Ezbuy Guide: Promo Codes, Prime And Everything You Need To Know

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 12 January, 2022

As far as online shopping platforms go, Ezbuy is as good a choice as any. 

Founded in 2010,  the Singapore-based e-commerce marketplace has reinvented itself as a vibrant shopping platform attracting 1.6 million visitors monthly

In case you’re looking for yet another platform to indulge your online shopping (no judging, really), here’s an all-in-one guide that tells you all you need to know about Ezbuy. 

Last updated on 12 January 2022. Ezbuy’s promotions and deals are subject to change without prior notice.

What is Ezbuy and what can you buy?

Ezbuy is an online marketplace for lifestyle and household products. You’ll find everything from clothing and fashion, shoes, bags and accessories, to office accessories and equipment, furniture and household items, groceries and health, fitness and beauty products. 

In the beginning, the company focused exclusively on products  from the vibrant Chinese online marketplace, popularised by Taobao.

Nowadays, Ezbuy has pivoted away from mainly focussing on the Chinese e-commerce sector to branch into local and regional specialities. Although the main draw is still cheap buys coming directly from Chinese manufacturers and distributors, the company has switched its business model to include  local products as well as specialities from the USA, Korea, and Taiwan.

How does Ezbuy work?

There are three main ways you can buy from Ezbuy. 

First, browse the items listed on the website, pay for them and have your items shipped to you — just like any other online store. This is ideal if you’re into some casual shopping and can accept that with cheap prices come occasional hiccups. 

However, if you’re looking to buy multiple items that are likely to incur expensive shipping charges, such as say furniture and items for a home makeover, then you may want to make use of ezShop, the company’s concierge shopping service. 

The concept is simple enough. Just tell Ezbuy what you want to buy, and they will buy it and ship it over to you. You can shop from sellers in Taiwan, China or the USA. 

While ezShop promotes itself on convenience and peace of mind, the biggest benefit is its reduced shipping costs, which are advertised from as low as S$0.60/500gm. This is possible because of services like repacking and parcel consolidation to pare down shipping charges as much as possible. In the process, Ezbuy also offers to inspect your purchases. 

A similar service is ezShip, which is basically a shipping forwarding service that you can use to buy your favourite Chinese products from sellers that do not ship to Singapore at present. Sign up for ezShip to receive a China shipping address, which you can use to buy from vendors in China. ezShip will then deliver your purchases to Singapore for a fee. Pretty cool, right?

What should you look out for when shopping on Ezbuy?

Same products, different prices

You may have noticed that there are many similar products listed on the site, at prices that vary, sometimes to quite a large degree. This is probably due to different vendors getting their products from the same supplier but listing them at different prices as separate sellers.

So, you might want to browse around a little more when buying from the site, instead of impulse-buying the first listing you see for the product you want. Hunting down the best bargain for that bedside night light is part of the fun, right? 

What is Prime membership?

Ezbuy offers Prime membership that promises flat rate shipping at just S$2.99, no matter the weight, size and quantity of your order. This is ideal for those who make regular orders from overseas. However, it may not be an automatic money-saver for everyone.

Why? Because Prime membership is a subscription service that costs S$99 for 12 months or S$69 for 6 months. There’s also a trial option that costs S$9.90 for 5 days, which you can use to test out if Prime will really save you all that much on shipping costs in your particular case. 

How long does delivery take to Singapore?

OriginDuration (working days)
China (Shanghai/ Guangzhou)Air: 3 to 4, 4 to 8 or 6 to 9
Sea: 8 to 15
Taiwan 4 to 7
USAStandard: 4 to 6
Economy: 8 to 11

For the most part, Ezbuy delivery standards are on par with most other logistics providers. While they may not be the fastest, they make up for it by offering low shipping rates. 

Like its peers, Ezbuy is also affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and customers should expect deliveries to take slightly longer than usual.

Remember to collect your eCoins

Ezbuy has a rather quirky reward system in the form of eCoins, which are offered to all customers on a daily basis.

To collect them, all you have to do is to check in on the website or app. You’ll receive a small amount of eCoins per day, and more during promotions. You can use these eCoins to play a daily jackpot with rewards ranging from vouchers, featured products or more eCoins. 

Do remember that your eCoins are not permanent. All eCoins collected throughout the year expire on 31 March of the following year. If that happens, your eCoin count is reset to zero. 

Ezbuy Sale 

This year, enjoy exclusive promotions, discounts, deals and free shipping with Ezbuy's frequent sales. Below are a list of deals you can look forward to this month.

Promotion Promo Code Details
Million $ Markdown - App-exclusive markdown zone with thousands of heavily subsidised items.
ezCoins - Check-in daily into the ezbuy app to receive coins

Earn up to two ezCoins per product review

Category Day - Enjoy discounted deals on selected categories
Games & Activities - Take part in games to earn prizes, ezCoins and vouchers
Flash Deals - Check in daily for in-app special deals

Ezbuy Promo codes for discounts and savings 

We’ve rounded up some of the latest Ezbuy discount and promo codes. Use them to get even more value out of your shopping. 

Merchant User type Promo code Details
Citibank New CITINEW Enjoy S$10 off with a minimum spend of S$20
Citibank Existing CITI4 S$4 off with a minimum spend of S$55
Citibank Existing CITI8 S$4 off with a minimum spend of S$90
Citibank New and Existing DEC21CITI S$10 off with a minimum spend of S$100
Standard Chartered New SCBNEW21 Enjoy S$10 off with a minimum spend of S$20
HSBC New HSBCNEW21 Enjoy S$10 off with a minimum spend of S$20
HSBC New and Existing HSBCSAT Enjoy S$10 off with a minimum spend of S$100 on Saturdays
Atome Existing  - Stand a chance to win S$50 worth of Toast Box Vouchers

No minimum spend

Winners will be picked on 14 January 2022
Atome Existing - S$5 off with a minimum spend of S$50

Automatically applied during checkout

Capped at two redemptions per customer

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Use the code EZBUY10 and enjoy 10% off on all flower boxes at local florist TheBudBoxSG.com. With no minimum spend required and new designs every day, this is one happy promotion.

Looking to save more on your Ezbuy order? Simply get the right shopping credit card and you can stack credit card savings on top of your promo code.

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