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Best KFC Deals, Rewards, And Coupons For Your Fried Chicken Cravings In Singapore (2023)

Alevin Chan

Alevin Chan

Last updated 13 December, 2022

Every spending situation is unique. SingSaver assembles the 'Best For' list, so you can decide what’s best for you.

Fan of KFC? Love great deals? Here are the latest deals, rewards and coupons for all your chicken snacking needs. 


Remember when KFC used to give you white ceramic dinner plates? And serve you real gravy made from chicken drippings, to be mopped up with those fluffy, sweet buns? Those were good times indeed. 

Even though we were told later that the gravy was too unhealthy and had to be replaced with the tasteless brown gloop we get today, KFC has remained a stalwart favourite among Singaporeans. In 2018, it was found to be the second-largest fast-food chain on the island, with around 13% share of the market

Whether you’re craving KFC Original Recipe or Hot and Spicy chicken, cheese fries, whipped potato, wraps and burgers, popcorn chicken and more, you can quite easily get your fix.

But before you rush off to order, check out these KFC deals, rewards and vouchers to save money on your fried chicken meal – whether for deliveries, dining in or takeaway!

Last updated on 14 December 2022. KFC's promotions and deals are subject to change without prior notice.

KFC Hot Deals 

Spanning special-edition chicken flavours and add-on snack items, KFC offers a rotating roster of limited-time menu items. If any of these special items catch your fancy, KFC Hot Deals will let you enjoy them at discounted prices. 

Here are the latest Hot Deals, available for dine-in, takeaways and deliveries. 

KFC Hot Deal Contents
1-for-1 'Zhng' burger for S$8.30  - 2 'Zhng' burgers
S$12 Zinger deal (S$12) 

- 2 Zingers
- 2 medium fries

8 pieces parmesan truffle family feast for S$38.90 (10% off) - 8 pieces chicken (parmesan truffle/Original Recipe/Hot & Crispy)
- 2 popcorn chicken
- 9 pieces of nuggets
- 2 Med Whipped Potato
BBQ Cheese Zinger Variety Box (BBQ Crunch Chicken) for S$29.95 (17% off) - 1 BBQ Cheese Zinger
- 4 pieces of Chicken (BBQ Crunch/Original / Hot & Cripsy) 
- 3 pieces of Hot & Crispy Tenders
- 1 Med Whipped Potato
- 6 pieces of Nuggets
$24 'Zhng' Zinger Feast for S$24 - 4 pieces of chicken (Original Recipe/Hot & Crispy)
- 2 Zhng Zinger 
- 3 medium fries
10 pieces of Parmesan Truffle Celebration Feast for S$52.80 (10% off) - 10 pieces of chicken (Parmesan Truffle/Original Recipe/Hot & Crispy)
- 12 pieces of nuggets 
- 2 popcorn chicken
- 4 Med Whipped Potato
BBQ Crunch Chicken Variety Feast for S$39.95 (34% off) - 8 pieces of Chicken (BBQ Crunch/Original / Hot & Crispy)
- 5 pieces of Hot & Crispy Tenders
- 12 pieces of Nuggets
- 3 Med Whipper Potato
]Free Coca-Cola tumbler] Parmesan Truffle Buddy Meal + 1 Coca-Cola Tumbler for S$23.95

- 4 pieces of Chicken (Parmesan Truffle/Original Recipe/ Hot & Crispy)
- 6 pieces of Nuggets
- 2 Med fires
- 2 regular Coca-Cola Zero Sugar


Starter Box (for 2) for S$8.90

- 2 pieces of O.R fillet
- 6 pieces of nuggets

All-Star Box (for 4) for S$19.95  - 4 pieces of O.R fillet

- 12 pieces of nuggets
- 2 med fries

Parmesan Truffle Box for S$12.75 

- 2 pieces of Chicken (Parmesan Truffle/Original/ Hot & Crispy)
- 3 pieces of nuggets
- 1 regular fries
- 1 reg whipped potato
- 1 reg Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Parmesan Truffle Celebration Feast for S$52.80 - 10 pieces of chicken (Parmesan Truffle/Original/ Hot & Crispy)
- 12 pieces of Nuggets
- 2 popcorn chicken
- 4 med whipped potato
10 pieces Parmesan Truffle Bucket for S$36.25 - 10 pieces of chicken (Parmesan Truffle/Original/Hot & Crispy)
Parmesan Truffle ALC for S$4.70 - 1 piece of Parmesan Truffle Chicken
Zhng Zinger Box for S$12.45 - 1 Zhng Burger
- 1 pc chicken (Original/Hot & Crispy)
- 1 reg fries
- 1 reg whipped potato
- 1 reg Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
Zhng Zinger Buddy Meal for S$22.95 - 1 Zhng Zinger
- 2 pcs chicken (Orginal/Hot & Cripsy)
- 3 pcs Hot & Crispy tenders
2 med whipped potato
- 2 reg Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
Zhng Zinger Family Box for S$31 - 1 Zhng Burger
- 4 pcs chicken (Original/Hot & Crispy)
- 3 pcs Hot & Crispy tenders
- 6 pcs nuggets
- 1 med whipped potato
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Other KFC deals

Yet another way to enjoy delicious KFC at discounted prices, these KFC deals offer a range of deals for breakfast items, regular menu items, and specials. 

Wait, there's more. The KFC App continually has Daily Flash Deals starting from just S$1. Download the app so that you can eat more and save more!

Tips to save even more on your KFC orders

Pay with the right credit card

When ordering your KFC meals, do remember to use the right credit cards to save more on your orders. 

As your KFC purchases will qualify either for dining or online transactions, you’ll want to charge them to cashback cards to maximise your value. Try the OCBC 365 Card to earn 6% cashback on dining and online food deliveries, or the Citi Cashback Card for 8% cashback when you dine in. 

If you prefer rewards points and you’re getting your fix at a neighbourhood CapitaLand mall, remember to pay using your American Express CapitaCard to earn 3X points. 

Use food delivery platforms judiciously

KFC has its own delivery service, accessible via its website or the mobile app, with each trip costing S$4.

However, KFC is also available on other food delivery platforms such as foodpanda and Deliveroo, which may offer free delivery or other perks. 

The thing is, these other delivery platforms may not offer the same deals or promotions, so you may not be able to enjoy as much savings. 

Hence, you should check which delivery method – KFC’s own delivery service, or a third-party platform – costs you the least overall before you make your order. 

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