Qoo10 Promo Codes And Coupons 2022

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 07 January, 2022

Make your shopping sprees even more enjoyable with these Qoo10 credit card promotions.

You can find many good deals on Qoo10, especially if you know how to ferret them out. From cheap buys straight from China, to fix-it-yourself furniture, to discounted Korean facial products, the massive online marketplace can be a fun digital playground to indulge your inner bargain hunter.

Make your shopping sprees even better by combining these Qoo10 promotions with your bargain-hunting skills to wring out every last bit of value from your purchases.

Last updated on 7 January 2022. Qoo10 promo codes and coupons are subject to change without prior notice.

Qoo10 Promo Codes for BOC

Qoo10 promotions and promo codes for Bank Of China credit card: Get up to 15% cashback

Bank of China (BOC) has its very own credit card with Qoo10. With the Qoo10 BOC credit card, you can earn yourself rebates with your online spend on Qoo10.

With the Qoo10 BOC credit card, card holders can get up to 15% Cashback. Get up to 15% rebate for public transport rides (SBS/SMRT buses & MRT), up to 10% rebate for all Qoo10 purchases and up to 3% rebate for other spends. 

Besides the Cashback, new cardholders will also get a S$100 Qoo10 Coupon Pack upon card approval when you sign up for a Qoo10 BOC Credit card with the promo code "MBQ10". This is promotion is applicable for new Qoo10 BOC credit card sign up only.

Other Qoo10 promotions

Citibank x Qoo10

Get S$200 cashback on your Qoo10 shopping spree when you charge a minimum of S$200 on your new Citibank credit card within 45 days of card approval. You will receive your cashback within six to eight weeks and you can redeem your S$200 coupon pack here.

ICBC x Qoo10

Receive a S$8 Qoo10 gift card when you spend S$60 on your ICBC Mastercard credit card. Valid till 31 January 2022.

Looking for more credit card promotions? Find them here.

Qoo10 hacks

Besides credit card promotions on Qoo10, here are a few other ways to save money on your Qoo10 purchases.

Coupons: There are 2 types of coupons, one which you can apply on the Q-price and one which you can apply on your final cart (cart coupon). These coupons can shave a few dollars off your final purchase amount. However, not all coupons can be used for all purchases as restrictions apply, such as not being applicable on sale or discounted items, or during special events.

Today's sale: Ongoing sales that are offering discounted prices only at that specific time period.

Time sale:  Limited-time promotional discounts.

Daily deal: Deals of the day.

MameGo Roulette Chance: A chance to earn yourself a prize everyday. Spin the roulette wheel to earn yourself cart coupons, Qpoints, Q*coins or Mameballs.

Group buy: Your purchase gets a discount because you are essentially buying in a group (almost like a bulk purchase).

Qpoints: Can be used for more discounts on your purchase. You can earn Qpoints by spinning the roulette or from leaving reviews of your purchases.

Lastly, some shops offer the option to collect the purchase yourself. This can save you from paying the delivery fee, a good option to consider especially if you stay near the shop selling the product.

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