AIG Travel Guard Direct Travel Insurance Review: Top-notch Travel Insurance With Helpful Side Benefits

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 19 December, 2022

The addition of generous COVID-19 benefits has made AIG Travel Guard Direct an even more compelling option for travellers. But with many benefits only available in the higher tiers, is this the right travel insurance plan for you?


We’re going to make a bold claim here: AIG Travel Guard Direct is a travel insurance policy that has everything you could ever want. 

Its comprehensive suite of benefits range from the essentials like overseas medical expenses, personal accident and COVID-19 coverage, to customary coverage for baggage, personal documents and credit cards. There are even a selection of benefits some may find helpful, such as allowances for pet sitting, and home contents.

However, these benefits are not available across the board, and curiously, cruise coverage is only available as an add-on you’ll need to pay for. 

Is AIG Travel Guard Direct the ideal plan that will fulfil all your travel insurance needs? What do you need to know in order to make the best use of it? 

To help you find out, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this travel insurance plan, covering:

Product summary

COVID-19 coverage 

Includes COVID-19 benefits which are among the highest in the market. Receive up to S$250,000 for overseas medical expenses, including quarantine, emergency evacuation and repatriation. For trip cancellation and/or curtailment, receive up to S$7,500 in benefits. 

Top-notch overseas medical benefits

Offers up to S$2.5 million coverage  for overseas medical and associated expenses, along with benefits for in-hospital cash and continuing treatment. Personal accident benefits are also provided — up to S$300,000, and comes with a common carrier double cover clause.

Benefits for baggage, documents and credit cards

Be covered for up to S$10,000 for baggage loss and baggage delay up to S$1,600, up to S$8,000 loss of personal documents, and up to S$3,000 for credit card fraud.

Bundled with multiple useful benefits

This plan also provides cover for multiple scenarios, including car rental excess, loss of home contents, loss of sports and golfing equipment, as well as pet care allowance.

24-hour global emergency assistance

All policyholders are offered global emergency assistance via a 24/7 emergency hotline.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Has one of the highest sums assured for overseas medical expenses, including for reasons related to COVID-19   Basic tier plan doesn’t include many benefits
Provides in-hospital cash allowance, and COVID-19 overseas quarantine allowance Cruise benefits available as separate add-on
Covers against travel cancellation, curtailment and cancellation, for both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 reasons   
Comes with several useful benefits  

Policy exclusions

Before signing up, take note of the following exclusions. This policy does not cover: 

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Extreme sports and sporting activities
  • Expeditions, manual work, missionary and humanitarian travel
  • Travel through restricted regions
  • Travel against the advice of a medical practitioner

For the full list of exclusions, please refer to the policy document

Types of plans

AIG Travel Guard Direct comes in four different tiers. We’ve listed them in the table below, along with a brief summary of the benefits offered. 

Be sure to consult the policy document for the full list of benefits. 

Plan Summary of benefits
Supreme Overseas medical expenses: S$2,500,000
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$250,000

Overseas hospital cash: S$200/day, up to S$50,000
- COVID-19 quarantine allowance: S$100/day, up to 14 days

Personal accident: S$300,000 (double cover on common carriers)

Personal liability: S$1,000,000

Trip cancellation and/or curtailment: S$15,000
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$7,500

Trip alteration (pre-departure): S$2,000
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$1,500

Baggage, documents and credit cards: 
- Baggage loss: S$10,000
- Baggage delay: S$1,600
- Document loss: S$8,000
- Credit card: S$3,000

Other benefits:
- Home contents: S$5,000
- Car rental excess: S$1,500
- Golfing equipment: S$1,500
- Sporting equipment: S$2,000
- Pet care: S$50/6 hours, up to S$750
Enhanced Overseas medical expenses: S$1,000,000
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$200,000

Overseas hospital cash: S$200/day, up to S$30,000
- COVID-19 quarantine allowance: S$100/day, up to 14 days

Personal accident: S$200,000 (double cover on common carriers)

Personal liability: S$500,000

Trip cancellation and/or curtailment: S$10,000
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$5,000

Trip alteration (pre-departure): S$1,000
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$1,000

Baggage, documents and credit cards: 
- Baggage loss: S$5,000
- Baggage delay: S$1,200
- Document loss: S$5,000
- Credit card: S$2,000

Other benefits:
- Home contents: S$3,000
- Car rental excess: S$1,000
- Golfing equipment: S$1,000
- Sporting equipment: S$1,000
- Pet care: S$50/6 hours, up to S$500
Standard Overseas medical expenses: S$200,000
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$100,000

Overseas hospital cash: S$200/day, up to S$10,000
- COVID-19 quarantine allowance: S$50/day, up to 14 days

Personal accident: S$100,000 (no common carrier double cover) 

Personal liability: n/a

Trip cancellation and/or curtailment: S$5,000
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$2,500

Trip alteration (pre-departure): S$500
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$500

Baggage, documents and credit cards: 
- Baggage loss: S$3,000
- Baggage delay: S$1,000
- Document loss: S$1,000
- Credit card: n/a

Other benefits: n/a
Basic Overseas medical expenses: S$100,000
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$50,000

Overseas hospital cash: n/a
- COVID-19 quarantine allowance: S$50/day, up to 14 days

Personal accident: n/a 

Personal liability: n/a

Trip cancellation only: S$5,000
- COVID-19 sub-limit: S$2,500

Trip alteration (pre-departure): n/a

Baggage, documents and credit cards: 
- Baggage loss: S$3,000
- Baggage delay: n/a
- Document loss: S$300
- Credit card: n/a

Other benefits: n/a
Optional riders Cruise benefits:
- Supreme: S$15,000
- Enhanced: S$10,000
- Standard: n/a
- Basic: n/a


Plan Premiums
Supreme Single traveller: S$153
Family: S$379
Enhanced Single traveller: S$105
Family: S$255
Standard Single traveller: S$87
Family: S$214
Basic Single traveller: S$68
Family: S$168

The table above displays the premiums quoted for a single-trip, 10-day holiday in Japan. Two sets of premiums are shown — one for a single traveller, and another for a family (defined as you plus other adult(s) and/or children you’re travelling with).

Let’s break down the premiums for single travellers first. As you’d have gleaned from the table in the preceding section, the upper two tiers — Enhanced and Supreme — provide the most well-rounded and comprehensive suite of benefits and coverage. 

As you go down the tier into the Standard and Basic plans, sums assured are significantly reduced, and in some cases, removed entirely. 

This means that you’ll almost certainly be better served with either the Enhanced or Supreme plans, unless you already have a worldwide insurance policy and are just looking to add some other ancillary benefits. 

Now, for the family option, you’ll notice the premiums are higher by almost 2.5x that of those for single travellers. This is fair, considering that the total benefits paid out for families is capped at 250% of what a single traveller would receive. 

Do note, however, that this total limit among the members of your travel group, so if your troupe is particularly large, you may want to ensure adequate protection by going for the highest plan that suits your budget. 

In any case, AIG Travel Guard Direct provides affordable value — at least in our example. For a 10-day trip, the most you need to pay is S$153, which works out to a daily cost that is less than a meal at a mid-tier sushi restaurant.

How to make a claim 

You may submit your claims directly to AIG using their online portal. Here are the steps to follow: 

Submitting claims for AIG Travel Guard Direct 

  • Go to 
  • Go through the form and fill in the necessary fields
  • Choose your preferred payment method
  • Upload your supporting documents, including copies of your passport and travel itinerary
  • Click ‘Review and Declaration’ at the bottom of the page when ready to submit your claim

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