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VEP Malaysia 2024: The Ultimate Guide To Driving In

Sean Yee

Sean Yee

Last updated 16 February, 2023

Everything you need to know about VEP Malaysia when you're driving in via private vehicle.

The upcoming resumption of travel to Malaysia has understandably created a lot of hype and buzz amongst travel enthusiasts looking to prepare for their next big road trip.

However, an ever-changing list of requirements and precautions mandated by this arrangement will likely leave you more confused and distant. The volatility and fragility of our current circumstances do not help either.

You can finally put your worries aside as we have consolidated a comprehensive breakdown of everything you will need before your drive into Malaysia in 2024. You’re welcome!

Table of contents:



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What is a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Singapore?

VEP is a permit that allows Singapore-registered vehicles into Malaysia. Like the one we have in Singapore, it is mandatory for all Singapore-registered vehicles to enter Malaysia by the land borders.

Previously, all Singapore-registered vehicles were required to install a VEP-RFID tag after the successful application of the VEP, but this project was put on hold due to technical issues and the closing of borders.

This VEP-RFID tag can be synced to the Touch N' Go (TNG) eWallet, which will allow Singaporean drivers to pay for roll tolls, highway charges, as well as the road charge of RM20 (S$6.40) for every entry into Malaysia at either Woodlands Causeway or Tuas Second Link.

In the meantime, Singaporean drivers may use their VEP email confirmation slip or TNG card as a substitute to enter Malaysia via the land checkpoints.

Recent Updates to VEP Singapore

Given that the land borders have been inactive for close to two years now, it is understandable that most Singaporean drivers are unaware of the existence of the VEP. However, it is crucial to note that the Malaysian Ministry of Transport has consistently reiterated its desire to mandate the VEP for all Singapore-registered vehicles entering Malaysia before the pandemic. 

From 1 Apr to 7 Apr 2022, the VEP and road charge will be waived for all Singaporean vehicles entering Malaysia. VEP enforcement and the road charge payment will resume from 8 April 2022 onwards.

During this period, Singaporean drivers can use this opportunity to renew or top up their Touch N' Go cards, register for a VEP and have their VEP-RFID tag installed on their vehicles.

Drivers who have already registered and installed their VEP-RFID tags will be exempted from the road charge payment during this period.


VEP Application Singapore: How to apply?

While there are multiple steps to ensuring the successful application of a VEP, it is still a fairly straightforward process. Do not fret, as we have broken it down into steps that you can easily follow! 

Step 1: Online Registration

You can register for a VEP at its official VEP website. Here, you will be required to input your personal details, alongside details of the vehicle you intend to drive into Malaysia. While the website is currently inaccessible as of 30 March 2022, it is likely that our Malaysian counterparts are still solidifying the VEP framework in time for the borders’ reopening. 

Instead of filling the form up manually, you can easily upload a PDF file of your vehicle’s log card from LTA.

Step 2: Make an Appointment

You will receive a confirmation email after successfully sending in your application. From there, you can make an official appointment to have the tag installed onto your vehicle at one of their four official centres.

The centres available are:

  • Gelang Patah Southbound rest stop
  • Plaza Angsana Open Carpark
  • Pandan rest stop
  • Lima Kedai Toll Plaza

There was also an initial plan to introduce an additional centre at Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar.

You may use the confirmation slip of your VEP application or a TNG card as a substitute during VEP inspections in the meantime.

Step 3: Prepare the essential documents

Once you have confirmed your appointment, make sure that you arrive with essential documents such as your VEP confirmation slip, a written confirmation of your appointment slot, a photocopy of your NRIC and passport and the registration documents of your vehicle (you can find them in the official LTA website). Do bring along a copy of your latest insurance cover too, just in case. 

After your documents have been verified, the VEP-RFID tag that lasts five years will be installed onto your vehicle. Expect to pay a small fee of S$3.30 (RM10) for the installation process.


Additional Notes

The Touch ‘N Go e-Wallet will be your best friend during your trips to Malaysia as it automates the payment process for checkpoint tolls and other related charges. Think of it as a more intuitive version of our local NETS cashcard. More importantly, it can be linked to your uniquely assigned VEP-RFID tag. 

Do ensure there is sufficient balance in your e-Wallet if you intend to use the VEP-RFID tag while in Malaysia. Thankfully, there is an automated reload function you can activate for that extra bit of convenience and peace of mind. Definitely a good reason to go digital!

The Real Question: To Apply, Or Not to Apply?

While it isn’t strictly enforced at the moment, it is highly anticipated that it will be soon once the situation has stabilised and travel is unhindered. You should do it as soon as possible to avoid disruptions in the future.

When it comes to disruptions like a car breakdown or the unfortunate case of an accident, having a reliable car insurance will save you the hassle and provide a financial safety net. Compare the best travel insurance plans on SingSaver's site to secure high coverage at affordable premiums.

MSIG Motor Insurance offers protection and removal after accident, meaning that the insurance company will bear the cost of towing and repairs at the nearest repairers for up to S$500. It's also available in Singapore, West Malaysia, and Southern Thailand.

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Best motor insurance to buy when travelling to Malaysia

Car insurance plan Malaysia travel-related coverages and extension riders
MSIG motor insurance


Towing: In case of accident while travelling to Malaysia or Thailand, will arrange towing service to repatriate car back to Singapore, with a towing limit of S$500
Breakdown: In the event of breakdown in Malaysia or Thailand, car will be towed to the nearest workshop from the breakdown location in Malaysia or Thailand
Allianz Motor Protect


Protection and Removal after Accident:The insurance company will bear the cost for protection and removal to the nearest repairers and for delivery within the geographical area (such as towing) for up to S$500


Not applicable


Not applicable


Not applicable


Overseas booster coverage (Extension Rider), including:

Reimbursement for an emergency if your car is stolen or damaged in an accident while using your car overseas and it is unfit for driving

Additional towing cover to get your car back to Singapore up to S$500

Mortal remains repatriation of S$50,000 per deceased

Emergency expenses to send you back to Singapore up to S$1,000


While VEPs are not mandatory as of now, it is still a good idea to apply for one for a seamless driving experience to Malaysia, especially if it's your first time.

Having a good car insurance plan can also provide a peace of mind, knowing that you're protected in cases of an accident or liability to third parties (if you purchase a comprehensive plan). Is your car insurance due for a renewal soon? Head over to our site to compare the best car insurance plans in the market, to secure high coverage and affordable premiums.



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