel Luxury
Tiq Travel Luxury
- Up to S$1 million overseas medical expenses (up to S$300,000 for COVID-19)
- Up to S$500,000 for accidental death or total and permanent disability 
- Up to S$1.8 million for emergency evacuation and repatriation (up to S$500,000 for COVID-19)
- Up to S$10,000 for travel cancellation (up to S$5,000 for COVID-19)
- Up to S$3,000 for luggage and personal items
- Available in pre-ex variant for pre-existing conditions
From S$25.80 (+S$13.80 for COVID-19 cover) 
Starr TraveLead Gold Plan - Worldwide (Annual)
Starr TraveLead Gold Plan - Worldwide (Annual)
- Up to S$1 million overseas medical expenses (up to S$65,000 for COVID-19)
- Up to S$500,000 for accidental death or total and permanent disability 
- Unlimited cover for emergency evacuation and repatriation 
- Up to S$15,000 for travel cancellation (up to S$500 for COVID-19)
- Up to S$7,500 for luggage and personal items
- Up to S$1,200 rental vehicle excess
- Up to S$15,000 home contents coverage
From S$40.80

*Note: Premiums shown are for single trip, single adult, 7-day coverage period.

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