The Best Credit Cards For 6 Different Types of Singaporean Women

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best women's credit cards in singapore

Whether you’re a Luxe Shopper, Mum-ager, or Culture Vulture, the best women’s credit cards in Singapore can help you save serious money.

When it comes to credit cards, Singaporean women are spoilt for choice. Whether your interests lie in designer fashion or theatre shows, there is a credit card that rewards you for it – which makes it all the more confusing to choose the right one.

Well, we break down the best credit cards we could find for different types of Singaporean women.

Best Women’s Credit Cards in Singapore

UOB Lady’s Credit Card

DBS Live Fresh Student Card UOB Delight Card Citi Rewards Card DBS Women’s MasterCard

OCBC Arts Platinum MasterCard

Who It’s For The Luxe Shopper The Tertiary Student The Mumager (Mum + Manager) The Pleasure Seeker The Now Woman The Culture Vulture
Minimum Income Requirement Singaporeans/PR:
Foreigners: S$40,000
None Singaporeans/PR:
Foreigners: S$40,000
Foreigners: S$42,000
Foreigners: S$45,000
Foreigners: S$45,000
Benefits UNI$5 on every S$5 spent at departmental stores, overseas, and online
UOB LuxePay splits shoe and bag purchases worth S$500+ into instalment plans
3X points on online and Visa payWave purchases 8% rebate at Cold Storage, Giant, Marketplace, Jasons, and Guardian 20X Rewardsfor every S$1 spent at Amazon
10X Rewards when you shop for clothes, bags or shoes
5X Rewards for every S$5 spent online Up to 20% off local and international productions
3X OCBC$ on Sistic bookings
Welcome Offer None None None S$120 cashback S$80 cash credit for online applications None
Annual Fee S$192.60 S$128.40 (5 year fee waiver) S$85.60

(first year fee waiver)

S$192.60 (first year fee waiver) S$160.50 (first year fee waiver) S$160.50 (two year fee waiver)

Credit card terms and conditions apply. Valid as of 4 October 2016.

singaporean women UOB lady's card

For the Luxe Shopper: UOB Lady’s Credit Card

Men won’t get why women would need a credit card specifically for them, but UOB certainly does. The iconic black UOB Lady’s credit card with its statement rose motif is a comely addition to your wallet, for one. The perks and rewards are a ladykiller.

UOB Ladys Card

Why You’ll Love It:

Perhaps a more suitable question is: Why wouldn’t you? Every S$5 you spend on shopping, whether it’s in Singapore, overseas or online, you earn UNI$5. The same applies for taxi rides.

How many times have you bought yourself an early birthday or Christmas present? While we advocate prudence with your finances, it’s understandable to give yourself a treat on special occasions.

When you put a big-ticket shoe or bag purchase (over S$500) on UOB Lady’s interest-free LuxePay plan, you won’t even have to blow an entire month’s paycheck at one fell swoop. Split the cost over six or 12 months at no extra cost. Isn’t that great?

What if you want something from websites that deliver only to the US? No problem. The complimentary MyUS premium membership has that covered. 

DBS live fresh student card

For the Tertiary Student: DBS Live Fresh Student Card

The sooner you learn how to manage your money, the better you’ll be at saving and spending wisely. The DBS Live Fresh Student Card will teach you important lessons in responsible credit card use, while rewarding you for it too.


Why You’ll Love It:

First of all, no minimum income required? Awesome. And a five-year fee waiver (worth S$642), too, because, well, you’re a student. The bank understands.

However, as this card is specially designed to help you manage your spending comfortably, it does come with a credit limit of S$500.

Here comes to perk: You will receive three times DBS points on your online and Visa payWave purchases. 

UOB delight singaporean mums

For the Mum-ager (Mum + Manager): UOB Delight Credit Card

Mums in Singapore have their hands full with taking care of the kids, managing the household budget, and working. With the UOB Delight Credit Card in your wallet, doing the groceries doesn’t have to bust your budget – even if you don’t go to the cheapest supermarkets in Singapore.


Why You’ll Love It:

This is the card to have for all your supermarket-ing needs. Touted as the “best daily essentials card”, it gives you up to 8% rebates at all major supermarket chains including Cold Storage, Market Place, Jasons, Giant as well as at Guardian.

In addition, you get to enjoy 10% off house brands at Cold Storage, Giant and Guardian. When you put your recurring bills on the card, there’s extra 3% rebate to be earned. Managing a household is no easy feat, and it’s truly a job in which every cent saved counts. 

citi rewards card pleasure seekers

For the Pleasure-Seeker: Citi Rewards Card

Calling all shopaholics! You need this card right now. Whether you prefer to de-stress at the spa or at the mall, the Citi Rewards Card helps you save money on your favourite earthly delights.

Citi_Rewards_Visa_Card (1)find-out-more_button-300x59

Why You’ll Love It:

Reason No 1: When you apply for it before the year ends, you’ll receive cashback of S$120 if you spend at least S$200 a month for the first six months.

As its name suggests, this card offers you rewards galore when you shop for your new-season clothes, bags and shoes at department stores or online. Think 10 times rewards points and welcome vouchers from your favourite brands. If Amazon is your go-to, it’s double the points until October 31. Save everything you need to cart, and check out with your Citi Rewards card.

If you’d rather spend the weekend soothing those frazzled weekday nerves, you might forego a shopping spree for an afternoon of pampering at the spa — with 30% off a la carte services. 

dbs womens card

For the Now Woman: DBS Woman’s MasterCard

Plastic is only fantastic when it makes your busy life a whole lot easier and puts a smile on your face, right? The DBS Woman’s MasterCard certainly does this while helping you save money.


Why You’ll Love It:

This card comes with the My Preferred Payment Plan, which combines and converts your retail purchases into a 12-month interest-free installment plan at no extra fee. It also gets you places by prioritising your CityCab bookings and gives you a pass to skip queues with Comfort. Finally, you also get two complimentary visits to True Fitness and True Yoga centers (selected outlets) every month.

And whenever you need a little retail therapy, it accords you with DBS rewards points — times 5! — for your online purchases. Sounds like the DBS Women’s MasterCard is your oyster. 

ocbc arts platinum mastercard

For the Culture Vulture: OCBC Arts Platinum Card

If you’re the girl in your friend group who’s always dragging people to theatre shows, art galleries, and performances, the OCBC Arts Platinum Card was made just for you.

OCBC Arts Platinum Card

Why You’ll Love It:

Let’s see: Up to 20% off tickets for Deathtrap; 15% off tickets to Strings Fantasy; priority bookings and earn three times OCBC$ when you book through Sistic.

Arts events aside, you will also enjoy more efficient booking and payment with MasterPass on the ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App — with no admin or booking fee.  If all-of-the-above are music to your ears, well, apply now to have your first two years’ annual fee waived. 

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About Alexa Fang

Alexa Fang is a pop-culture vulture. She lives to read, write and travel, and decided long ago that life is stranger than fiction. When she's having croissant, she thinks in French. "31 Rue Cambon" is her favourite address, and she believes that money one enjoyed spending is never money wasted