Standard Chartered Unlimited Card Review: Fuss-Free Cashback Card

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The Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card is a no-brainer when it comes to calculating your cashback per month.

First, almost all spend qualifies you for 1.5% cashback. Second, there’s no cashback cap per month. Third, no minimum spend is required per month to qualify for cashback. And the best part, you can get instant digital credit card approval and issuance if you apply via MyInfo!

Card doubles up as an EZ-link card

The Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card is among four credit cards that can double up as your EZ-Link Card. That means you can use the same card to pay for your public transport and at merchants where EZ-Link payment is accepted.

It comes with the convenient EZ-Reload function, which automatically tops up your card with $50 when balance runs low. Amounts charged under EZ-Reload are also eligible for 1.5% cash back. Do note that the EZ-link facility will be discontinued for cards issued post 3 December 2019.

2-year annual fee waiver

Unlike other no-cap cashback cards which come with a first-year fee waiver, the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card offers an automatic 2-year annual fee waiver.

Other Benefits

  • Enjoy exclusive dining privileges (1-for-1 and up to 50% off a-la-carte) at selected restaurants with The Good Life®
  • Convert your retail transactions above $500 into 6 or 12 months interest-free instalments with a one-time service fee.

When 1.5% unlimited cashback card works in your favour

As a general strategy, one should always have a general card for day-to-day spending, and the Standard Chartered Unlimited Card can be the default card when you may not be able to hit your other cards’ minimum spend per month. Alternatively, it’s ideal for big ticket items (for example, a wedding banquet or home furniture shopping) when you’re likely to exceed the cashback caps offered by other cards. 

The table below shows how the Standard Chartered Unlimited Card is a clear winner when compared with other cashback cards.

$7,000 Purchase (e.g. furniture, wedding, etc.)
Credit Card Cashback Rate (%) Actual Cashback ($)
Standard Chartered Unlimited 1.5% $105
UOB One 5% $100 (capped)
Citi Cashback 0.25% $17.50

SingSaver Exclusive Offer

Apply for a Standard Chartered Unlimited Credit Card with us and get a pair of Apple Airpods + $80 cashback for new customers. Existing customers with Standard Chartered will get rewarded up to $70 ($50 cash PayNow and $20 cashback)!

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