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Here Are The Latest Amazon Promo Codes For 11.11 Sale

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 10 November, 2021

Gearing up for your Singles Day shopping spree? Here are all the latest Amazon deals and promo codes, as well as shopping tips to help you get the best bargains. 

Amazon Singapore offers many ways for you to save money on your online shopping. Between bank promotions, vouchers, official brand deals, first-timer perks and more, it can be bewildering trying to make sense of it all. 

To help you find the best savings and deals, we’ve sorted through and compiled all the different promos and offers you can use, just in time for your Singles’ Day shopping. 

All the Amazon/Amazon Prime deals and promo codes you can use this 11.11 bank credit card promotions - November 2021

ValidityPromoMinimum spendHow to qualifyExclusions
OngoingS$15 Gift CardS$60New user, paying with DBS or POSB card at Amazon Fresh
Visa cards
S$8 Gift CardS$120Existing user, paying with DBS or POSB card at Amazon Fresh
Visa cards 
11.11 onlyS$10 Gift CardS$150Pay with DBS or POSB card at
Visa cards 
Amazon Fresh 
S$10 Gift CardS$100Pay with Standard Chartered Mastercard, or OCBC card at

Visa cards
Amazon Fresh
12 to 25 NovS$5 Gift CardS$60Pay with Standard Chartered Mastercard, OCBC Card or GrabPay Card at Amazon.sgVisa cards
Amazon Fresh
26 to 29 NovS$10 Gift CardS$150Pay with DBS or POSB card at Amazon.sgVisa cards
Amazon Fresh
S$10 Gift CardS$100Pay with Standard Chartered Mastercard, OCBC Card or GrabPay Card at Visa cards
Amazon Fresh

ONGOING: Get Gift Card worth up to S$15 - DBS and POSB cardholders

Shop at Amazon Fresh for your daily groceries needs and receive a gift card worth up to S$15.

To qualify for this promo, be a new user, spend a minimum of S$60, and pay using a DBS or POSB card. 

Existing users, who spend at least S$120 can receive an S$8 gift card instead. 

Do note that for this promo (and all other promos mentioned), Visa cards do not qualify. Hence, be sure to pay with a Mastercard, American Express or others to receive your gift card. 

11.11 Amazon Singles Day Promo: Get S$10 Gift Card - DBS/POSB, OCBC and Stan Chart cardholders

Specifically for 11.11 Singles Day, is offering a S$10 Gift Card to all customers who pay with a DBS, POSB, OCBC, Standard Chartered or GrabPay card. 

This is a one-day-only offer, so be sure not to miss out! 

To qualify, simply fulfil the minimum spending amounts, as follows:

  • DBS and POSB cardholders - S$150
  • OCBC or Standard Chartered cardholders - S$100

Do note that Visa cards are not eligible (as mentioned above), and neither are orders from Amazon Fresh. 

12 to 25 Nov: Get S$5 Gift Card - OCBC, Stan Chart cardholders, GrabPay users

From 12 to 25 Nov, customers who spend at least S$60 on are entitled to receive a S$5 Gift Card. 

To qualify, simply pay with an OCBC or Standard Chartered card (except Visa). GrabPay users can also qualify for this promo. 

26 to 29 Nov: Get S$10 Gift Card - DBS/POSB, OCBC and Stan Chart cardholders, GrabPay users

And then from 26 to 29 Nov, a S$10 Gift Card is up for grabs for cardholders of DBS/POSB, OCBC and Standard Chartered, as well as GrabPay users.

To qualify, simply fulfil the following minimum spends: 

  • DBS and POSB cardholders - S$150
  • OCBC and Standard Chartered cardholders - S$100
  • GrabPay users - S$100

Amazon gift cards are a great way to stretch your dollars, as you can stack them on top of other promotions, or use them in any way you choose. Hence, don’t miss your chance to be rewarded with some! 

Other discounts and promotions to help you save even more 

Check for Amazon Vouchers

This isn’t very widely advertised on Amazon’s homepage, but there’s actually a whole category of Amazon Vouchers you can make use of to save money while shopping on Amazon. 

These work just like hardcopy vouchers - simply click them on Collect Voucher for a product you like, then add that product to your cart. The voucher will be automatically applied at checkout. 


These vouchers are valid for eligible items only, but still, there are plenty of good deals to be found. 

Start your voucher hunting by going to this page (or Googling “Amazon Vouchers”). You can find several categories of products and items on sale, browse popular discounts, or shop according to discount amounts. 

Shop official brand stores

If you have a favourite brand or ten (who doesn’t?), be sure to search for their official store on, then drop a bookmark, and keep checking back. Sometimes, you can find exclusive deals and promo, such as this Lego Christmas Sale that gives you 20% off your favourite sets - and just in time for 11.11 too!  

To look for an official brand store, click on the corresponding category on the top menu, then scroll down until you see ‘Shop by Brand’. Click on the icon of your favourite brand (if available) and you’ll be brought to the official store, where you can check for discounts. 

Shop Today’s Deals

Well, if you’re in the mood just to browse, why not try your luck and see if you can find a good deal on an impulse buy. makes this incredibly convenient for you via the handy ‘Today’s Deals’ tab, which you can find in the top navigation menu. 

Be warned - there are a lot of discounted items available, and you could easily lose hours down this rabbit hole of cheap buys if you’re not careful. C’mon, a set of six stainless steel mixing bowls for just S$60+? Yes, please! 

Enjoy free delivery on your first order

If you have never had the pleasure of shopping on, here’s a deal to help you take the plunge. 

Simply make a first order - any amount will do - as a new user, and your delivery charges will be waived!

Just follow these four simple steps:


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