Only 5 Minutes to Malaysia: How to Travel By Train to JB (KTM Ticket Prices & Schedule)

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Last updated Aug 05, 2022

Avoiding jams and queues when going into Johor Bahru (JB) is every Malaysia-loving Singaporean’s dream. Here’s how to get there in the shortest time possible. 

Singaporeans love Malaysia. But if there’s anything stopping us from enjoying the 3.22:1 exchange ratio, it’s the terrifying jam at the causeway. 

If sitting in your car for hours or jostling with the crowd to take the public bus into JB scares you, there is one solution — KTM trains. 

What are KTM trains? 

The only train that you can take to and fro Singapore and JB is called Shuttle Tebrau, operated by Malaysia’s national train operator, KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu). 

The KTM train services the Woodland Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ) and Johor Bahru Sentral Railway Station (JB Sentral) route.

Entering JB via train immediately eliminates all the stress and waiting of traffic jams and queueing up at customs — there is virtually no queue on the train tracks, and there is a separate immigration for train passengers. After boarding, the trip itself takes only about 5 minutes to reach JB Sentral.

Price of KTM train tickets (SG > JB > SG)

  • From Woodlands Train Checkpoint to JB: S$5
  • From JB to Woodlands Train Checkpoint: MYR 5 (S$1.55)
  • Two-way: MYR 32.30 (S$10~)

Pro tip: Buying two one-way tickets is cheaper than buying a return ticket. 

KTM train schedule from Singapore to JB

The first train from Singapore to JB departs at 8.30am, while the last train leaves at 11.50pm. There are a total of 13 departures a day. 

Shuttle Service Departure TimeArrival Time

KTM train schedule from JB to Singapore

The first train from JB to Singapore departs at 5am, while the last train leaves at 11.50pm. There are a total of 18 departures a day. 

Shuttle Service Departure TimeArrival Time

Both schedules contain the latest KTM train timings (effective from 19 June 2022) according to the KTM website.

How to buy KTM train tickets

There are two ways you can purchase your KTM train tickets. 

1) Online via the KTM website

2) Over the counter at the KTM train station at Woodlands Checkpoint 

1) Online via the KTM website

  1. Visit the KTM Shuttle Tebrau booking website
  2. Sign up for an account 
  3. Complete the signup process
  4. Select your date of departure and choose ‘I AM TRAVELLING ONE WAY’
  5. Confirm your timing and dates
  6. Fill out your details, including your passport number
  7. Select your mode of payment and complete payment
  8. Rinse and repeat for your JB > SG ticket

How to save money purchasing KTM train tickets online 

Great news for cashback/rewards/miles lovers — your KTM train tickets can be paid via Mastercard and Visa. If you’re paying in Ringgit, simply use your Amaze card to avoid FCY fees. 

2) Over-the-counter at the KTM train station at Woodlands Checkpoint 

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to purchase your KTM tickets online (although we highly recommend you do so because these tickets get sold out ridiculously fast), you can always try your luck over the counter at the KTM train station at Woodlands Checkpoint. 

Here’s how to get there and how to buy tickets over the counter:

  1. Take a bus to Woodlands Checkpoint (bus stop number 46069)
  2. Turn right upon alighting and walk down past the taxi stand
  3. Climb up to level two and follow the crowd down a walkway. You’ll see the ticket office
  4. Queue up, and when it’s your turn, show the counter staff your passport and make payment in cash. Do note that ticket sales stop 20 minutes before train departure

We personally wouldn’t hold up much hope to buy tickets over the counter because they’re usually sold out. If that’s the case, you can always walk to the usual non-train checkpoint and catch a public bus (or even walk 30 minutes, if the jam is really bad) across the causeway instead. 

D-Day — travelling to JB via Woodlands Train Checkpoint

So, you’ve gotten your tickets and are going into JB via train. Now what? 

Head to Woodlands Train Checkpoint 

As mentioned earlier, take a bus down to Woodlands Train Checkpoint. 

Address: 11 Woodlands Crossing, Singapore 738103
Nearest MRT: Marsiling station (Red Line / North-South Line)
Available Buses: 170, 178, 856, 903, 911, 912, 913, 950.

Alight at Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Bus stop number: bus stop number 46069). We like to use for directions. 

Upon alighting, head upstairs to level two, and join the queue of train passengers waiting on the left of the walkway. Once the gates open, have your e-ticket or hard copy of your KTM train ticket ready for scanning. The boarding gate will close 10 minutes before departure. 

Clear immigration at Singapore and Malaysia customs

Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your train departs to clear immigration on both Singapore and Malaysia sides before boarding the train. 

You’ll go through Singapore customs first. All you have to do is scan your passport and fingerprint and pass the automated gates. After that, walk a couple of steps to the Malaysia customs to get your passport manually chopped (be sure to check for the stamp before leaving!)

After you’ve cleared both sides, put your belongings through the scanning machine and board the train.

Selamat datang ke Johor Bahru

Congratulations, you’re in Malaysia within five minutes of boarding the train. 

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Coming back from JB to Singapore 

If you’ve booked your ticket back to Singapore, again, be sure to reach 30 minutes before your train departs. Same as when you first came in, the boarding gate closes 10 minutes before train departure.

Unlike going into JB where you’ll have to present your ticket, you simply have to whip out your passport when coming back to Singapore. 

From October 2019, KTM has made it super simple for Singaporeans coming home from Malaysia. All you need to do is scan your passport at the self-service gantry before entering the gates. Oh and don’t forget to purchase travel insurance for a better peace of mind. Have fun!

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